Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1945 SK Biros Joe Campbell OH Email
1945 SK Lalumiere R. Edmond Lebanon NH
1945 SN Banister Leonard Springfield VT Email
1945 WT Goins Almus Greenville AL Email
1945 YN Mc Carthy Edward Brooklyn NY
1946 FC Olah Victor N.y.c. NY Email
1946 RM Barry John South Hadley MA Email
1946 RM Barry John South Hadley MA Email
1946 RM Erdman Jr. Charles T. Baltimore MD
1946 RM Stepler Wallace Stonington CT
1946 SN Soojian James New York City NY Email
1949 BM Jeffers Jasper Pinebluff AR
1949 DC Humpel Brian St.Petersburg FL
1949 DC Scheerer Paul Baltimore MD
1949 EM Oleniacz David Greene NY
1949 EM Oleniacz David Greene NY
1949 GM Miscannon Len Thornton PA
1949 HM Bengel Carl Jackson MI
1949 LT Meyer Karl Ashland VA
1949 LTJG Larson Paul Darien CT
1949 MM Pike Earl New Bedford MA Email
1949 PC Bruce Norman Dillsboro IN
1949 PC Buscemi Jim Rochester NY
1949 PN Gustafson Carl Hampton VA
1949 SM Racher Lloyd Dearborn MI Email
1949 YN Cabnet Bob Mt. Laurel NJ
1949 YN Mckinstry Michael Boston MA
1949 YN Mckinstry Mike Boston MA
1949 YN Medina Frank Denver CO Perzanowski
1949 YN Perzanowski Joe Rockville CT Email
1950 Medina Frank Denver CO
1950 BT Hall William Boston MA
1950 FC Weber Robert Colorado Springs CO
1951 Ferrara Pat NY Heck
1951 Paciotti John Philadelphia PA Pagliaro
1951 CS Carter Roy Bedford VA Email
1951 SN Pagliaro Thomas Trenton NJ Email
1952 BT Heck Joe Rosedale NY Email
1952 BT Nealon Eugene Olyphant PA Email
1952 RD Schreiber Les Dallas TX
1952 RD Sessions Edwin Monroe GA
1952 RM Sanderson Robert New Orleans LA Email
1953 -- Totten William Gloucester City NJ
1953 BM Cullens Carl Pontiac MI Email
1953 ET Reiser Gerald (pete) Carleton MI Email
1953 MM Schaible Howard Port Ludlow WA
1953 RD Rivera Ralph New York NY Email
1953 RD Taulbee Roy Cincinnati OH Email
1953 RM Englund Robert Roanoke VA Email
1953 RM Zaruba Jack Franklinville NJ
1954 BM Brothers Henry Suffolk
1954 BT Obeirne Stephen Newburgh NY Email
1954 EM Kenna John (Irish) Oaklawn IL
1955 CS Mccusker Paul Cambridge MA
1955 CWO Langston Jack --
1955 ET Bauer Robert (bob) Bronx NY Email
1955 LTJG Holihan Don --
1955 LTJG House Arthur --
1956 Mangouranen Harry Stoneham MA
1956 AD Rend Frank PA Gecevich
1956 BM Mangouranen Harry Stoneham MA
1956 BM Mangouranen Harry Stoneham MA
1956 BM Mangouranen Harry ( The Greek ) Stoneham Ma. MA
1956 CPTN Jackson Orange CT Gecevich
1956 ME Gecevich Robert Pensacola FL Email
1956 SF Gecevich Robert(bob) Bridgeport CT Email
1956 SF Polson PA Gecevich
1956 SM Polizzi Norman Spring Hill FL
1957 BM House Fred Des Moines IA Email
1957 CS Cirelli Peter A Greensburg PA Email
1957 FT Chicoine Robert Putnam CT
1957 LTJG Bredderman Rudolf Fremont CA
1957 QM Bugbee Dalton Burlington VT Email
1957 RM Calvin Jerry Burlington IA
1958 EM Frank Richard Bronx Ny NY Email
1958 ET Everhart Buddy Thomasville NC Email
1958 SM Ames Trevor Brownsville PA Cirelli
1958 SM Ames Trevor Brownsville PA Cirelli
1958 SM Miller (flis) Wayne Dunmore PA Email
1958 SN Hoak George Jeanette PA Cirelli
1959 CS Oram George Brooksville FL
