U.S.S. RATHBURNE (FF-1057) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1969 CPO Pierce Don Tucson AZ Email
1969 EW Gooding Greg Oceanside CA Email
1969 MCPO Mounce William Centerville IL Email
1969 RM Pierce Don Tucson AZ Email
1969 SN Scaff Donald Monahans TX Email
1970 AT Lunder Ronald Presho SD Email
1970 BM Cook John Louisville KY Email
1970 BM Perez Abel Corpus Christi TX Email
1970 BM Ward Michael Springfield OR Email
1970 BM Ziegler Harry Miami FL Email
1970 CMDR Bishop Pete Chula Vista CA
1970 CPO Elgas Frank Bay City MI Email
1970 CPO Gold William (bill) Sidney OH Email
1970 CPO Hunt Robert Ogden UT Email
1970 CPO Johnson Homer Hunt
1970 CPO Reed Howard Wayne Madison. Sd SD Email
1970 CS Gronowski Robert Water IA Email
1970 EW Breeden Gene Breckenridge TX Email
1970 FT Ransom Reid Wright City MO Email
1970 FT Wilson C Thomas Knoxville VA Email
1970 GM Cobb Ron Mount Pleasant MI Email
1970 HT Mason Doug Minneapolis MN Email
1970 IC Breth Carl Cleveland OH Email
1970 LT Reynolds Michael --
1970 LT Wright Tom Tryon NC Email
1970 LTJG Saunders Mike Newport OR Email
1970 MM Lewis Phil Columbus OH Smith
1970 MM Lewis Phil Satterfield
1970 MM Norris Dick Casper WY Smith
1970 MM Satterfield Walter Bryon Port Arthur TX Email
1970 MM Smith Michael Dayton OH Email
1970 MM Smith Michael Dayton OH Email
1970 OS Kamler James Johnstown PA Email
1970 PC Pini Dennis Lake Linden MI Email
1970 RD Sanders Lawrence Frankfort IN
1970 SC Reed Howard \ Madison SD Email
1970 SF Kish Julius Raycine WI Greene
1970 SH Janet Keith Springfield IL Email
1970 ST Horn Robert Santee CA Email
1970 YN Rowe Robert Bethelehem PA Email
1970 YN Rowe Robert Bethlehem PA Email
1971 BM Buffington Charles A. Baytown TX Email
1971 BT Price Rod Desoto MO Email
1971 EN Hollenbeck John St. Louis MO
1971 FN Gage Billy West Covina CA Smith
1971 GM Williams Robert Rockford IL Email
1971 IC Steve Franklin Vancouver WA
1971 LT Anderson Raymond Salina KS Email
1971 MM Hickman Mike Riverside CA Email
1971 MM Mitchell Tommy Girard KS Email
1971 MR Greene Robin Anderson IN Email
1971 OS Massey Tommy Morro Bay CA Email
1971 PC Riley Patrick New Orleans LA Email
1971 RD Millhollin Michael Davenport IA Email
1971 RD Taylor Greg Atlanta GA Email
1971 RM Rose Cordt Saranac Lake NY Email
1971 RM Rose Cordt Saranac Lake NY Email
1971 RM Witthuhn Gary Appleton WI Email
1971 ST Kral Chuck Prairie Village KS Email
1971 ST Ryan Jim/ Aj Sylmar CA Email
1972 EW Anderson Lowell (andy) Dawson MN Email
1972 GM Bullard Tim Topeka KS Mitchell
1972 GM Feick Robert Mckeesport PA Email
1972 GM Stetler William Greeley CO Email
1972 IC Knoll Paul Omaha NE Email
1972 MM Jackson Troy Witchita KS Mitchell
1972 MM Seeman John Baltimore MD
1972 MM Seeman John Baltimore MD Email
1972 MM Seeman John Baltimore MD Mitchell
1972 MM Simmons Stephen Moscow ID Email
1972 SCPO Stohs Marvin Silverlake WA Email
1972 ST Turner Tom Torrance CA Email
1973 BM Clark Wayne Saginaw MI Email
1973 BT O Hara Wooten Washington GA Email
1973 CPO Mayberry Marshall Pine Bluff AR Email
1973 ET Rohrman Stephen Port Neches TX Email
1973 EW Thomas Gregory Midway PA Email
1973 HT Reed Robert SC Ralph
1973 IC Bunce Mike Roselle NJ Email
1973 LT Jaros Joe --
1973 SM Coffman Jd Columbus NE
1973 ST Baldwin Val Sacramento CA Email
1973 ST Mietzner Randall Spokane WA
1973 ST Stevenson John Portland OR Email
1973 TM Tait Dale Bakersfield CA Email
1973 YN Buckley Peter La Grande OR Email
1973 YN Kuwazaki Harold Denver CO Email
1974 BM Taylor Randy KY Langfitt
1974 CPO Larsen Chuck Omaha NE Email
1974 EM Gaeti Ronald Chicago IL Email
