U.S.S. PROTEUS (AS-19) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Hall Joe --
1940 Ramirez Sammy --
1940 Swan Henry --
1940 -- Trampel Joe Webster City IA
1940 MM Usher John Lynn MA
1942 MID1 Launius Carl Morehouse MO Email
1943 CPO Biter Conard Nocona TX
1943 DC Warren Ward East St Louis IL
1943 DIVER Simpson Jack W Buffalo NY
1943 MM Gouzie Philip South Portland ME Email
1943 MM Gouzie Philip ( Sam ) Westbrook ME Email
1943 MM Gouzie Philip Westbrook, Me ME Email
1943 MM Sliger John A. Lakeland FL Email
1943 MM St Jacques Arthur J Franklin NH
1943 MM Usher John MA Sliger
1943 SM Trahan Lovelace Port Arthur TX Email
1943 TM Tucker Wally Effingham IL
1944 AS Shaw Earl Wildwood NJ Email
1944 CM Jutzi Grover (bud) Chicago IL Email
1944 CPO Vancil Francis Sparta WI Email
1944 CPO Vancil Francis Sparta WI Email
1944 CPO Vancil Francis Sparta WI Email
1944 EN Porteus Philip Bronx NY
1944 ET Soule David Albuquerque AZ
1944 ET Tomlinson Randy (J.R.) Ricardson TX
1944 FT Griffin Wallace Quincy IL Email
1944 LT Walther James Pittsburgh PA Email
1944 MM Hewitt Lyle Salem OR
1944 SC Withers William Flint MI
1944 SK Hubbard Aaron Eldorado AR Email
1944 YN Kenney Ivan Omaha NE
1945 AS Miller Blaine F. Sugarcreek OH
1945 BM Stonex Walter Muskegon MI Email
1945 Diver Reeb Charles New Orleans LA Email
1945 PVT Reeb Charles New Orleans LA Email
1946 SF Coffey Joseph Montross VA
1946 SK Lee Raymond Scottsdale AZ
1946 SN Bentley William La Grange KY
1949 BM Hanlin Russell Hazard KY
1949 EN Ferris Steve Alhambra CA
1949 HT Hammontree Jim Pleasant Hill MO
1949 IC Napzok Al Anaheim CA
1949 IM Glover William Milton FL
1949 MR Sossi Joseph Calumet MI
1949 MT Stone Larry Memphis TN
1949 PC Phillips Gary Batavia IL
1949 RM Wright Donald Duquoin IL
1949 SC Rennie Martin WA
1949 SN Randolph David Chalmette LA
1949 SN Ross Lance Elmira NY
1949 TM Doss Dennis Hales Corner WI
1949 TM Murnane Tom Ocoee FL
1949 TM Saccone Tom Rockville MD
1949 TM Scully Jim Brewster NY
1952 EM Moore Don Chandler AZ
1952 EM Moore Don Archie Chandler AZ
1953 EM Moore Don Archy Arizona CA Email
1955 SGT Beebe Robert Chicago IL Email
1958 SN Kuyat James Johnstown PA Email
1958 SN Lyons Terry Thomas OH Kuyat
1959 EN Gregory Melvin Bing Roxboro NC Email
1959 MR Allen James ? King
1959 MR Arthur King, Lynn MA Email
1959 MR Demrose Eric MI King
1959 MR King Arthur Lynn MA Email
1959 MT Kirkwood George Polson MT Email
1959 QM Fogg Richard New London CT Email
1959 SF Lloyd Darcy Deep River CT Email
1959 SF Lloyd Darcy Deep River CT Email
1959 SN Gunia Earl OH Kuyat
1959 TM Tharp Edward Las Vegas NV Email
1959 YN Zatko Robert Kenosha WI
1960 CPO Jamba Al Queens NY
1960 CPO Moorehead Luther Westley San Angelo TX Email
1960 DC Grott John Milltown NJ Email
1960 DIVER Wallace Robert Buffalo NY
1960 DIVER Wallace Robert Suffolk VA
1960 EM Loy William Ft Lauderdale FL Email
1960 EN Grisham Mauris Rogersville AL Email
1960 EN Hodgin Mark Va Beach VA
1960 EN Mancini Andrew Syracuse NY Email
1960 EN Pinski Walter Branford CT
1960 EN Wheeler Allen (tom) Alexandria VA Email
1960 ET French Charles Oscie Nashville TN Email
1960 ET Mohrmann John Ennis TX
1960 FT Howie Kenneth Charlotte NC Email
1960 HT Petzold Pete Buckhead GA
1960 IC Cowan David Natrona Heights PA Email
1960 IC Fenza Joseph Chester PA Email
1960 IC Sanborn Rich Delair NJ Email
1960 LCDR Richard Raymond Jacksonville FL
1960 LT Polk Lloyd Potosi MO
1960 MM Sonneman David Anoka MN Email
1960 MT Clark Joe Gooding ID Email
1960 MT Lally Daniel Bronx NY Email
1960 PM Flaherty James Haverhill MA
1960 RM Mohr John Wilmington NC Email
1960 SF Bryan Goodfield, Bristol CT Email
1960 SF Champagne Monty R West Hartford CT Email
1960 SF Krause Ken Albuquerque NM
1960 SK Morton Don Albion NY Email
1960 SK Redman Kenneth Keansburg NJ Smith
1960 SK Redman Kenneth Keansburg NJ Email
1960 SM Roberts Donald Binghamton NY Email
1960 SN Hollinger Robert Appomattox VA Email
1960 SN Hollinger Robert Appomattox VA
1960 SN Roberts Donald Johnson City NY Email
1960 TM Fields Cletus Vincennes IN
1960 TM Reve Raymond Miramar (Ft. Laudard FL
1960 YN Ferris Clayton (dave) Beacon NY Email
1961 Hudson Rocky Gorton
1961 -- Smith Alfred West Warwick RI
1961 BM Schultze Andrew New York City NY Email
1961 BM Tilett L --
1961 CPO Kittredge Roland Framingham MA Email
1961 CPTN Peterson William --
1961 CWO Bryson Robert Wilmington DE Email
1961 DC Rapata James Chicago IL Email
1961 DIVER Kittredge Roland Framingham MA
1961 DP Bender Jim Erie PA Email
1961 EM Kittredge Roland Framingham MA Email
1961 EN Brandfass Christian West Mifflin PA Email
1961 ET Cathey Kittredge
1961 ET Onofrey Daniel Easton CT Email
1961 ET Warmack Ralph Kansas City MO Email
1961 FTM Daniele Frank Cleveland OH Email
1961 IC Wilson Rhonda (rd) Frederick MD Email
1961 IM Riikonen Ronald Leesburg FL Email
1961 MA Mccoy Wallace Los Angeles CA
1961 MA Penders Jim Glens Falls NY Email
1961 MM Gorton Dennis Dear Park NY Email
1961 MR Horn Jack Bethlehem PA Email
1961 MT Barbour Thomas Elkhart IN Email
1961 MT Barbour Thomas Elkhart IN Email
1961 MT Dawson Jim Youngstown OH Email
1961 OM Uhr Steve Brooklyn NY Email
1961 OM Wilcox John Bremerton WA
1961 RM Fogg Brian Ellsworth ME Email
1961 SCPO Wason Norm Cohoes NY Email
1961 SCPO Wason Norman Cohoes NY Email
1961 SF Ansley Richard Melville LA Email
1961 SF Depozo Daniel Chicago IL
1961 SF Kraus Ken Chicago IL Walsh
1961 SF Walsh Maurice Detroit MI Email
1961 SK Craig Edward Princeton IN Email
1961 SK Morton Don Albion NY Email
1961 SK Sievert Allen & Jean Sievert Wausaukee WI Email
1961 SK Smith Foster P. Bayonne NJ Email
1961 SN Bryson Robert Prescott AZ
1961 SN Foose Bob Billerica MA Email
1961 TM Mckenney Charles A. (mac) Auburn ME Email
1961 TM Wilcox John Bremerton WA
1961 TM Wilcox John Bremerton WA
1962 Jones William Hattiesburt MS Brown
1962 BM Brown Jimmy New Orleans LA Email
1962 BM Elek Steven Uniontown PA
1962 BM Spillum Jerry Grand Forks ND Email
1962 CS Cowan David Havre De Grace MD Email
1962 EM Bluhm Raymond Chicago IL Email