1959 EM Crowell Cedric ( Ceddy ) Portsmouth NH Email
1959 EM Loudenslager Paul (loudy) Waynesboro PA Email
1959 ET Wankmuller William Cambria Heights NY Email
1959 RD Thomas Bob Chocorua NH Email
1959 SM Pangburn James Sedalia MO Email
1959 YN Swaneck Paul Youngstown OH Email
1959 YN Swaneck Paul Boardman OH Email
1960 BM Ringelheim Al Bronx NY Email
1960 BT Odell Robert Warwick NY
1960 EM Breyer Fithian (frank) Camden NJ Email
1960 EM Lang John Shawnee KS Email
1960 RD Tomaski Jude Newton FL Email
1960 SN Lookabaugh Raymond Alexandria VA
1960 YN Brown James H Bishopville SC Email
1961 BM Clements David Chicago IL Duguay
1961 BM Duguay Ronald Winslow ME Email
1961 EM Nichols Thomas PA
1961 ENS Ackerman Robert Thomasville GA Email
1961 FT Cronk Roger Detroit Lakes MN
1961 FT Cronk Roger Granby CT
1961 FT Dietrich Ronald Sparland IL Email
1961 IC Montross Gary South Plainfield NJ Email
1961 IC Violette Paul Warner NH Email
1961 MM Wasklewicz James Bellows Falls VT
1961 QM Levine Art New York NY Email
1961 QM Levine Arthur New York NY Email
1961 RD Mizer Gene Eugene OR Tomaski
1961 RD O\ Grady Henry New York NY Tomaski
1961 SK Sementelli Louis Lock Haven PA Email
1962 BM Hendrickson Carl Duluth MN Email
1962 BM Hendrickson Carl Duluth MN Email
1962 BM Sander Charles Couderay WI
1962 BM Smith Dale Manistique MI Larson
1962 EM Desveaux Harvey Waterville Maine ME Email
1962 MID3 Polen Stephen Meadowbrook PA Email
1962 MM Larson Richard Cannon Falls MN
1962 MR Marciano Euplio Beverly MA
1962 PC Miller Corky Cape Coral FL
1962 RM Henry Richard Elmira NY
1962 YN Reid Tim Wickliffe OH Email
1963 Spell TX Johnson
1963 BM Hendrickson Carl Duluth MN Email
1963 BM Tebbets Melvin Penacook NH Email
1963 BT Dehlinger William Buffalo NY Newman
1963 BT Dehlinger William Buffalo NY Email
1963 BT Newman Earl Baton Rouge LA Email
1963 FT Leibowitz Irving Brooklyn NY Email
1963 IC Belanger Richard Canada MI Email
1963 MR Townsend Charles Sylvania OH Email
1963 QM Sanjurjo John Bronx NY
1963 RM Schultz Jack Gowanda NY Email
1963 RM Schultz Soyack
1963 RM Soyack Rich College Point NY Email
1963 SN TX Johnson
1963 SN Johnson Everett Winter Harbor ME Email
1963 SN King Martin GA Johnson
1963 SN Sweet Larry ME Johnson
1963 SN Turner Richard Newburgh NY Email
1964 BM Smith Ronald Morehead City NC Email
1964 BT Dehlinger William Buffalo NY
1964 EM Dugan John (Jack) Watervliet NY
1964 FT Johns George Roanoke VA Email
1964 LT Thompson James Poughkeepsie NY Email
1964 RM Henry Richard Elmira NY Soyack
1964 SD Somerlot Allen Cardington OH Email
1964 YN Preble John Bath ME Email
1965 BT Busic Jerry Holtsville NY Email
1965 ET Hughes James Franklyn Square NY Email
1965 FT Engroff Elmer Conestoga PA Email
1965 GM Taormina Louie Queens NY
1965 MM Phillips Brian Greenfield MA Email
1965 MM Phillips Brian Greenfield MA
1966 BM Bettuchi Frederick Quincy MA Email
1966 BM Burke Larry Chicago Ridge IL Email
1966 BM Ormsby Chuck [charles] East Orange N.j. NJ Email
1966 BT Jones Lance Mexico NY
1966 BT Price Fred Mentor OH Email
1966 EM Mcdermitt Howard Pittsburgh PA Email
