U.S.S. ALLAGASH (AO-97) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1940 Montenero Richard Everett MA
1940 SM Biggers Kenneth Jersey City NJ
1942 ENS May George Reading PA Email
1944 SN De Angelo Ellis Clairton PA Email
1945 FC Levasseur Lewis Brattleboro VT
1945 SF Ptak Carl Watertown NY Email
1945 SK Bennett Allen Baltimore MD Email
1945 SK Milley Norman Everett MA Email
1945 SK Milley Norman Everett MA Bennett
1945 SM Platten Marvin St. Paul MN Email
1946 SM Smith Harvey New Ringgold PA Email
1946 SN Spoltore Larry Inwood, Long Island NY Email
1947 CMDR Mckinnon George H. Gloucester MA
1948 BT Zener Calvin Indiana PA Email
1948 PN Wheeler Bruce Worcester MA
1948 SM Odonnell Edward Buffalo NY
1948 SN Fields Raymond Cincinnati OH Email
1949 CS Canonico Gary Toms River NJ
1949 CS Hock George Rochester NY
1949 MM Arseneau Dennis Detroit MI
1949 MM Carlson Vern Belleville MI
1949 MM Hodge James Canton ME Email
1949 QM Dubick Murray Boston MA
1949 QM Hennigan Dennis Rindge NH
1949 SM Gray Jr. John F. LY
1949 YN Mckinnon Brian Hampton Falls NH
1950 Abrams William MI
1951 Raynor
1951 PN Oland Oscar Kidder SD
1951 QM Britton Gordon Rochester NY
1951 RM Raynor Robert Bellmore NY Email
1952 -- Rhodes George White Plains NY
1952 BM Haggerty John Estlouis IL
1952 BT Emond Rick Fall River MA
1952 CM Hoffdal David Hazel Park MI Email
1952 EM Smyth Bernard Bay Shore NY
1952 GM Femia Fiore Altamont NY Email
1952 YN Rhodes George Formerly La C
1953 BT Griffith Harry Dan Sheffield PA
1953 BT Santangelo Jack Lancaster MA Email
1953 BT Schutte David Pittsford NY Email
1953 MM Buckman Earl Pawtucket RI Email
1953 SC Nastasi Louis Somerset NJ Email
1953 YN Sommer Ken Cleveland OH Email
1954 EM Proudfoot Patrick Rockford IL Email
1954 FT Palleschi James Lynn MA Email
1954 TE William Leppert Millersburg PA Email
1955 MM Quinn Donald Gloucester MA Email
1955 RM Barker Robert New Port Richey FL
1955 SN Cabrera Luis Aibonito PR Email
1956 FN Innamorato Louis Queens, Nyc NY Email
1956 IC Jolliff Bill Rochester NY Email
1956 SK Kline David Boston DC Email
1956 SM Naro Henry Hudson NH Email
1956 SN Naro Henry Hudson NH Email
1956 SN Naro Henry Hudson NH Email
1957 BM Goodwin Kenneth Altamonte Springs FL Email
1957 BM Goodwin Kenneth Altamonte Springs FL Email
1957 BM Goodwin Kenneth Altamonte Springs FL Email
1957 BT Giovannone Ronald New York City NY Email
1957 FN Weymouth Carroll Belgrade ME Email
1957 SK Wessel John Cincinnati OH Email
1957 SM Nucifore Joseph Newburgh NY Email
1957 SM Nucifore Joseph Newburgh NY Email
1958 EM Carey Kenneth Detroit MI
1958 FN Coen Oran Macon IL
1958 QM Buquet Philip Houma LA Email
1959 BM Bahoritsch Alois (Louis) River Vale NJ
1959 EM Palmer Donald Joliet IL Email
1959 FN Gatti John Holliston MA
1959 QM Howrd William Cheshire OH Email
1959 RD Dudis Joe Shenandoah PA Email
1959 SM Fallberg MI Howrd
1959 SN Cauthen Mickey L Fort Mill SC Email
1960 BM Schauder Robert Phila. PA Email
1960 BT Torasso James Saint Petersburg FL Email
1960 ET Ritsch James Eau Claire WI Email
1960 LTJG Fethke Walter Congers NY Email