1974 FT Woolever Rodney TX Harris
1974 FTM Harris Ricardo Highland Park MI Email
1974 FTM Smart Kenneth-kenny Harris
1974 HT Nimmo Kim Portland OR Email
1974 HT O Brien Richard Youngstown OH Email
1974 HT Ralph Leon Marysville CA Email
1974 MM Cole Chuck New Smyrna Beach FL Email
1974 RM Hobbs Ricky Decatur IL Email
1974 SCPO Gates James Winnsboro LA Email
1974 ST Cartwright Marvin Gladstone MI Email
1974 TM Langfitt Tony Berlin WI Email
1975 AD Nagel Joseph Denver CO Email
1975 BT Chapman Kim Detroit MI Email
1975 BT Gormady Mike Nescopeck PA Email
1975 BT Smeathers Kirk Detroit MI Sheridon
1975 EM Nieto Thomas Denver CO Email
1975 EN Crosby Wesley Bethesda MD Email
1975 GM Andrew Randy Keokuk IA
1975 LT Oakes John St. Clair Shores MI Email
1975 OS Coody Kenneth Little Rock AR
1975 OS Coody Kenneth Little Rock AR
1975 QM Loesch Daniel Sa Francisco CA Email
1975 SK Rose Dale Eden WI Email
1975 SN Taylor Alvin Los Angeles CA Email
1975 ST Hershey Jim Indianapolis IN Email
1976 AW Williamson Guy Denton TX
1976 BM Vazquez Dennis Tampa FL
1976 BT Smeathers Kirk Detroit MI Email
1976 ET Davis James Wyandotte MI
1976 MM Sheridon Philip Detroit MI Email
1976 SH Maloney Doug Pismo Beach CA Email
1976 SM Hoffman Mike Quincy IL Email
1976 ST Sopha Bob Columbus OH Email
1977 BT Pittman Michael Houston TX Email
1977 GM Larosa Larry Hollywood FL Email
1977 HT Wilson Gene Portervlle Ca CA Email
1977 MM Golden Dale CA Pittman
1977 MS Rodriguez Vincent Albuquerque NM Email
1977 OS Briese Walter E. Los Angeles CA Email
1977 SM Mcfadden James Fairfield CT Email
1977 ST Brandt Jeffrey Lebanon PA
1977 TM Gunn John Pittman
1977 TM Gunn John Grassy Point NE Pittman
1977 YN Mcmanara Kenneth Philadelphia PA Pittman
1978 BT Butler Keith Long Island NY Email
1978 BT Lana Rick Rochester NY Email
1978 CWO Wiggs Lee Lafayette IN Email
1978 ET Patterson Leon Grand Rapids MI Email
1978 EW Ruhlman Barry Hanover PA Email
1978 GM Simonich Marty Ogden UT Email
1978 MM Golden Dale Anchorage AK Email
1978 MM Josephson Jeff Oklahoma City OK Risch
1978 MM Risch James Johnstown PA Email
1978 MS Snare Jack Peerless MT Email
1978 NC Treants Gene Greensboro NC Email
1978 RM Tope Kelly --
1978 SM Hoffman Mike Huntley IL Email
1978 ST Brandt Jeff Lancaster PA Email
1978 ST Lindsey Dan Los Angeles CA
1978 ST Reed John Stow OH
1978 YN Mcnamara Edward M. Philadelphia PA Email
1979 Bush Jerrt Peoria IL
1979 BT Kupgisch Roger Houston TX Email
1979 IC Guidry Kenneth Duson LA Email
1979 LCDR Raymond Moon Los Angeles CA Email
1979 MM Berk Noel Baltimore MD Hamrick
1979 MM Richards Danny Honolulu HI Email
1979 SH Broman William Satumbaga
1979 SH Rico Alberto Waipahu HI Satumbaga
1979 SK Satumbaga Noel Hanford CA Email
1979 SN Gunn John Grassy Point NY Email
1979 ST Hamrick Jeff Cedaredge CO Email
1979 TM Gunn John Grassy Point NY Email
1980 GM Herman Thomas Freeland PA Email
1980 GM Walters Steve Lancaster Oh OH Email
1980 HT Grady Jim Temple TX
1980 HT Jamerson Daniel San Diego CA
1980 MCPO Miller Bill Shipmate And Friend, --
1980 SH Johannsen Allan Waterloo IL Email
1980 SH Kirchner Jim Jacksonville Florida FL Email
1980 SM Berdy Leon Detroit MI Email
1980 SM Ochmann Frank Kailua-kona HI Email
1980 ST Sanchez Guillermo New York NY Email
1980 ST Thomas Kirk Waterford MI Email
1981 BT Petrali Paul Sacramento CA Email
1981 CPO Goodwin Bruce Bluffton IN
1981 ET Murto Steven St. Paul MN
1981 GM Getschmann Andy Sun Prairie WI Email
1981 MCPO Miller William H. Jr. Deceased. Rest In Pe IL
1981 MM Lamb Arno Atlanta GA Email
1981 OS Blanc Vernon Detroit MI Email
1981 QM Connors Jack East Hampton NY Email