1966 EN Barnes Douglas Arnold MO Email
1966 MM Ausburn Martin Searcy AR
1966 MM Carine John Mansfield MA Email
1966 MR Arntz Michael Holt MI Email
1966 MR Carita David Lyndeborough NH
1966 PFC Krause Victor Grafton WI
1966 RD Moore Alex Fort Worth TX Email
1966 RM Roske Bob St Cloud MN Email
1966 SH Snyder Glenn Chicago IL Email
1966 SM Monts Dan Lexington SC Email
1966 SN Podwirny Bruce Lake Luzerne NY Email
1968 SM Zihal Joe Elmont NY Email
1968 YN Walston William Lancaster OH
1969 BM Jencks Charles Griswold CT Email
1969 BT Bell Tom Milwaukee WI Email
1969 BT Dixson Robert Scott San Mateo CA Email
1969 BT Witthaus Michael Ft. Worth TX Dixson
1969 BT Witthaus Michael Fort Worth TX Email
1969 DC Allen Bill (al) Waterbury CT Email
1969 EN Davis Charles Charlotte NC Email
1969 GM Hutto Theron Philadelphia PA Email
1969 GM Hutto Theron Philadelphia PA Email
1969 LT Summers Thomas Clifton NJ Email
1969 MM Houde Michael Rochester NH Email
1969 PC Bruce Norman Dillsboro IN Email
1969 PN Gustafson Carl Southwick MA Email
1969 RM Roske Bob St Cloud MN Email
1969 SK Larocca Dominick Camden NJ Email
1969 SN Brooks Ronnie Athens GA Email
1969 SN Grim Jeff Baltimore MD Email
1969 YN Mckinstry Mike Boston MA Email
1970 BM Bertholf Ken Liberty NY Email
1970 BM Ferguson Larry TX Bertholf
1970 BM Grasso John New York City NY Bertholf
1970 BM Johnson George Altoona PA Bertholf
1970 BM Pena John Killeen TX Email
1970 BM Powers Albert Bertholf
1970 BM Seibert Gary Hagerstown MD Email
1970 BM Tsakonas Pete Bertholf
1970 BM Young Mike Wilmar AR Email
1970 BT Silliphant Steven Collingswood NJ Email
1970 CS Burkheimer Thomas Aberdeen, Ms MS Email
1970 CS Palmer David NY
1970 EM Carlin Roger Iola KS
1970 EM Marciniak James (Jim) Akron OH
1970 GM Goodman Donald Ashley OH
1970 HM James Leland Vrnon IN Email
1970 HT Buffa Tom Smithtown NY Email
1970 IC Vanorman Bill Auburn Heights MI Email
1970 MM Bachinski Michael Monessen PA Email
1970 MM Foley Brian Troy NH
1970 MM Kalbacher Tom Bethesda MD Email
1970 MM Shegogue George Bel Alton MD
1970 MM Vineyard Tom Laurence Harbor NJ Email
1970 PC Chestnut Michael Smithfield NC
1970 QM Francis Patrick Boston MA Email
1970 RM Allen Donald Ray Sevierville TN Rehahn
1970 RM Bullion John Lindenwold NJ Email
1970 RM Lasky Barry Philadelphia PA Email
1970 RM Messina Paul Miami FL Rehahn
1970 RM Rehahn Glenn Detroit MI Email
1970 RM Sutton Harry Dayton OH Email
1970 RM Sutton Harry Dayton OH Email
1970 RM Van Gysel Mark Milwaukee WI Email
1970 SF Cortes John Newark NJ Email
1970 SK Clayton Walter Boston MA Email
1970 SM Proctor Steve NC
1970 SM Rodman Cam Washington NC Email
1971 BM Kelly Steven West New York NJ Email
1971 BM Pratt Jim Indianapolis IN Email
1971 BT Hess Paul Grand Rapids MI Email
1971 EN Gavin Marty Brentwood NY
1971 ET Bockman Roy (Gene) Pontiac IL
1971 OS Miller John Long Island NY
1971 QM Allen Kevin Lewiston NY Email
1971 QM Oleary John East Meadow NY Email
1971 RD Allen Donald Ray Sevierville TN
1971 RM Messina Paul Miami FL
1971 SN Hester John Rochester NY Email
1972 BM Ahalt Arthur Sharpsburg MD Email