1962 EM Fluitt Richard Gonzales TX Email
1962 EM Sujkowski Thomas Saginaw MI Email
1962 EN Levengood Bill Cheyenne WY Email
1962 EN O Connell Jerry Schultze
1962 EN Watson Gerald Woodruff SC Email
1962 EN Watson Gerald Woodruff SC Email
1962 EN Wise John Sedalia MO Email
1962 ET Floyd Roland Marianna FL Email
1962 ET Meyers John Chicago IL Email
1962 FN Owens Floyd St. Louis MO Email
1962 IC Larsen Eric Hayward WI Email
1962 MA Homann Bob St. Louis MO Email
1962 MA Homann Bob St. Louis MO Email
1962 MM Messer Larry Lockridge IA Email
1962 MM Turner James Cowpens SC Email
1962 MR Carbaugh Dave Charleston SC
1962 MR Solomon Richard Springfield MO Email
1962 RM Moses James Cincinnati OH Email
1962 SF Arrington Carl Fulton KY Email
1962 SF Champagne Monty R West Hartford CT Email
1962 SF Champagne Monty R West Hartford CT
1962 SK Maurer Glen Fountain Hill PA Email
1962 SK Terrien Howard Newbury MA
1962 SK Weed Donald Lubbock TX Email
1962 SM Mudd Richard Schultze
1962 SN Collins Jim West Haven CT Email
1962 SN Dodge A Utica NY Email
1962 SN Gunter Jonnie Pelion SC Email
1962 TM Robison Hubert Oklahoma City OK Email
1962 TM Wisell Bob Forest City IA
1963 Diver Grimes Lcpl Dennis Glen Cove NY Email
1963 DT Manfield John Port St Lucie FL
1963 EM Murton George Pottsville PA Email
1963 EM Peevler Mark Danville IL Email
1963 EN Heon Richard Pascoag RI Email
1963 EN Scappaticcio Edward Jersey City NJ Email
1963 EN Staffey Don Whitley City KY Email
1963 EN Stricklin James Laurel MS Email
1963 EO Nielsen David Paullina IA Email
1963 ET Hoover Kent Highspire PA Email
1963 ET Kerns Clyde MS Rabun
1963 ET Rabun Lenard Tavares FL Email
1963 IC Forster Franklin Town Of Tonawanda NY
1963 LT Foster Ralph Santa Clara CA
1963 MA Thorne Frederick Yonkers NY Email
1963 ML Cockrell Kenneth San Antonio TX Email
1963 MM Bryant Michael Pascagoula MS Email
1963 MM Calton Donald Jersey City NJ Scappaticcio
1963 MM Deluca Skip Monroe CT
1963 MM Godat Michael Bryant
1963 MM Scalero Bob Cleveland OH Email
1963 MR Sidorowicz John South Bend IN Email
1963 MT Andrewson Andy Mtn Home AR Email
1963 MT Daniels Edward A. Ticonderoga NY Email
1963 MT Jameson Lee Roswell GA Email
1963 MT Violette John Eugene OR Email
1963 RM Bruner Ken Jim Thorpe PA
1963 RM Fish Dennis Denver CO Email
1963 RM Moses James Cinncinatti OH
1963 RM Witham William Connersville IN Email
1963 SF Rawlings Richard Cleveland OH Email
1963 SH Westerfield Lee Buffalo IL Email
1963 SK Charpentier Roland Cumberland RI Email
1963 SM Jungkurth Vic Columbus OH
1963 SN Zwiebel Raymond Jackson Center OH Email
1963 TM Brader Robert Allentown PA Email
1963 YN Talarico Fredrick Old Forge PA Email
1964 Randell Phillip Marlboro MA
1964 CPO Shamblin Robert Charleston WV Email
1964 CPO Young Paul Belle Plaine IA Email
1964 ET Bent Paul North Hollywood CA
1964 ET George Ray Cincinnati OH
1964 ET George Ray Zephyrhills FL
1964 ET George Ray Cincinnati OH Email
1964 ET Hockenberry (hock) Robert Marlinton WV Email
1964 ET Thompson Gerald Sullivan MO Email
1964 ET Whitecar John Camden NJ Email
1964 GM Johnson Joel Lansing MI
1964 IC Terry Matthew Methuen MA
1964 LTJG Borchert Herbert Hegins PA Email
1964 MM Backlund Bruce Anacortes WA
1964 MR Grams Patrick Greeley CO
1964 MR Grams Patrick Greeley CO
1964 MR Lindzy Michael Wabash IN
1964 MR Martin Richard Harriman TN Email
1964 MT Blass Lew Sharon MA Email
1964 MT Blass Lew Sharon MA Email
1964 MT Quinn James Eckert Mines MD Email
1964 MT Stowe Gary Marshalltown IA Email
1964 PH Maffett John Warren OH
1964 RM Waller James Soperton GA Email
1964 SF Ashe James Pasadena Maryland MD Email
1964 SGT Anhalt Joseph Phila PA
1964 SK Dixon Richard Bangor ME Email
1964 SK Mcgee Sherman Lake Charles LA
1964 TM Pierce Larry Kalamazoo MI Email
1965 CPO Young Paul Belle Plaine IA Email
1965 ET Britt John --
1965 ET Dettmer Fredrick Pewaukee WI Email
1965 ET Osheskie Frederick Talbott TN
1965 FN Mulry John San Fransico CA
1965 FT Trigleth John Baraboo WI
1965 MM Smith William C. Cypress CA Email
1965 MR Harvey Ron Chattanooga TN
1965 MR Segar Gene FL
1965 MT Behm Marshall Bloomville OH Email
1965 MT Dye Dwain Darien GA
1965 MT Wheeler Richard Longview WA
1965 PC Doty William Follansbee WV Email
1965 SF Syphert Bill Silverton OR Syphert
1966 BM Slick Dennis Salt Lake City UT Email
1966 CPO Graham Robert FL
1966 CPO Patterson Lane Mansfield LA
1966 CS Olson Randall Virginia MN Email
1966 DM Rubrecht Harold Pottstown PA Email
1966 DP Stralow Paul Rockford IL
1966 DP Stralow Paul Rockford IL Email
1966 EM Coppinger John Lindenwold NJ
1966 EN Brenk Terry St. Louis MO Email
1966 ET Meusel Randy Minersville PA Email
1966 GM Ellis John Oakland CA Email
1966 HT Solice Larry Mansfield LA Email
1966 IC Beasley John Myre
1966 IC Gerstle Tc. Wilkes Barre PA Email
1966 IC Myre Bill Council Bluffs IA Email
1966 IC Neumeister Fred Myre
1966 MM Bennett Johnny Summerville SC Email
1966 MM Mcclane Donald Plano TX
1966 MM Schexnayder Lew New Orleans LA Email
1966 MM Stevens Rolin (steve) Elko MN Email
1966 MM Syphert Russell Silverton OR Email
1966 MT Dusavage Larry Rockford IL
1966 OM Capizzi Chuck No. Tonawanda NY Email
1966 PC Mrak Ed Albuquerque NM Email
1966 PVT Glenn Harper Glenn E.st. Louis IL Email
1966 RM Fletcher David Okla. City OK Email
1966 RM Nicholes Tom Unknown --
1966 RM Nicholes Tom Unknown --
1966 SF Breslow Neil Brooklyn NY Email
1966 SF Schibig Carl L. Wapato WA Email
1966 SN Krieger Gary Buffalo NY Email
1966 SN Mcafee Loren Aurora CO Email
1966 ST Bacon Larry Spokane WA Email
1966 TM Mcgough John Swansea MA Email
1966 TM Workman Nolan Taft CA Email
1967 -- Pankow John Sandusky OH Email
1967 BM Ennis Stephen Yorba Linda CA
1967 CPO Cheney Harley Sunapee NH
1967 CPO Cheney Harley Sunapee NH Email
1967 CPO Cheney Harley Sunapee NH Email
1967 CPO Martin Anthony Reedsville WV Email
1967 DC Wasserman Thomas Helena OH Email
1967 EM Holland Jim Mcminnville OR Email
1967 EM Kreisel Paul Eveleth MN Email
1967 EN Grayson Logan Ponca City OK Email
1967 EN Grayson Logan Ponca City OK Email