1981 SH Johannsen Randy Waterloo IL Email
1982 BT Goodloe Gadara --
1982 BT Holloway Jeff Orlando FL Email
1982 BT Means Michael Lincoln NE Email
1982 CPO Dean Robert Rolling Hills Estates CA Email
1982 ET Montgomery Barry Thorntown IN
1982 GM Meixner Steve Gladwin MI Email
1982 HT Huck Mark Festus MO Email
1982 HT Kupahu Kincaid Lahaina HI Email
1982 MM Beasley Ross Dallas TX Email
1982 MM Klein Travis Lawton OK Email
1982 MM Rea Mark Covington TN
1982 SM Smith Harry Berlin NJ Email
1982 ST King Walter KS RIP
1983 BT Sciarrone John Freeport NY Email
1983 ENS Powers William Moravia NY Email
1983 FC Pearce Geoffrey Philadelphia PA Email
1983 FC Wojnarowicz Anthony Yale MI Email
1983 HM Holley Al Brewton AL Email
1983 MM Baumer John Odenburg IN Email
1983 MM Moyer Wayne Wapwallopen PA Email
1983 MM Nozot Raul Rowland Hts. CA Email
1983 MM Richards Rob Philadelphia PA Email
1983 OS Allison Todd Grand Prairie TX
1983 PN Bowman Jack Akron OH Email
1983 SM Gilson Jerrold Chicago IL Email
1984 BT Shaw Steve Sterling MI Email
1984 CPO Jimenez Salvatore Baldwin Park CA Email
1984 ET Martin Tracy Butler IN Email
1984 FC Duley Sean Aurora CO Email
1984 GM Klingborg Keith Allentown PA Email
1984 HT Hole Mike Decatur IL Email
1984 IC Engen Jim Whittier CA Email
1984 PN Borsellino John Brewster NY Email
1985 BM Lofton Derrick Chicago IL Email
1985 BM Sulfare Jim Bethlehem PA Email
1985 CPO Early Michael Waterloo IA Email
1985 CPO Watson John St Louis MO Email
1985 ET Stapleford Rick St Georges DE Email
1985 ET Stapleford Rick St Georges DE Email
1985 FT Abbott Donald San Juan Capistrano CA
1985 HM Farmer William Hopkinsville KY Email
1985 HT Lapoint James F. Oshkosh, WI
1985 HT Ned Joseph Lake Charles LA Email
1985 MM Clark Willard Minerva OH Email
1985 MS Bellmore Mark River Rouge MI
1985 MS Haflett Michael Rialto CA Email
1985 QM Woodbury Drew --
1985 QM Woodbury Drew --
1986 BT Schendel Raymond Baraboo WI Email
1986 CPO Dunikowski Andy Virginia Beach VA
1986 HT Martinez Christopher Phoenix AZ Email
1986 OS Elmore Ken Oklahoma City OK Email
1986 ST Allen Troy Mt Vernon WA
1986 YN Dobson Ken Phoenix AZ
1986 YN Lathrop Christopher Turtlepoint PA
1987 GM Cleversy Kenneth Little Arock AR Email
1987 MM Lisciandra Thomas Rio Rancho NM Email
1987 PC Senzig Ray Lyndon Station WI Email
1987 SK Toole Tracy Anchorage AK Email
1987 SN Moten Kevin Chicago IL Pending Activation
1987 TM Parnell Derrick Durham NC Email
1988 CPO Wheelis Bill Lubbock TX
1988 DC Fourcher Richard` Albuquerqeue NM Email
1988 DC Lamson James Heath OH Email
1988 ENS Flint Warren North Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1988 ET Tracy Nick Peoria IL Email
1988 FC Wilson Reed Jackson MS Email
1988 MM Perreault Timothy Red Lake Falls MN
1988 NC Hawes Harold Lagrange GA
1988 SCPO Anderson Dale New Albany IN Email
1988 YN Cohen John Chicago IL
1989 BT Kirk Christopher Garrison IA Email
1989 CPO Wolfe John Corinth TX
1989 DC Cook Gregory Klamath Falls OR Email
1989 EM Brickey Larry Mcpherson KS Email
1989 ENS Flint Warren North Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1989 EW Duncan Lee Crosby TX Email
1989 MM Cannon Michael Tyler TX Email
1989 MM Jackson Avondale Woodville MS Email
1989 MS Dykes James Amory MS
1989 SM Ruffner Mark North Braddock PA Email
1989 ST Keim Richard Burlington NJ
1989 ST Swanson Lee Seattle WA
1990 BM Gonzagowski Joseph Delafield WI Email
1990 MM Melton Rob Oregon City OR Email
1990 MM Steele Todd Lemoore CA
1990 ST Hall Scott Munich G
1991 AD Dickson Hsl-37 Aircrew Joey Hesperia CA Email
1991 RM Dudley Christopher Queens NY Email