1972 BM Ahalt Arthur Sharpsburg MD Email
1972 BM Johnson Robert Springfield MA Email
1972 BM Scroggs Joseph Andalusia AL Email
1972 BT Darnell Jack Hammond IN Email
1972 BT Starkey Steven Danville IL Email
1972 CS Lenox Albert Pennsauken NJ Email
1972 EM Fields Thomas R. Mccarr KY Email
1972 EM Fields Tom KY Marziano
1972 EM Marziano Joe (rocky) Philadelphia PA Email
1972 EM Marziano Joseph Philadelphia PA Lloyd
1972 EM Miller Jim Wallingford CT Email
1972 EM Nunnery Gary Bloomington IL
1972 EM Tobey Bruce Bemidji MN Marziano
1972 GM Brewer J.b. Fremont CA Email
1972 GM Mc Auliffe Dan Cleveland OH Email
1972 HT Schmidt Bobby Wichita Falls TX Email
1972 IC Clyne James Ozone Park NY Email
1972 IC Mccaffery Lee Westland MI Email
1972 LT Ihle David Clinton OK Email
1972 LTJG Foley George Wilder VT Email
1972 LTJG Meserve Wayne Owls Head ME
1972 LTJG Meserve Wayne Owls Head ME Rehahn
1972 LTJG Whelan Steve Gaithersburg MD Email
1972 MM Guptill Danny Great Falls MT Email
1972 QM Holden Roy Brevard NC Email
1972 SD Lloyd Barry Eight Mile AL Email
1972 SD Lloyd Barry Eight Mile Al AL Email
1972 SD Lloyd Barry Eight Mile Al AL Email
1972 SH Maroney Mike San Francisco CA
1972 SH Vazquez Charles Chicago IL Email
1972 SK Elliot Michael Gouldsboro ME Email
1972 SK Mathis Donald Secaucus NJ
1972 SN Scroggs Joseph Andalusia AL Email
1972 SN Van Ost Michael Tenafly NJ Email
1973 BM Lawson Donald Rockwood TN Email
1973 BT Ricca Joseph Royal Oak MI
1973 EM Bates John Curtice OH Email
1973 EM Britt Douglas Kansas City KS Email
1973 EM Miller Jim CT Marziano
1973 EM Wilson Earl FL Marziano
1973 HT Dixon Gary Saginaw MI Email
1973 HT Wise John Sedalia MO Email
1973 MM Clauer George Dubuque IA Email
1973 SC Pizarro Jorge Brooklyn NY Email
1973 SK Beals Gary Marine City MI
1973 SN Hernandez Roberto Brooklyn NY Email
1974 BM Carr Timothy Pulaski NY Email
1974 HT Pellegrom Thomas Grand Haven MI Email
1974 HT Tillar James Ponchatoula LA Email
1974 HT Tillar James Ponchatoula LA Email
1974 LTJG Wooten Lee Winchester MA
1974 MCPO Scherman Ernest Virginia Beach VA Email
1974 MM Clauer George IA Pacheco
1974 MM Mcconnell Daniel Belleville IL Email
1974 MS Riddle Robert Braddyville IA Email
1974 MS Viglione Michael Paterson NJ Email
1974 SK Boone Joe M Nashville TN Email
1974 SK Hall James Michael Fayetteville NC
1974 SK Hall James Michael Fayetteville
1974 SK Ison Troy West Liberty KY
1974 SK Michael Wild, Oswego NY Email
1974 SK Michael Wild, Oswego NY Email
1974 SM Billy Flannigan Lexington Park MD Marziano
1974 SM Stewart Pat South Bend IN Email
1975 BM Hussey Eugene MA Jackson
1975 BM Kreimes Lynn Canton MI Email
1975 BM Monroe Robert Freehold NJ Email
1975 BM Raynor Edward Huntsville AL
1975 BM Van Wormer George Simsbury CT Email
1975 BT Palmer Roger Millers MD Email
1975 DP King William Chicago IL Email
1975 LCDR Georgenson Ron Milwaukee WI Email
1975 LTJG Jackson Robert New Orleans LA Email
1975 LTJG Jayne Bruce Russellville KY Email
1975 MM Bozman David Circleville OH Email
1975 MM Clouser Tom Cheboygan MI Email
1975 MM Foster Donald Huntington Beach CA Email