1967 EN Grayson Logan Ponca City OK Email
1967 EN Ward Tom Jefferson City MO
1967 ET Barber Lou Pollack
1967 ET Barber Lou Pollack
1967 FN Shields Stephen Colton OR Email
1967 FT Kloska Jim Chicago IL
1967 HT Kelley James Blytheville AR Email
1967 LI Sherry Steven Azusa CA Email
1967 LT Bruno James Garden City KS
1967 LT Hawkins James --
1967 MM Hults Norman Baldwin, L.i. NY Email
1967 MM Kugler Allen Fergus Falls MN Email
1967 MR Tate Dennis Grandview MO
1967 OM Brown Patrick Rutland VT Email
1967 OM Butler Norman Kihei M
1967 RM Ambers Bradley Puyallup WA
1967 RM David Nicholes Tom
1967 SF Jenne Marvin Lake Worth FL Email
1967 SK Gladrow Del Cleveland OH
1967 SK Lamera Alejo Elk Grove CA
1967 TM Martin Russell Sacramento CA Workman
1967 TM Smiddy Ricky Graford TX Email
1967 TM Smiddy Ricky Graford TX Email
1967 YN Lekawski Paul Oklahoma City OK Email
1968 Allen Ricky Chico CA Smith
1968 Atwell Thomas Panama City FL
1968 Wagner John Pollack
1968 BM Dv2 Erickson Chuck Missoula MT Email
1968 CS Calohan John Dixon IL
1968 Diver Pidge George San Francisco CA Email
1968 EN Beernink Thomas Belfair WA
1968 EN Harney Dennis Worcester MA
1968 ET Fuller Jim Napa CA Email
1968 ET Pollack Edward Daytona Beach FL Email
1968 IM Panarisi John Burbank CA Email
1968 MM Trampel Joe Webster City IA
1968 MR Stutzman David Bryan OH Email
1968 MR Trampel Joe Webster City IA Email
1968 OM Campbell Thomas Newport News VA Email
1968 OM Chambers Gregg Brooklynn NY Campbell
1968 OM Chambers Greg Brooklyn NY Email
1968 PC Catt Ben Topeka KS
1968 QM Fitzpatrick Michael Portland OR Email
1968 RM Borden Jerry --
1968 RM Iarte Ignacio GU
1968 SF Caylor Larry Sherman TX Email
1968 SF Church Alan Coos Bay OR
1968 SF Howell Rodney Santa Rosa CA
1968 SK Haberman Donald Lathrop CA
1968 SK Smith James Broomall PA Email
1968 SN Fagiano Chuck Chicago IL Email
1968 SN Pallas Ted San Francisco CA Email
1968 SN Pallas Ted San Francisco CA Email
1968 TM Kumosinski Robert Philadelphia PA Email
1968 TM Malicki Tom Chicago IL Email
1968 TM Malicki Tom Chicago IL Email
1968 TM Robison Hubert Newport News VA
1968 YN Cairns Joe Wichita, KS Email
1969 CPL Beckum Don Amarillo TX Email
1969 CS Bohman Ron Redwood City CA Email
1969 CS Bohman Ron Redwood City CA Email
1969 DC Andrerws William Colorado Springs CO Email
1969 DC Grott John Milltown Nj NJ Email
1969 EM Bernardini Thomas Ansonia CT Email
1969 EN Hall Dan Klamath Falls OR Email
1969 EN Henderson David Ketchikan AK Email
1969 EN Rugenstein Warren St. Joseph MO Email
1969 ET Shanyfelt Jim Tampa FL Email
1969 IC Helegda Jim Ferndale MI Email
1969 MM Sannes Gregory Sharon WI Email
1969 MM Tallman Wayne Nashville TN Email
1969 PFC Cheadle Danny Philothea OH Email
1969 SF Brewer Christopher Dv2 Erickson
1969 SK Smith Ed Palisade CO Email
1969 SM Sandford Russell Stlouis MO Email
1969 TM Engman Lloyd St. Paul MN Pending Activation
1969 TM Scully Jim Brooklyn NY Email
1969 TM Woods Barry Atlanta GA Email
1970 Clemans Douglas Strawtown IN Chisler
1970 CS Frank Jeff Santa Monica CA Clark
1970 CWO Watkins Tom Camden SC
1970 DC Clark Rick Kokomo IN Email
1970 DP Stevenson Richard Springville UT Email
1970 EM Chisler Thomas (tim) Carmel IN Email
1970 EM Chisler Thomas Carmel IN Email
1970 EN Brown Gene --
1970 EN Burris James Rock Hill SC
1970 EN Page Lee Waveland MS Email
1970 EN Thompson Tommy Ontario CA Email
1970 ET Glasgow Jeffry Windsor CO
1970 FN Arnett Larry Lansing MI Email
1970 FT Pollack Gerald Fremont CA
1970 HT Aldous Marvin Terrebonne OR Email
1970 LCDR Packard Charles Lynn MA Email
1970 LTJG Cummings Donald Perrysburg OH
1970 MM Hall Scott WI Clark
1970 MM Karg David Oil City PA
1970 MR Kenyon Sid Hastings MI Email
1970 MR Paul John Penn Run PA Email
1970 OM Moe Dick Juda WI Email
1970 OM Moe Dick Juda WI Brown
1970 OM Stewart James Philadelphia PA
1970 RM Husselton John Saint Louis MO Email
1970 SF Crump Glenn KS Clark
1970 SF Keimig Wayne KS Weyers
1970 SK Mcmillen David Hamilton IL Email
1970 SM Lemon Waymon Beckley WV Email
1970 TM Geddes Richard East Meadow NY Email
1970 YN King David Fresno CA
1971 CS Odaffer Jay San Diego CA
1971 CS Reisenauer Jim New Lisbon WI
1971 CWO Kanning Dick Allendale NJ Email
1971 CWO Kanning Dick Sanford NC
1971 CWO Moore Dwaine Decatur IL Email
1971 Diver Weyers Michael Emporia KS Email
1971 DP Blankenship James Lumberton TX
1971 DT Patterson Terry Santa Ana CA Email
1971 EM Debona Joseph Fort Myers FL
1971 EM Henderson Tim Martinsville IN Email
1971 EM Pope James (oscar) Denver CO Email
1971 EN Weber Jeff Washingtonville NY Email
1971 ET Schmock Eric Grand Blanc MI Email
1971 ET Schmock Eric Grand Blanc MI Email
1971 FT Adams Robert CA Wise
1971 FT Wise James Portland OR Email
1971 IM Brown Jim Turnersville NJ Email
1971 IM Camp James Denver CO Email
1971 LI Merriman Forest Shawnee KS Email
1971 LT Harrelson Jim Dallas TX
1971 LTJG Bolen Terry Newark OH Email
1971 MM Munson Kim Minneapolis MN Email
1971 MR Wahlin Mike St. Cloud MN Email
1971 OM Hamilton Dave Silver Spring MD Email
1971 SF Green Leon Dunn NC Email
1971 SF Piippo James Rudyard MI Email
1971 SF Tapia Greg Hollister CA Email
1971 SF Tapia Greg Hollister CA Email
1971 SK Carlos Joseph Taunton MA Email
1971 SN Ressler James Pendelton, Oregon OR Email
1971 ST Bohlender John Pacifica CA
1971 TM Farkas Tom Muskegon MI Email
1971 TM Farkas Tom Muskegon MI Email
1971 TM Nicoloff Don (nic) Cahokia IL Email
1971 TM Sullivan James Anacortes WA Email
1971 TM Weise Andy Danbury CT Email
1972 CPL Van Hoose Ronald Springfield OH Email
1972 CPL Van Hoose Ronald Springfield OH Email
1972 CPO Davis Clinton Rogers AR
1972 CPO Smith James Canonsburg PA Email
1972 CWO Brooks Jimmie Albuquerque NM Email
1972 EM Lamont David La Mirada CA Email
1972 EM Lawler Mike Santa Rosa CA Heesen
1972 EN Caldwell Charles (chuck) Ryderwood WA Email
1972 EN Fisher Bill --
1972 EN Fisher Bill Calumet City IL
1972 EN Grubbs Chuck Bright IN Email
1972 EN Hammond Bill Essex IA Email
1972 ET Shaffer Kerry Stoystown PA Email
1972 FT Baird Malcolm Newington NH Email