1960 ME Juden Fred Salem MA Torasso
1960 MID2 Mueller John Cincinnati OH Email
1960 MM Bruce Loren Belleville IL Email
1960 MM Gilliland John Broken Arrow OK Email
1960 MM Hollowood Charles L. West Brownsville PA Email
1960 MM Hollowood Charles L West Brownsville PA Email
1960 PN Moore Fred Mesa AZ Email
1960 PN Schrock Dennis Jeannette PA Email
1960 RM Mcquillan John Wantagh NY
1960 SK Cortese Jim Formally Avon NJ
1960 SM Lanahan Donald Yardville NJ Email
1960 SM Mcleod John Georgetown SC Email
1960 SN Garnett Donald J Syracuse N
1960 SN Speer Ross Hookstown PA Email
1960 SN Wray Carl Clover SC Email
1961 EM Fornara John Brooklyn NY Email
1961 EM Johnson John Reading PA Email
1961 EN Herrmann John Bronx NY Email
1961 ET Travis Charles Pennington Gap VA Email
1961 GM Absher Jesse Florahome FL Email
1961 HM Juden Fred Salem MA Email
1961 HM Juden Fred Salem MA Email
1961 LT Flynn John (Jack) Vienna VA
1961 MM Young John Pontiac MI Email
1961 MM3 Weinschenk Emanuel New Castle PA
1961 RD Kegler Bill Alden NY
1961 RM Cookenham Edward Utica NY
1961 RM Dillman Gary New Albany IN
1961 SF Arrigo Thomas Buffalo, NY Email
1961 SF Markes Chicago IL
1961 SK Holland Donald J. Gloversville NY
1961 SM Montenero Richard Everett MA
1961 SN Florio Vincent Passaic NJ
1961 SN Montenero Richard Everett MA Juden
1962 BM Katz Michael Atlantic Highlands NJ Email
1962 BM Katz Michael K. Atlantic Highlands NJ Email
1962 BM Moretto Louis Camden NJ Email
1962 BM Palmer Bob Staten Island NY Email
1962 BT Hunt William Meadowbrook WV Email
1962 BT Mckinley James (mac) Dayton OH Email
1962 BT Mckinley James (mac) Dayton OH Email
1962 CPO Carlson Richard Jamestown NY
1962 EN Herrmann John Southbury CT Email
1962 ET Fike Samuel Pittsburgh PA
1962 HM Juden Fred MA Murley
1962 HM Murley William T. Campbellsville KY Email
1962 MM Johnson Donald Ogdensburg NY Email
1962 MM Roesch Gary Kenmore NY Email
1962 MS Bartkus Richard Worcester MA Email
1962 RD Kegler Bill Batavia NY
1962 SCPO Simms Edward Bronx NY Email
1962 SD Nichols Charles Brooklyn NY Email
1962 SK Harmon Frank Center Conway NH Email
1962 SM Thiem David Herrmann
1962 SN Christopher Walter Buffalo NY
1962 SN Christopher Walter Buffalo NY Hutton
1962 SN Cookenham Edward U NY Email
1962 SN Hutton John Eastport ME Email
1962 SN Sibincic Jerry Gary IN Email
1963 Pn Metz, Cs Christopher Nabb
1963 BM Nabb Aubrey Crofton KY Email
1963 BM Pattison Robert Union Beach NJ Email
1963 BM Stanche Richard Palmerton PA
1963 BT Shasky Richard Mansfield OH Email
1963 DC Hutchinson Jerry Madison SD Email
1963 EM Edwards Jack Windfall IN Email
1963 ET Beck Herb Koenig
1963 IC Pehl Bill Koenig
1963 MM Chamberlain Richard Levittown PA Email
1963 MM Roesch Gary Tonawanda NY Email
1963 MR Buckman Earl Pawtucket RI
1963 PN Metz Ed Downers Grove IL Email
1963 RM Lovett Oliver NY Metz
1963 SF Arrigo Thomas Buffalo NY Email
1963 SF Odendahl Gary Fairfield NJ Email
1963 SN Dunham Joe Koenig
1963 SN Koenig William Ridgefield Park NJ Email
1963 SN Moran Thomas Queens NY Katz
1963 SN Quinlan Thomas Queens NY Katz