1975 MR Looney Charlie Chenoa IL
1975 RM Evans Herman Montgomery AL
1975 SM Fowler Mike Glendale AZ Email
1975 SM Fowler Mike Glendale AZ Email
1975 SM Fowler Mike Glendale AZ Email
1975 SM Warnement Carl Grand Haven MI Email
1975 YN Pacheco Edward Warren RI Email
1975 YN Pacheco Edward Warren RI Email
1976 Connors Tommy IL
1976 BM Dance Mike Taylorville IL Email
1976 BM Lewis Anthony GA Mooney
1976 BM Mooney Paul Branchland WV Email
1976 BM Pletcher James Bristol IN Email
1976 BM Poole Willis Kinston NC Email
1976 BM Raynor Edward Decatur AL Email
1976 BT Anderson Ii Wayne (andy) Whittier CA Email
1976 BT Davis Daniel Buckhannon WV Email
1976 BT Seddon Andrew Harwinton CT
1976 CPO Grunow Donald Virginia Beach VA
1976 EM Grimmett Robert Pontiac MI Email
1976 IC Grime Jim Camden MI Email
1976 IC Grime Jim Camden MI Email
1976 MM Douvier Brian Berkshire NY Email
1976 MM Mcgee Don Cheyenne WY Email
1976 PC Schwager Dan Lake Mills WI Williamson
1976 QM Wilson Marty /big Wil Tampa Fl FL Email
1976 SM Sell John Canon City CO Email
1976 SN Philipson Blaine St.petersburg FL Email
1977 BM Baroody Terrance Ft. Lauderdale FL Email
1977 BM Bohn Kenneth (ken) Spartanburg SC Email
1977 BM Grant Curt Racine WI Email
1977 BM Jeffcoat Calvin Bamberg SC Email
1977 BM Metcalf Ronald Spencer TN Email
1977 BM Qubedo Sean Philadelphia PA Johnson
1977 BM Sheridan Brian Queens NY Email
1977 BT Allen Rusty Mountain Lakes NJ Email
1977 BT Crook Gerald Chattanooga TN Email
1977 BT D\ Antonio John Staten Island NY Crook
1977 BT Galvez Jose Miami FL
1977 BT Spath Jim Baltimore MD Pending Activation
1977 EN Coviello Mark Belleville NJ Email
1977 EN Forbus Donald Millry AL
1977 EN Walker Tom 29 Palms CA Email
1977 HT Felton Joseph Depere WI Email
1977 IC Spires Allen Lancaster OH Email
1977 LT Duhn Tom Nevada IA
1977 MM Bonelli Joseph Phila PA Email
1977 MM Downs James Greenland NH Email
1977 MM Rutherford Craig Bellevue NE Email
1977 MS Jarret Timothy Nokomis Fl FL Email
1977 OS Johnson Theodore Houston TX Email
1977 OS Ouellette Lance Midland M
1977 RM Castillo Nelson New York City NY Email
1977 SK Purcell Gerry Portsmouth OH
1977 SM Schaeppi Timothy Saint Paul MN Email
1978 BM Fletcher Michael Falls Church VA Email
1978 BM Jeffcoat Calvin W. Columbia SC Email
1978 BM Manzo Michael Binghamton NY Email
1978 BM Mcclure Tim Prescott AZ Email
1978 BT Edwards Donald Zuni VA Email
1978 BT Harbison Steve Cincinnati OH Email
1978 BT Mason Richard Mansfield MA Email
1978 MM Holtz James Greece NY Email
1978 MM Kirwan Thomas Depew NY Email
1978 OS Johnson Theartis Dolemite AL Johnson
1978 PC Williamson Les Corbin, Kentucky KY Email
1978 PC Williamson Les Corbin KY Email
1978 RM Heddlesten Tim Yakima WA Email
1978 SK Giles Wade Lawson
1978 SK Lawson Angelo Elizabeth NJ Email
1978 SM Millender Bob Carrabelle FL Email
1979 BM Adkins Christopher Garrisonville VA
1979 BT Anderson Tom (boot) Lawrence KS Email
1979 BT Anderson Tom Lawrence KS Email
1979 BT Beers John Hamburg NY Email
1979 EM James Frederick Logan OH
1979 EM Pierri James Painted Post NY Email
1979 GM Kuhn Joe Mobile AL