1972 FT England Rick Des Moines IA
1972 HM Weidinger Steven Marietta GA Email
1972 IC Fuller Norman Milwaukee WI Email
1972 MM Dunbar Mike Medford OR Heesen
1972 MM Hamilton Bob Heesen
1972 MM Heesen Don Holliston MA Email
1972 MM Hendricks Chris Tulsa OK Email
1972 MM Moi Usoalii Honolulu HI Email
1972 MM Stoessel David St Louis MO
1972 MM Weaverling Edward Kansas City MO
1972 MT Buck Kenneth \ Coon Rapids MN Email
1972 PH Mauch Michael Malibu CA Email
1972 QM Eckenrode Robert Harrisburger PA
1972 QM Flores Jose Pearland TX Email
1972 QM Truman Anthony Madison WI Email
1972 RM Grau Joe Garden City KS Thornton
1972 SH Hammond David Reform AL Email
1972 SK Campion Philip Lansing MI
1972 TM Erwin William (Stu) Dunbar WV
1972 TM Nance Kenneth Fresno CA
1973 CPO Neal Fred St George UT
1973 CPO Otis Don Sedona AZ
1973 DP Almos Bob Garden City KS Email
1973 EM Anderson Frank Olongapo PI Email
1973 EN Davy James Anaconda MT Email
1973 EN Richardson Don Cherryvale KS
1973 EN Richter Bruce St Louis MO Email
1973 EN Richter Bruce St. Louis MO Email
1973 EN Russell Timothy Portland OR Email
1973 ET Grexa Robert Sharon PA Email
1973 FN Elsasser Dennis Portland OR Email
1973 HM Pratt Leland Anaheim CA Email
1973 HT Beaulieu Steven Lake City MN Email
1973 HT Beck Ron San Jose CA Email
1973 IC Brooks James Columbus OH
1973 IC Hall Bob Rushville MO Email
1973 IC Sweet Cleveland Hartshorne OK Email
1973 LTJG Albury Merrill Carlton Miami FL Email
1973 MM Jones Richard Victoria TX
1973 MM Stagliano Gregory Welch
1973 MR Mang Randy Barker, Ny CA Email
1973 MS Reed William Nampa ID Email
1973 MT Violette John Eugene OR Email
1973 PFC Fladby Robert Omaha NE
1973 PH Mauch Michael Lakewood WA
1973 RM Thornton Steven Marina CA Email
1973 SGT Kuiken James Boise ID Email
1973 SH Nevelle Steve Sierra Vista AZ Email
1973 SK Dunn Steve Bettendorf IA Email
1973 SK Flower Alan Encinitas CA
1973 SK Parker John Vinita OK Email
1974 BT Anderson Dan St. Louis Park MN
1974 CPL Moyer Brian Detroit MI Email
1974 DK Carino Bernie Binan PI Email
1974 EM Allen Richard West Covina CA Email
1974 EM Junkins Mark Lima OH Email
1974 EM Stasel Jerome (joe) Wheeling WV Email
1974 EO Garrett Tom Atlanta GA
1974 ET Bower Mark Dayton OH Email
1974 FN Hegel Ken Milwaukie OR
1974 FN Medina Phillip Calipatria CA Email
1974 HT Childress Thomas Rome NY Email
1974 HT Maschal Roy Evington VA Email
1974 HT Sims Randy Anderson CA Email
1974 IC Head Mark Tuba City AZ Email
1974 LTJG Dapser Wayne Chicago IL Email
1974 MM Eaves William Penn Yan NY
1974 MM Mckagan Michael Zebulon NC Email
1974 MM Vandevoorde August Kewanee IL Email
1974 MM Welch Ron Soap Lake WA Email
1974 MR Koniniec George Buffalo NY Email
1974 MR Wimberly Jerry Lexington TN
1974 NC Taylor William Lily KY
1974 QM Taylor Donald Hamilton TX Email
1974 SGT Waldron Gregory Elk Grove CA Email
1974 SK Gibbons Rodger Nisswa MN Email
1974 TM Caldwell Steve Kevil KY Email
1974 TM Franclemont Gerald Willialmsville NY Email
1974 TM Tennant George Fairport NY
1975 Paulhamus John Wayne ( Duke) Pittsburg PA Jones (jonesy)
1975 BM Byrd David (randy) Rock Hill SC Email
1975 BM Hunt David Logansport IN Email
1975 BM Saurer Scott Orrville OH Email
1975 CPO Mcdowell Donald Corsicana TX Email
1975 CPO Surprise Mark Toledo OH Email
1975 CWO Birr Donald Wausau WI Email
1975 CWO Holzendorf William Thomson GA Email
1975 DC Colton Don Zion IL
1975 EN Borjon Edward Pittsburg CA Email
1975 EN Carlson Roy Fair Lawn NJ Email
1975 EN Reeves Dennis San Pedro CA
1975 EN Reyes Salvador El Paso TX
1975 ET Calabrese Sam New Castle PA Email
1975 ET Calabrese Sam New Castle PA Email
1975 ET Larock Louis Thompson Falls MT
1975 HT Ashner Joseph Northfield NJ
1975 HT Clark Dan Greaser Flushing NY Email
1975 HT Kershaw William Stamford CT Email
1975 HT Sullivan Michael Granville OH Email
1975 LI Kottas Donald Milpitas CA Email
1975 MM Babione Ken Philomath OR
1975 MM Paulhamus John Wayne Pittsburg PA Jones (jonesy)
1975 MM Ray Richard Kansas City MO Email
1975 MM Skyles Richard Rolla MO
1975 MM Train John Stockton CA Email
1975 MR Johnson Michael Oregon IL Email
1975 MS Ciccarelli John Troy NY Email
1975 MT Johnson David Wynnewood OK
1975 PM Bettis Don New Market TN Email
1975 PM Scherer Dennis Taylor PA Email
1975 SCPO Jones Carlson
1975 SGT Crouch James Newtown CT Email
1975 SH Sanchez Ruben San Diego CA
1975 SK Hamester David Cincinnati OH
1975 SK Mcdowell Donald Corsicana TX Email
1975 SK Mcdowell Donald Corsicana TX Email
1975 SM Harris Micheal Coweta OK Jones (jonesy)
1975 SM Jones (jonesy) David Blanchard OK Email
1975 SM Spencer Dennis Milford MI
1975 TM Butcher Dwight Mechanicsburg IL
1975 TM Farris Roy Hurt VA Email
1975 TM Peck Lawrence Buffalo NY Email
1975 TM Shoffner David Ickesburg PA Email
1975 TM Struthers Clifford Joliet IL
1976 Pearson Collins Cundieff
1976 Sullivan Griffis
1976 Villasenior Francisco Cundieff
1976 BM Mason Paul Raytown MO Email
1976 BM Mason Paul Raytown MO Email
1976 BT Cundieff Tracey Baytown TX Email
1976 CPO Meadows Darrell Ponca City OK
1976 EM Guzman Tom Santa Rita, Guam GU Email
1976 EN Rothman Tad Cheyenne WY Email
1976 EN Smith Terry East Palestine OH Email
1976 ET Oneill John Titusville FL Email
1976 ET Torkelson Gehard Litchfield MN Email
1976 FT Silvertooth Mark Los Angeles CA
1976 HT Griffis Carl Porterville CA Email
1976 HT Kutsch Dale Pleasant Hill CA Email
1976 HT Moeskau Jon Yucaipa CA Email
1976 HT Saxenmeyer James Pompano Beach FL Email
1976 LI Kottas Donald Milpitas CA Email
1976 MM Boudreaux Randal Gibson LA Email
1976 MM Dean Glenn Louisville Ky KY Email
1976 MM Fisk John Willis TX Email
1976 MM Fridono Frank Mt. Horeb, WI Email
1976 MM Kester Francis (Don) Marysville CA
1976 MM Krokel Richard Aberdeen SD Email
1976 MM Peacock Steven San Deiago CA
1976 MM Vanskike Steve Phoenix AZ Email
1976 MR Lentell Steven Independence MO Email
1976 MS Baca Victor J Las Vegas NM Email
1976 MT Wagoner Paul Stelle IL
1976 RM Maloy Gerald Puyallup WA
1976 RM Sparks Paul Chicago IL Email