1964 BM Delfem George Shrewsbury MA Email
1964 BM Green Michael Hayward CA Email
1964 BM Perry Cliff Fort Dodge IA Email
1964 EM Lecates Richard (Dick) Mcdonough GA
1964 MM Bartholomew Joseph Youngstown OH Email
1964 RD Walton Clayton Barberton OH Email
1964 RM Panzer Robert Hensley AR Email
1964 SN Matthews Kyran F. \ Troy NY Email
1964 SN Spath Joseph Amherst NY Email
1965 BM Fiorello Tony Nyc NY Email
1965 BT Jefford Arnold Pierrepont Manor, NY Email
1965 MM Kleber Bob New Milford NJ
1965 MM O\ Connell James W. Philadelphia PA Email
1965 PC New Charles E Benton AR Email
1965 PN Cuddihy Richard St Paul MN Email
1965 QM Pierce Edmund Warwick RI Email
1965 RM Heinrich Dick St Louis MO Email
1965 SM Davis John Fort Madison IA Email
1965 SM Dew William Algonquin IL
1966 -- Garitta Joseph Lake Grove NY
1966 BM Haggerty John Willimantic CT
1966 BT Depierro William Astoria NY Email
1966 CS Week Stephen Milton WI Email
1966 EM Fueston Tom Lebanon OH Email
1966 GM Villareale Renato Brockton MA Email
1966 GM Witko David Lisbon CT
1966 IC Zelenka Donald Owosso MI Email
1966 IC Zelenka Donald Owosso MI Email
1966 MM Pruitt Michael Lumberton NC Email
1966 MM Taylor Randolph ( Randy ) Mb. Worcester MA Email
1966 RD Black Craig Grahamsville NY
1966 RD Rosenthal Rube New York NY Email
1966 RD Sipe Norm Boulder CO Email
1966 RD Van Orman Denny Ft Wayne IN Email
1966 RM Bassett Frederick Providence RI Email
1966 RM Burns Al Nashua NH Bassett
1966 RM Mcmurdie Gary Buhl ID Email
1966 SF Chandler Ray Erwin TN Email
1966 SH Lighty Ron Emington IL Email
1966 SH Lighty Ron Emington IL Email
1966 SM Huels David Dunkirk NY
1967 Graham John San Antonio TX Stella
1967 BM Bays Roy Whitman MA Email
1967 EM Paris Don Elmira NY
1967 EN Tiller Cecil Roanoke VA Email
1967 MM Kay Robert West Columbia TX Email
1967 MM Pekala Raymond Philadelphia PA Email
1967 RD Albert Paul Stroudsburg PA Email
1967 RD Albert Paul Stroudsburg PA Email
1967 RD Stumpff Scott OK
1967 RM Burns Al NH
1967 SH Eigenrauch Christian Leonardo NJ Email
1967 SK Arruza Andrew Millbrook NY
1968 Paris Don Warner
1968 Salamanca Jesus Manila PI
1968 CPO Gregory James Longwood FL
1968 DC Farley Wayne Taunton MA
1968 EM Patterson Kenneth Washington PA Email
1968 ET Warner Robert Syracuse NY Email
1968 MM Black Michael Braintree MA Email
1968 YN Folcik Michael Taunton MA Email
1969 Edwards Jack Windfall IN Stella
1969 BM Vaughan Robert Russellville MO Email
1969 CPO Howard Joe Uniontown PA Email
1969 CS Canonico Gary Union NJ Email
1969 EN Balint Thomas Rhinebeck NY Email
1969 MM Arseneau Dennis Detroit MI Email
1969 MM Garrigues Champ Cherry Hill NJ Mckinnon
1969 RM Christaldi Joseph Laurel Springs NJ Email
1969 SF Cleary Thomas Norristown PA Email
1969 SM Hutchison William Carmel IN Email
1969 SM Hutchison William Carmel IN Email
1969 SN Graham John San Antonio TX Stella
1969 SN Stella Ronald Bayside NY Email
1969 YN Mckinnon Brian Danvers MA Email
1970 BM Hendricks William (bill) Bronx, Ny NY Email
1970 CS Walczak Mel Chicopee MA Email
1970 RD Jaques William Holland MI Email