1979 HT Auberger Robert Rochester NY Email
1979 IC Kalner Mitchell Tucson AZ Email
1979 PC Olson Norman Detroit Lakes MN Email
1979 PC Whitt Larry Tampa FL Email
1979 PC Whitt Larry Tampa FL Email
1979 SN Hawkins Keith Durham NC
1980 BM Geffe Victor Kotzebue AK Email
1980 BT Cleaveland James Jimmy Frederick MD
1980 BT Cleaveland James \ Clarksville MD Email
1980 BT Csaplik Michael Clinton IA
1980 BT Csaplik Mike Clinton IA Email
1980 BT Hamilton Jeff Jersy NJ Treacy
1980 BT Laskay Louis Bridgeport CT Email
1980 BT Reichow James (rookie) Dousman WI Email
1980 BT Shields Jeff Irwin PA Email
1980 BT Thurow Carl Rockford IL Email
1980 BT Treacy John Stillwater NY Email
1980 CPO Wells Chuck Plainfield CT
1980 EM Belanger Jeffrey Bridgeport Ct, CT Email
1980 EM Belanger Jeffrey Vanburen ME Email
1980 EM Deniz Jerome Fajardo PR Email
1980 EM Johnson """Dwight """"J.J."" Elyria OH
1980 EM Norris Jerry GA Pierri
1980 EM Stone John NC Pierri
1980 EN Gilbertson Henry J. Defoerst WI Email
1980 ET Bienz Mark Fredericksburg VA Email
1980 IC Cunningham Donald Butler PA Pierri
1980 MM Shaffer Daniel Philippi WV Email
1980 MM Swilling John Great Falls SC
1980 QM Mcclary Merle Knob Noster MO Email
1980 RM Baccus Darrell Dayton OH Email
1980 RM Burnside Barney IL Wheeler
1980 RM Wheeler Mark Milford NH Email
1980 SM Miller Steve Tulsa OK Email
1980 YN Holman Vester Chicago IL Email
1981 Ricotta Steven Anderson
1981 Tanner Anderson
1981 BM Kelsey Timothy Prior Lake MN Email
1981 BM Zaring Michael Norfolk VA
1981 BT Salazar Jeff Boise ID Treacy
1981 CPO Wilson Cecil MO Gilbertson
1981 CPTN Lair James --
1981 CPTN Lair James --
1981 EM Walsh William Middle Island NY Email
1981 EN Gilbertson Henery J. Defoest WI Email
1981 HT Clowdis Warren Dry Run PA Email
1981 HT Floria Scott Cherry Valley MA Email
1981 HT Marshall Edward Lynchburg VA Email
1981 MM Ladnier Eric Pass Christian MS Email
1981 MM Stewart John Clearwater FL Email
1981 MS Lampert David Robbinsdale MN Email
1981 OS Bullock Roger Wilmington NC
1981 OS Dana Andrew Denver CO
1981 RM Melvin Daniel Narrows VA
1981 SK Anderson Chris (boot Andy) Dayton OH Email
1981 SM Ford Arthur St. Louis MO Email
1981 SM Morgan Derrick Bossier City LA Email
1982 BM Broaddus Edward Saint Louis MO Email
1982 BM Duffy William East Quogue NY Email
1982 BM Jordan Franklin Cleveland OH
1982 BM Kennedy Kevin Philadelphia PA Email
1982 BM Landis Randy Waynesboro VA Fagerstrom
1982 BM Mccormick Bill Boston MA Email
1982 BT Hays Joseph Rosedale MS Email
1982 BT Reese Joey Bronx NY Email
1982 BT Sharpless David Spanish Fort AL Email
1982 EM Brown Daniel Suffolk VA Email
1982 EM Dominguez Robert Uppermarlboro MD Email
1982 EN Downs Ronnie --
1982 EN Downs Ronnald MO Gilbertson
1982 EN Ferguson James Frankfort NY Email
1982 EN Larson Jerene Manistique MI Email
1982 EN Manicho Vince Sabina OH
1982 ET Ludman Curtis North Wildwood NJ Email
1982 ET Mansfield David Hattiesburg MS
1982 ET Workman William Romeoville IL Email
1982 GM Mazzarella Tom Hartford CT Email
1982 IC Jaspers Eric Cincinnati OH Email