1976 SH Marino Jim Olongapo City, Phils PA
1976 SSGT Siverson Paul Staten Island NY Email
1976 YN Schmitt David Mason City IA Email
1977 CPL Wemyss Robert Huntington NY Email
1977 CPO Jorgensen Art Brooklyn NY Email
1977 CPO Kersey Wayne Orangeburg SC Email
1977 CPO Whipple Bruce Ft Lauderdale FL Email
1977 CWO Shockley David Mechanicsburg VA Email
1977 CWO Vaughn Dubrow
1977 DM Collins Marc Los Angeles CA Email
1977 DP Thomas Danny Kingsland GA
1977 EM Kimball Joel Harrah OK
1977 EN Cunningham David Honolulu HI Email
1977 EN Deceglie Bartolomeo Brooklyn NY Email
1977 EN Deceglie Bartolomeo \ Brooklyn NY Email
1977 EN Franklin Don Woodland CA Email
1977 EN Lansford Michael Decatur TX Email
1977 EN Wadkins Richard Gadsden AL Deceglie
1977 ET Jugo Jesus Manila PI Email
1977 ET Mulvey Ronald MA
1977 ET Smith Scott OH
1977 ET Smith Scott Hollansburg OH
1977 HT Belger Gary Denver CO Email
1977 HT Bellinger Richard Cobleskill NY Email
1977 HT Carver Timoyhy Menahga MN Email
1977 HT Conner Brad Leominster MA
1977 HT Dubrow Michael Brooklyn NY Email
1977 HT Medlin James Prescott AZ
1977 HT Meloney Donald Carmel CA Email
1977 HT Mende Donald MI
1977 HT Monroe Al Monticello NY Email
1977 HT Sparks James Cincinnati OH Email
1977 HT Vallery Ellery Stockton CA Email
1977 HT Walter Woodruff Cincinnati OH Email
1977 IC Brooks Jerry Fort Worth TX Email
1977 LCPL Collins David Williamsport IN Email
1977 MM Clark William Monterey Park CA Email
1977 MM Duckett Dj Corvallis OR Email
1977 MM Fiers Duwayne Carrollton TX Email
1977 MM Jasman Jerry Marlin WA
1977 MM Joslyn Rick San Diego CA
1977 MM Leonard James Thousand Oaks CA Email
1977 MM Maser Randy Lincoln Park,michigan MI Email
1977 MM Mytro Mark Cleveland OH Email
1977 MM Stephens Carl Sulphur OK
1977 MM Stephens Carl Sulphur OK Email
1977 MS Kratz Lynn Redwood Falls MN Email
1977 OM Wyman Terry Montrose MI
1977 SCPO Dell Don M. Columbus OH Email
1977 SCPO Hernandez Rafael Brooklyn NY Email
1977 SH Antipolo Rogelio Olongapo FL Email
1977 SH Krauss Mitchell Brooklyn NJ Email
1977 SK Bickel David Indianapolis IN
1977 SK German Richard Cottage Hills IL Email
1977 SK Holt Burness (bubba) Riverside CA Email
1977 SK Huber Kevin MD Lepage
1977 SK Lepage Richard Lefty Diamond Bar CA Email
1977 SK Wallace John(wally) Brooklyn NY Email
1977 TM Westcott Matt Madera CA Email
1977 WT Padilla Anthony Jacksonville FL
1978 BM Perryman Bob Carmen OK Email
1978 BM Wheeler Gary Toledo OH Email
1978 BT Shiere Steve Hines OR Email
1978 BT Shiere Steve-buckwheat Burns-hines OR Email
1978 CPO Nowicki Richard Detroit MI Email
1978 CPO Nowicki Richard Detroit MI Email
1978 Diver Lewis Dan Fort Worth TX Email
1978 Diver Saxenmeyer James Pompano Beach FL Email
1978 EM Finkle Matt West Haven CT
1978 EN Beltz Roger Lompoc CA Email
1978 EN Dittamore Byron Tulalip WA Email
1978 EN Hammond Bill West Des Moines IA Email
1978 EN Javier Nelson Brooklyn NY Email
1978 ET Bostwick Dana North Benton OH Email
1978 ET Gower Steven New Baltimore MI
1978 ET Thompson Bill Houston TX
1978 FN Mercer Russell Falls PA Email
1978 FT Capaci Frank Merced CA Email
1978 GM Hodgins Thomas Yakima WA Email
1978 HT Haberstroh Brian Baltimore MD Email
1978 HT Hellmer Mark St.louis MO Email
1978 HT Lambert Fred Racine WI Email
1978 IM Caperton Rick Savannah TN Email
1978 LCPL Collins David Williamsport IN Email
1978 MS Even James Philadelphia PA
1978 MT Landrum Bobby Muskogee OK Email
1978 MT Newman Raymond Meeker OK Email
1978 MT Schrank Michael Royersford PA
1978 MT Smith Barry Graniteville SC
1978 TM Decarlo Tony Wallingford CT Email
1978 TM Decarlo Tony Wallingford CT Email
1978 TM Soley Ed Mckees Rocks PA Email
1978 YN Coleman Nelson Romulus NY Email
1978 YN Guillaume Chris Minneapolis MN
1979 BM Gallo Phillip Redlands CA Email
1979 BT Rath Cj Union Grove WI Email
1979 CPL Rambo Mike Kansas City MO Hellmer
1979 CPO Bridle Robert Hampton NH Email
1979 CPO Glover William P MI
1979 CPO Head Bill Redding CA Email
1979 EM Wickers Kevin Ozone Park NY Email
1979 EN Bray John Honolulu HI Email
1979 EN Freeman Scott Redlands CA
1979 EN Grantham Anthony Mesa AZ Email
1979 EN Nishida Mike Longmont CO Email
1979 ET Mathews Mark American Canyon CA
1979 FN Mcqueen Lenny Pearl MS Email
1979 GM Newberger Earl Alexandria VA Email
1979 GM Newberger Earl Alexandria VA Email
1979 GM Newberger Earl Alexandria VA Email
1979 HM Pochon Tony Hillsboro MO Email
1979 HM Skelton Jerry Quinton AL Email
1979 HT Carmody Tom Southgate MI
1979 HT Netzer Richard Albuquerque NM
1979 HT Schmidt Peter Redding CA Email
1979 HT Smith David Oakland CA
1979 LT Sisemore Marion Rock Springs WY Email
1979 MM Price John Phila Pa . PA Email
1979 MM Price John Phila Pa . PA Email
1979 MM Worthen David Green Bay WI Email
1979 MR Krug Mark Waterloo IA Email
1979 OM Yarrows John Northampton MA Email
1979 PH Corley John Phoenix AZ
1979 RM Mainor Douglas Prairie Du Chien WI Email
1979 SCPO Green Russell Chicago IL Email
1979 SH Amora Rudy Manila Philippines CA Email
1979 SK Bennett James Norco CA Email
1979 ST Hall Joseph Jackson MS Email
1979 TM Barnes David Rutland Vermont VT Email
1980 BM Farr Jr Liberty SC Allison
1980 BM Haskell Allan San Dimas CA Allison
1980 CWO Bunker Robert Portsmouth RI
1980 CWO Swenson Samuel Othello WA Email
1980 DC Hunley George Louisa VA Email
1980 DP Lugeanbeal George Silver Bay MN
1980 EA Maurer John Collinsville IL Email
1980 EN Kelly Paul Dubuque IA Email
1980 ET Barbarino James Staten Island NY Email
1980 ET Denny Michael Hawthorne NV Email
1980 ET Gregory Dann Key West FL Email
1980 ET Gunn William Lawrenceburg TN Email
1980 ET Williams Kerry Pocahontas IL Email
1980 ET Woods Terry Hemphill TX Email
1980 FT Taute Kevin Kansas City MO
1980 HM Flanagan Robert Bass Lake CA Email
1980 HM Heflin Edward R. Birmingham AL Email
1980 HM Nutick Edward Cincinnati OH
1980 HT Berlanga Arthur Salinas CA Email
1980 HT Flagg John Dundalk MD
1980 HT Vandenheede Gregory Marshall MI
1980 IC Ball J.D. Jacksonville FL
1980 MM Ellis Gerard (Jerry) Arroyo Grande CA
1980 MM Gomez Mario El Paso TX Email
1980 MM Hull David Flat River MO
1980 MR Mowrer Jesse Portales NM
1980 MR Stimpson Ron Middletown CT Email
1980 MR Wallace Jerry Coffeyville KS Email
1980 MR Wilson Donald F. Hillside NJ Email
1980 MT Cox Alfred Beckley WV Email
1980 MT Landrum Bobby Muskogee OK Email
1980 PC Estavillo Henry San Jacinto CA Email
1980 PC Goddard James CO
1980 RM Conner Gregory Blaine WA
1980 SH Friedman Jim Los Angeles CA
1980 SH Quam Tim Eugene OR Email
1980 SN Allison Alan Gaffney SC Email
1980 TM Bailey Michael Tulsa OK Email
1980 TM Prudhomme Trodd Kinder LA Email
1980 TM Stallcop Ernest Toledo WA Email
1980 TM Wright Jack Phoenix AZ
1981 Fredericks Kevin IL Trontl
1981 Moore Henry Trontl
1981 BM Mitchell Tierney Paris TX Email
1981 BT Brookins Tim San Anitonio TX
1981 BT Kelley David Los Angeles CA Email
1981 CWO Miller Lynn Las Vegas NV Email
1981 Diver Rydberg Dale Phoenix AZ Email
1981 DS Hazard David Alexandria LA
1981 EM Downey Wayne South Gate CA
1981 EM Jacobs Arthur Lexington NC Email
1981 EM Pierce Mark Albany NY
1981 EN Canfield Jerry Lynchburg VA Email
1981 EN Gonzales {gonzo} Chris Arvada CO Email
1981 EN Nutter Kevin Canton KS Email
1981 ET Bayer Michael Laurens IA Email
1981 ET Loomas Robert New Orleans LA Email
1981 FN Reside M Philippines CA
1981 HM Gilbert Roger Cape Canaveral FL
1981 HM Loftis Michael Omaha NE
1981 HM Nutick Jay Cincinnati OH Email
1981 HT Conklin Bradley Minatare NE Email
1981 HT Conklin Bradley Minatare NE Email
1981 HT Morrison Stephen Rockland ME Email
1981 HT Vanvarden Ron Stockton CA Email
1981 LI Koma Joey Dogtown CA Email
1981 LTJG Taylor Jeff Odessa TX
1981 MCPO Masser Lewis Emmitsburg MD Email
1981 MCPO Zoppy Mike Blairstown NJ
1981 MM Cathey John Monroe LA Email
1981 MM Cathey John Monroe LA Email
1981 MM Eland Timothy Burlington IA Email
1981 MM Evangelista Salvador Manila PI
1981 MM Pace Gary Jefferson City MO Email
1981 MM Plemons Bill Costa Mesa CA Email
1981 MM Reeves Mark Manchaca (austin) TX Email
1981 MM Witchey Todd St. Clairsville OH Email
1981 MS Boozer Reginald Greenwood SC Email
1981 OM Stahr James Middletown PA
1981 RM Long Robert Nebraska NE Socia
1981 RM Socia David Houston TX Email
1981 RP Mullins Mark Gary IN Thomas
1981 SK Holt David D Welaka FL Email
1981 SK Knupper Karl CA Thomas
1981 SK Thomas Matthew Tallahassee FL Email
1981 SN Alanskas John Romeo MI Email
1981 TM Dutcher Glen Mt. Vernon IL Email
1981 TM Knippa Tom Austin TX Email
1981 TM Knippa Tom Austin TX Email
1982 BM Kuehn Chris Lakeport CA Email
1982 BM Moore Derrick Fort Wayne IN Email
1982 BM Shannon Anthony (tony) The Village OK Email
1982 BT Maycumber Michael Spokane WA
1982 CPO Flores Robert Guam CA
1982 CPO Van Natta James Pittsburgh PA
1982 DP Franklin Boyd Grand Junction CO
1982 DP Howry Dave Mountain Home ID Email
1982 DP Norrod Eric Livingston TN
1982 DP Taylor David Miramar FL
1982 EM Dickson John San Bernardino CA Email
1982 EN Canfield Jerry Lynchburg VA Email
1982 EN Dunn Steven St. Clairsville OH Email
1982 EN Fritz James Cincinnati Ohio OH Email
1982 EN Kuhlman Layne Colo CO Email
1982 EN London Danny AR Thomas
1982 EN Lyons Tom San Diego CA
1982 EN Schmitt Erich Arvada CO Email
1982 ET Golden Jerry Rockford MN Email
1982 ET Jolly Jeff Spokane WA Email
1982 ET Trontl Kevin Detroit MI Email
1982 ET Utter Jeff Durand MI Email
1982 FT Allman Ralph Arvada CO Email
1982 FT Boylen Dan Dallas TX
1982 HT Ingalls Donald Manhattan IL
1982 HT Washum Michael Ocean Springs MS
1982 IC Harris Rob Tempe AZ Email
1982 IM Miller Jon Sharon PA Email
1982 IM Owens Arnold Santee CA Email
1982 MM Buck Leon WA Williams
1982 MM Hirtler Thomas Jolly
1982 MM Petersen John Omaha NE Email
1982 MR Griggs Stanley Orlando FL
1982 MR Pippin James Washburn MO
1982 MS Crissey Ronald Mcafee NJ Email
1982 MS Krieger William Cambridge WI
1982 MS Wade --
1982 MS Wellbrock Keith Poughkeepsie NY Email
1982 MS Zoppy Mike Blairstown NJ Email
1982 QM Shadowens Terry Cobden IL Email
1982 RM Speegle Arthur Placerville CA
1982 SH Clark Matt Springfield OH Email
1982 SH Clark Matt Springfield OH Email
1982 SK Lunsford Rob Beaverton OR
1982 SK Mccallister Harry Flint MI Email
1982 SK Omune Olarn San Deigo CA
1982 TM Montoya James Fort Worth TX Email
1982 TM Shoffner David Ickesburg PA Email
1982 YN Booth Robert Pittsburgh PA Email
1983 White Robert --
1983 BM Snyder Jeff Jerseyville IL Email
1983 CM Jarvis Maryann Oklahoma City OK Email
1983 CPO Hayes Isadore Trenton NJ Email
1983 DK Elmore Lynn Snow Hill NC
1983 DP Berger John Kingsland GA
1983 DP Best Tony Philadelphia PA
1983 DP Mcfaden John El Paso TX
1983 EN Barter Michael Quincy MA Email
1983 EN Mcgathey Bryan Mansfield OH Email
1983 EN Mcgathey Bryan Mansfield OH Email
1983 EN Mchugh Kevin West Islip NY Email
1983 EN Mills Jody Plainville CT Email
1983 EN Webb Kevin Evergreen CO
1983 EO Brock Ricky Cartersville GA
1983 ET Utter Jeff Durand MI Email
1983 FN Harmon Charles Wilmette IL
1983 HM Derby Mark Titusville FL Email
1983 HT Ansnes --
1983 HT Doolittle Jim Phoenix AZ Email
1983 HT Manchester Steven Eugene OR Email
1983 HT Pickerd John Grant MI
1983 HT Robbins Donald Green Ridge MO Email
1983 HT Williams Michael Portland OR Email
1983 MS Johnson Ferris Gowen MI Email
1983 MS Thomas Phillip Detroit MI Email
1983 PC Pepi Juan A. Corpus Christi, TX Email
1983 PM Hunt David MI
1983 PN Schaefer Evan Bay Shore NY Mchugh
1983 SCPO Parker Dale Silverdale WA
1983 SK Hammonds Gary St Louis MO Email
1983 TM Browning Ray Ypsilanti MI
1983 TM Smith Tracy Indianapolis IN Email
1984 BT Watanabe Jay Kauai HI Email
1984 CMDR Stevens Steven Davenport IA Email
1984 EM Chellis David West Warwick RI
1984 EM Jimerson James Venice FL Email
1984 EM Roughton Terrance Makakilo HI
1984 EM Wyatt James Philadelphia PA
1984 ET Allison Samuel Longview TX Email
1984 ET Morgan Steve Columbus OH
1984 HM Desilvester Edward Lorain OH Email
1984 HM Hardin Michael Long Beach CA Email
1984 HT Reardon Tim Jennings MO Email
1984 IC Billings Bobby Joe OK Paul
1984 IC Painter Kenneth CA Paul
1984 IC Paul Joe Southboro MA Email