1982 MM Bolduc Gerry New England --
1982 MM Butterfield Troy --
1982 MM Dufour John-pierre Houston TX Email
1982 MM Todd Richard Cambridge MD Email
1982 MS Astudillo Mark Keansburg NJ Email
1982 MS Hendrickson Daniel Vero Beach FL Email
1982 MS Hendrickson Daniel Vero Beach FL Email
1982 OS Hogan Brian NJ
1982 OS Nido Robert V. Detroit MI Email
1982 QM Berger Jim Saint Louis MO
1982 RM Baccus Darrell Dayton OH Anderson
1982 SK Ricotta Steven Buffalo NY Email
1982 SK Tanner Larry Winona MN Email
1982 YN Holton Marcus Waterloo IA Email
1982 YN Holton Marcus Waterloo IA Email
1983 -- Soto Frank Brooklyn NY Email
1983 BT Hazel Joseph Houston TX Email
1983 CPO Dewey Doug Des Moines IA Email
1983 EM James Milton Grey Forest TX Email
1983 EM Woodall Darryl Hot Springs AR Email
1983 EN Stoner Robert Lombard IL
1983 GM Eisele Steve Wayland MI
1983 HM Aspa Julius Virginia Beach VA Email
1983 MM Child David Lexington KY
1983 MM Fagerstrom Gary Pgh PA Email
1983 MM Fedorchak David Finleyville PA Email
1983 MM Swain Jeffrey Oxford PA Email
1983 MM Sweitzer Barry Kitzmiller MD
1983 MM Yerkey Chuck Erie PA Email
1983 OS Achord Eric Gonzales LA
1983 OS Saucier Kevin Fort Kent ME Email
1983 RM Burkard John (jack) Brooklyn NY Email
1983 RM Hornal Randy Nashville TN Email
1983 SM Clark Michael Marshalltown IA Email
1983 SM Skinner Jeff Chillicothe OH Email
1984 Cullum
1984 BM Newns Bill Currituck (Used To B NC
1984 BM Oconnell Tim Dallas TX
1984 BM Rixner Glenn Pittsburgh PA Email
1984 BT Witte Brent Gardnerville NV Email
1984 CPO Walker John Pasadena MD Email
1984 CPO Walker John Pasadena MD Email
1984 CPO Walker John Pasadena MD Email
1984 EM Chambal Ron Millington MI Email
1984 GM Harrelson Don Punta Gorda, FL Email
1984 GM Jackson Randall Philadelphia PA Email
1984 GM Oliver Richard Old Town ME
1984 HT Hernandez Ernie Tucson AZ Email
1984 HT Purvis Arthur Carlisle OH Email
1984 IC Connell James Springfield PA
1984 MM Litterer Mark Philadelphia PA
1984 MS Rosario Rolando Humacao PR Email
1984 OS Cromwell Ken Carrollton TX Email
1984 PC Smith Ed Oklahoma City OK
1984 PN Pandillo Scott Fayetteville NY
1984 SK Leftwich Michael Atlanta GA Email
1985 BM Betterton Bobby South Haven MN Harrelson
1985 BM Caldwell Roger Greensburg IN Email
1985 BM Casey Donald Mt. Airy NC Email
1985 BM Jernigan Terry Unknown AL Kimble
1985 BT Cullum Patrick Medora IL Email
1985 BT Ronald Cox Ephrata WA Email
1985 BT Smithbower Gerald Cresson PA Email
1985 CPO Yerkes Leicester Va Beach VA
1985 EM Baron John NJ
1985 EM Chambal Ron Millington MI Email
1985 HT Dennison David Kingsport TN Email
1985 IC Connell James Philadelphia PA
1985 IC Dussault Bob Schenectady NY Email
1985 LCDR Neidrauer Rich Phoenix AZ
1985 LT Terlizzese Joseph Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1985 MM Ketzlick Neil Islip NY
1985 MM Vollmer Karl Philadelphia PA Email
1985 PN Oliver Ronald Jacksonville FL Email
1985 RM Layton Dearl Jeffersonville IN Email
1985 SK Deluhery Eric Kansas City KS Email
1985 SK Olevnik Douglas Watkins Glen NY Email
1985 YN Lundquist Mark Rochester NY Email
1986 Adams Tim Casey