1984 LCDR Runyan John St. Petersburg FL Email
1984 LT Comp Ralph Milwaukee WI Email
1984 MM Stricker Jon West Frankfort IL
1984 MR Oxx Robert Wayland NY
1984 MS Daly Kevin St Peters MO Email
1984 MS Hodge Fitzgerald Lodi TX Email
1984 NC Davy James Anaconda MT Email
1984 OM Griffin Blake Valdosta GA Email
1984 OM Griffin Blake Valdosta GA Email
1984 RM Hanthorn Roger Salem OR
1984 RM Manning Richard Lansing MI
1984 SK Oytas Marcelo Cavite PI
1984 TM Procknow Donald Sweet Home OR Email
1984 YN Hill Timothy Milwaukee WI Email
1985 BM Cooper Richard Opelika AL
1985 CMDR Montgomery Ed Lancaster KY
1985 CPO Deter Paul Jacksonville FL
1985 DC Fernadez Manny El Chuco TX Email
1985 DP Davis Wayne Enfield, Ct - Springfield, Ma MA Email
1985 DP Reasy Ray Kansas City MO Email
1985 DP Torres Charles FL
1985 EM Blankenship David Memphis TN Email
1985 ENS Mattson Clyde St. Louis Park MN Email
1985 ENS Mattson Clyde St. Louis Park MN Email
1985 ENS Mckinney Robin Tacoma WA Email
1985 ET Morrow Albert Asheville NC
1985 HT Archie Dale Portland OR Email
1985 HT Bricco Robert Manitowoc WI Email
1985 HT Drake Kelly Fallbrook CA Email
1985 HT Engen Eric Great Falls MT Email
1985 HT Waller Brian Oroville CA Email
1985 IC Secrest Michael San Diego CA
1985 LCDR Bakara Barney Wyandotte MI Email
1985 MM Lord William Swedesboro NJ Email
1985 MM Ratajczak Lawrence Green Bay WI Email
1985 PC Mccaffrey James Brooklyn NY
1985 QM Redding Joe Perry FL Email
1985 RM Judd John Sterling VA Email
1985 RM Judd John Sterling VA
1985 RM Shawl William East Liverpool OH Email
1985 SK Collman Mark Klamath Falls OR Email
1985 SK Jones Nathaniel Albany GA Email
1985 ST Baune Curtis Milaca MN Email
1985 TM Davis Clifford Wasco CA Email
1986 BM Camp David Oakland CA Email
1986 BM Raburn Mike Anchorage AK
1986 BM Rounds Ricky Denver CO Email
1986 BM Sarti Joseph Mckeesport PA
1986 CPO Stewart Donald Meredith NH
1986 CWO Rean Dan Ny NY
1986 CWO Trachsler Bob Berwyn IL Email
1986 DC Beuhler Mark OH Perdue
1986 DC Hancock John New Richmond WI Email
1986 DC Perdue Steven Huntington WV Email
1986 DP Lheureux James Sanford ME Email
1986 DP Robinson David Corbin KY
1986 EM Burdios Cesar Dallas TX
1986 EM Jordan Timothy Chicago IL Email
1986 EM Raymond Colon Tampa FL Email
1986 EN Hicks Daniel Hastings MN Email
1986 EN Valles Ross Wheatland CA
1986 ET Hicks John Columbia SC Email
1986 HT Baker Weldon Scott Monrovia CA Email
1986 HT Childers Scott Whitmore CA
1986 HT Matheis Stephen Erie PA Email
1986 HT Scruggs Wade Gaffney SC
1986 IC Sibigtroth Gary Perryville MD Email
1986 MM Crow Greg Sacramento CA Email
1986 MM Thompson Raymond Bremerton WA
1986 MM Triplett James Ms MS Email
1986 MM Walsh Mike Heartwellville VT Email
1986 MR Adams David Stewardson IL Email
1986 OM Mcavoy William Cleveland OH Email
1986 SCPO Armistead Jerry Las Vegas NV
1986 SCPO Eltringham Brian Hazlet NJ Email
1986 SCPO Evans Clifford Poulsbo WA
1986 SK Clarke Glenn Philadelphia PA Email
1986 SK Stafford Eric Eau Claire WI Email
1986 SN Cameron John Cozad NE Email
1986 SN Eltringham Brian Robinson
1986 SN Eltringham Brian Robinson
1987 Vella TX
1987 BM Jones Brian Columbus OH Email
1987 BM Randall Lance Xenia OH
1987 BM Sarti Joe Liberty Borough PA Email
1987 BM Slonaker Paul Pahokee FL Email
1987 CPO Folk Michael Dayton OH
1987 CPO Hinken Mark Cincinnati OH
1987 CPO Macdougall John Mid Pacific Ocean AL
1987 CPO Sawikki Frank --
1987 DC Abner Tom Toledo OH
1987 DC Debaun Daniel Glendale AZ Email
1987 DC Hill Gavin Norco CA
1987 DT Bates Jeffery Fortuna CA Email
1987 DT Bocso Jun? PI Nicolay
1987 DT Schultz David ? Nicolay
1987 EM Greenhaw James Bessemer AL
1987 EN Snow Dudley Waukegan IL
1987 ET Smith Clifford Colorado Springs CO
1987 FN Evans Lonnie Boise ID Email
1987 IC Hodges Jim Perry FL
1987 LCDR Johnson Jeffery ? Nicolay
1987 LTJG Breault Edward Chicopee MA
1987 ML Webster Chuck Dallas TX
1987 MM Deane Mike Nevada City CA Email
1987 MM Fielden John Los Angeles CA Email
1987 MM Foster John Spokane WA
1987 MM Marcinkowski Mark (Chuck) Valparaiso IN
1987 MM Torres Clayton Virgin Islands GU Email
1987 MR Leslie Michael Lousiville KY Maiorano
1987 MR Maiorano Patrick Sterling IL Email
1987 MS Robinson Willie Los Angeles CA Email
1987 MT Encarnacion Rizal Philippines FL Email
1987 QM Remusat Todd Lakeland FL Email
1987 SK Harry Jordan Miami FL
1987 SK Stephens Tommy Plainview TX Email
1987 TM Smith Kyle Uriah AL
1987 YN Laughman Ken Lompoc CA Email
1987 YN Messner Shawn Minneapolis MN Email
1988 BM Green Barry Gloucester VA Email
1988 BM Jacobs Bonner
1988 BM Jaronski Wade Pittsburgh PA
1988 BM Lizard Line Guybeckley Iknowitall DE
1988 BM Port Roger Tucson AZ Email
1988 BM Stringham Scott Kearns UT Email
1988 BM Wilkinson Dirk American Fork UT Email
1988 BT Elliott Jeff Denver CO Email
1988 CPO Arnold Alan Payson AZ
1988 CPO Nicolay James Lawrence KS Email
1988 DC Hulse Eric Ogden UT
1988 DC Ritchey Kyle Silverton OR Email
1988 DC Soyring Jeffrey Sturgeon Bay WI Email
1988 DC Williams Geoff Eugene OR
1988 DT Farbo John Stillman Valley IL Nicolay
1988 EM Beram Joseph West Hartford CT Email
1988 EM Breslow Brett Philadelphia NJ Email
1988 EM Owens Dale Bonner
1988 EM Shumate Roland Chilhowee MO
1988 EM Sims Anthony Bonner
1988 EN Dudley Waukegan IL Johnson
1988 EN Johnson James Milwaukee WI Email
1988 ET Cole Ray Mesa AZ Email
1988 ET Lightfoot David --
1988 ET Smith Stephen Allen TX
1988 HT Baza Joseph Malesso GU Email
1988 HT Magerl Nick Kc KS Email
1988 HT Newman Michael Tuscaloosa AL Email
1988 HT Rogers James Lancaster OH Email
1988 HT Smigielski Dan Chicago IL
1988 HT Young Collin Kansas City MO Email
1988 IC Bonner Ernest Bronx NY Email
1988 LCDR Rickard Clarence Daniel Groton CT Email
1988 LT Lefton Marc Huntington Woods MI Email
1988 LT Lefton Marc Sarasota FL
1988 ML Demand George Haverhill MA Email
1988 MM Endlich Richard El Paso TX Email
1988 MM Ford Raymond Barberton OH Email
1988 MM Futoran Merrick Cedarhurst NY Email
1988 MM Futoran Merrick Cdearhurst NY Email