1986 Whipple Craig Casey
1986 BM Jernigan Terry Eufaula AL Email
1986 BM Lambert Lance Sioux Falls SD
1986 BM Phillips Richard FL Casey
1986 BM Randall David Chesapeake VA
1986 BM Schofield Steven Leominster MA Email
1986 BM Wolfe Phillip Pittsburgh PA Kimble
1986 BT Canu John Clearwater FL Email
1986 BT Kisiel Thomas North Tonawanda NY
1986 BT Mazzeo Nicholas Phila PA Email
1986 CPO Jensen Cort Portsmouth VA
1986 CPO Jensen Cort Campnell CA Email
1986 DC Mohacey Paul Bucks County PA Email
1986 EM Chambal Ron Millington MI Email
1986 EM Rogers Roger Cleveland OH Email
1986 EN Bliss Clay Seattle WA
1986 GM Palesano Joseph Taz Pasadena CA Email
1986 HT Boone Danny Gastonia NC Email
1986 LT Collett Ron Noble OK Email
1986 MM Clifford Eric Easthampton MA Email
1986 MM Ditro John West Monroe NY
1986 MM Hassett Scott Moriarty NM
1986 MM Holgan John Tallahassee FL
1986 MM Jones Jimmy Tallassee AL Email
1986 MS Haas Christopher Baltimore MD Email
1986 MS Ruhling Edward Pitsburgh PA
1986 OS Angeletti Jeff Columbus OH
1986 OS Thomson Robert Syracuse NY Email
1986 RM Watson Unknown Unknown AL Kimble
1986 YN Revera Manny San Juan PR
1987 -- King Michael New Concord OH
1987 BM Davis Sean Chicago IL Kimble
1987 BM Earley Steven Charlotte NC
1987 BM Gordon Tony Tallahassee FL Email
1987 BM Gordon Tony Tallahassee FL Email
1987 BM Gordon Tony Tallahassee FL Email
1987 BM Hodge Deon Los Angeles CA Email
1987 BM Hosie Michael Lewiston NY
1987 BM Kimble Marcus Lafayette AL Email
1987 BM Mcfadden Earl Unknown SC Kimble
1987 BM Oliver Tareyton Leary GA Email
1987 BM Strunk Thomas Cleveland OH
1987 BT Cavanaugh Shannon Winooski VT Email
1987 DK Sanden John Hillman MI
1987 EM Day Patrick Raleigh NC
1987 EN Bliss Clayton Seattle WA
1987 GM Bettino Joseph Dover NJ Email
1987 HT Vied Brad Flint ,mi MI Email
1987 MS Hernandez Manuel Brownsville TX Email
1987 NC Hutchinson James Huntington WV Email
1987 OS Messick James Salisbury NC Email
1987 PN Barbel Richard Livonia MI
1987 QM Staley Stephen San Deigo CA
1987 RM Bradford Travis Huntsville AL Email
1987 RM Bradford Travis Huntsville AL Email
1987 SH Mccanless Chuck Pensacola FL Email
1987 SK Cutrer Rick Mcmillan MI Email
1987 YN Doughty John Pat Bronx NY Email
1988 BM France Neil Groveland FL
1988 BM Hernandez --
1988 BM Lynch Matt Pulkrabek
1988 BM Pulkrabek David Pine City MN Email
1988 BM Rogers Bob Columbia SC
1988 BT Brown John M. Tucson AZ Email
1988 CPO Helfrich Gary Winter Haven FL Email
1988 DC Anderson Truman Dale Columbia MS Email
1988 HN Williams Andrew Monroe LA Email
1988 LTJG Martino James Virginia Beach VA Email
1988 MM Ceiga David Highland IN Email
1988 MM Sexton Darius Willard OH Email
1988 MM Sexton Darius Willard OH Email
1988 MS Harris Dreyfus East St. Louis IL Email
1988 OS Owens --
1988 OS Wall Brian Waterford MI Email
1988 RM Draughter Charles New Orleans LA Hodge
1988 YN Armstrong Gary Dayton OH Email
1989 BT Revard Leonard J. St. Louis MI
1989 MM Creel Shane Glen Allan MS
1989 MM Morgan Dale Saint Louis MO
1989 SM Mills Michael Charlotte NC Email
1990 PN Cooper Reginald Upper Marlboro MD