1988 MM Hamlet William Baltimore MD Email
1988 MM Houston Jimmy --
1988 MM Meton Nick Rockford IL Email
1988 MR Farmer Nathaniel El Monte CA
1988 MR Shelton Eddie Moore OK Email
1988 MS Lintz Dennis --
1988 MS Motti Neil Carbondale IL
1988 MS Patol Francis Philippines VA Email
1988 OM Hughes David Hudson Falls NY Email
1988 PN Blackness Lemmy Unknown CA
1988 QM Kaufman Edward Queens NY Email
1988 QM Leblanc Brian New Orleans LA
1988 QM Mackey Todd Allen Aberdeen WA
1988 RM Miller Raymond West Henrietta NY
1988 RM Portillo Orlando \\ California CA Email
1988 RM Sutton William Tampa VA Email
1988 RM Torres Tom Munford TN
1988 RP Stiles Kevin --
1988 SH Boro Joseph San Francisco CA
1988 SK Gibson Richard Baltimore MD
1988 ST Buffenmeyer Darrell Womelsdorf PA Email
1988 TM Mchenry Keith Pine Grove PA Email
1988 TM Mottern David Evans GA Email
1989 Person Charles Stockton CA
1989 Woods Keith Oklahoma City OK
1989 -- Buck Robert Roy UT
1989 BM Malveaux Eric Port Arthur TX Email
1989 BM Stringham Scott Salt Lake City UT
1989 CPO Cravens Robert Grant FL
1989 CPO Hammerle Tye Shelby MI
1989 CWO Harmon Michael Middletown OH Email
1989 DC Bailey Mike Arcadia MO Email
1989 EM Bernabe Francis Philippines WA Email
1989 EM Hernandez Robert El Monte CA Email
1989 EM Landis Brett Fredericksberg TX Gray
1989 EM Phillips Rich Coeur D Alene ID Email
1989 EN Berman David San Diego CA
1989 EN Farnworth Dale Slc UT Email
1989 EN Hendrix Brandon Lund NV Email
1989 ET Adams Scott New Hartford IA Email
1989 ET Balke Stephen Baton Rouge LA
1989 ET Milner Mark Sandy Spring MD
1989 FN Broberg Michael Newman Grove NE Email
1989 HT Gray Richard Denver CA Email
1989 HT Shepherd Steve Winfield MO
1989 HT Wingfield Britton Phoenix AZ
1989 IC Gondran Lee New Iberia LA
1989 JO Bendily Phil Baton Rouge LA Email
1989 LT Cooper Jeffrey Omaha NE Email
1989 LT Hatman Wayne (chaps) Paragould AR Email
1989 MM Bright M NC Hamlet
1989 MM King Edward AL Hamlet
1989 MM Munro Wayne Wisconsin Rapids WI Email
1989 MM Solano Carl Denver CO Email
1989 MM Williams Ivan Monahans TX Email
1989 MR Riley SC Hamlet
1989 PVT Jackson William CA
1989 SCPO Frost Michael Buffalo NY Email
1989 SCPO Reeser Michael Waianae HI Email
1989 SK Fuss Chad Yukon OK Email
1989 SN Miller Dave Sacramento CA Email
1989 ST Brown John Anigua GU
1989 TM Mccormick Mike Baird TX Email
1990 BM Attebury Archie Kimberly ID Email
1990 BT Ferrall Thomas Dallas TX
1990 CPO Corlette Neil Fruitland Park FL Email
1990 DC Dellinger Jody Dallas TX
1990 DC Dellinger Jody Spring TX Email
1990 DC Duncan Michael Columbia MD Email
1990 DC Kozinski Craig Bucyrus OH Email
1990 EM Lawson Bryan Columbus OH
1990 EM Lawson Bryan Columbus OH Email
1990 EM Lowery Marcus Holly Bluff MS Email
1990 EN Ackerman Dennis Bronx NY Email
1990 EN Olafson Kris (oly) Rapid City SD Email
1990 EN Powell Lee Columbia KY
1990 ET Ryer Mark Tulsa OK
1990 ET Snodgrass George Sidney OH Email
1990 ET Swank Timothy Dayton OH
1990 ET Swank Timothy Miamisburg OH Email
1990 FN Cofield Michael Brent Laplace LA Email
1990 FN Slaughter Christopher Tulare CA
1990 FT Tolman Kyle Littleton CO Email
1990 HM Woelk Norman Birmingham MI
1990 HT Sumner James Galax VA Email
1990 HT Vogt Gregory Santa Moncia CA
1990 HT Wagenblast Robert Elma WA
1990 HT Wisdom Justin Colorado Springs CO Email
1990 IC Spix Karl Pittsburgh PA
1990 LCDR Branges Warren Exeter CA Email
1990 LT Butler Dan Wilmington DE Email
1990 LT Castle Paul Portland OR
1990 LT Castle Paul Portland OR Email
1990 LT Castle Paul Portland OR Email
1990 LT Childers Charles Rising Star TX Email
1990 LT Cogar William Akron OH Email
1990 LTJG Coker Al Kingstree SC
1990 LTJG Swan Parker Indianola IA
1990 MCPO Waters Charlie Indian Head MD
1990 ML Osborne Daniel Roseburg OR Email
1990 MM Carf Kelly Guilford IN
1990 MM Farley Brett Wichita KS
1990 MM Nadolny Steve Keyport NJ Email
1990 MM Ortega Jesus El Paso TX
1990 MM Rathburn James Battle Creek MI Email
1990 MR Harrigan (Hairball) Bryan Va Beach VA
1990 MR Hastings Robert Lima OH Email
1990 MR Patrick Mcclanahan Ravenswood WV Email
1990 MR Vandiver Robert Amagon AR Email
1990 MS Macalma Francisco Sunnyvale CA Email
1990 RM Barnes Eric Smithfield NC Email
1990 SK Hueske Marvin Brenham TX Email
1990 SN Bullock Greg Brooklyn, Ny IN Email
1990 YN Hammond Bill Albuquerque NM Email
1991 -- Stephens Derek Waianae HI
1991 BM Busa Joe Astray-caneda
1991 BM Gauthier Louis NY Attebury
1991 DK Finch Eric Cartersville GA Email
1991 ET Berryman Nick Little Rock AR Email
1991 ET Hughes Trevor Tualatin OR Email
1991 ET Lockhart Chad Oil City PA Email
1991 ET Schaufus Donald Tewksbury MA Email
1991 ET Suzik Greg Ironwood MI Email
1991 FN Martin Tom Freeburg IL Email
1991 HM Denny Thomas Mattydale NY
1991 HT Brown Kent Beavercreek OH Email
1991 HT Holmquist Eric East Moline IL Email
1991 HT Lombardo Erik Rock Hill SC
1991 HT Miller Matthew Lubbock TX Email
1991 HT Morgan Scott WY Wisdom
1991 HT Overman Brian College Station TX
1991 HT Powers Aaron Muscatine IA Email
1991 HT Smith Todd Wakonda SD
1991 IC Goodman Robert Siren WI Email
1991 IC Kraeuter Douglas Pittsburgh PA
1991 IC Ziegler Lance Vassar MI Email
1991 IM Astray-caneda George Miami FL Email
1991 IM Odom Timothy Flint MI
1991 IM Taylor Kevin West Covina CA Email
1991 LCDR Mattson Clyde St. Louis Park MN Email
1991 MCPO Kaare Joseph White Pine MI Pending Activation
1991 MM Brown Gary Montrose NY Email
1991 MM Schroeder Michael Shakopee VA
1991 MM Van Buskirk Steve Kingsland GA
1991 MR Roehrs Aaron Festus MO
1991 MR Steves Matt Fort Ann NY Email
1991 MR Swift Mitch Portland OR Email
1991 MS Skolnick Shanley (ryan) Smithtown NY Email
1991 OM Thompson Marcus (mark) Cartersville GA Email
1991 PN Caldwell Keith Pensacola FL
1991 RP Migliore Robert Sarasota FL Email
1991 SH Brazille Dwayne Oklahoma City OK Email
1991 SH Latourelle Ned Charleston SC
1991 SK Steinert Kevin Chowchilla CA Email
1991 SN Ham David Lubbock TX Email
1992 FN Carpenter Anthony Oceanside CA Email
1992 SH Gooch Charles Joplin MO Email
1992 SH Reid Aaron Hillsboro TX