U.S.S. ARNEB (AKA-56) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1943 BM Levitt Everett (e.d.) Kalispell MT Email
1943 GM Kosterman William (deceased) Vancouver NC Email
1943 SN Bingham Ken Ventura CA Email
1944 GM Kropog Joseph Springfield LA Email
1944 GM Majewski Frank Weirton WV
1944 GM Naylor Rex Lewistown PA
1944 LCDR Kelly Giles Washington DC
1944 MM Defilippo Joe Shelton CT Email
1944 MM Howell Travis Lucedale MS Email
1944 RM Peterson Hugo L Washburn WI Email
1944 SC Plizga John (jack) Hamtramack MI Email
1944 SM Garrett Arthur Chicago IL Email
1944 SM Koester Robert Ridge NY
1944 SM Mccullough Robert Deridder LA Email
1944 YN Harrell Arthur Lithia Springs GA Email
1945 BM Smyer Richard Lewisburg O
1945 SGT Jones Orville Newark OH Email
1946 SN Moore Robert Las Vegas NV
1947 DK Moore Glen Chelsea OK
1949 RD Pulcini Donald PA Stanton
1949 RD Stanton Dick Royal Oak MI Email
1949 RM Parks Frank Vandergrift PA Stanton
1949 RM Parks Frank Vandergrift PA Email
1949 SH Schmitt Michael Louisville KY
1950 Lawarnce New York NY Sunderland
1950 SH Sunderland Kenneth Montevideo MN Email
1950 SM Holm Lawarnce Holm NY Sunderland
1951 BM Leblanc Robert Belmont MA Email
1951 BM Manville John Lavalle WI
1951 CS Santoro Nick Long Branch NJ Email
1951 LTJG Gorman Tom New York NY Email
1951 LTJG Mooney John Branford CT
1951 RD Capretti Alfred Lebanon PA Email
1951 RD Collins Joseph Edgerton WI
1951 RM Hebbe John Rochester NY
1951 SN Almany Jack --
1951 SN Manville John La Valle WI
1952 -- Mastrovaselis Pete, Spiro Campbell OH
1952 BT Anderson Arlin Blaisdell ND Email
1952 BT Anderson Arlin Blaisdell ND Email
1952 LCPL Carroll John New York NY
1952 RM Sirois Donald St.petersburg FL Email
1952 SK Wilding William Boston MA Email
1952 SM Locicero Dick Buffalo NY Email
1953 IC Coleman Earl Lynchburg VA Pending Activation
1953 LTJG Herzog Alfred Chicago IL Email
1954 BT Lara Ralph Aurora IL Email
1954 BT Lara Ralph Aurora IL Email
1954 EM Foust Robert Allen Middlefield OH
1954 EM Foust Robert Middlefield OH Email
1954 ENSN Ervin Spencer Bala Cynwyd PA
1954 ET Szarmach Leonard Pittsburgh PA Email
1954 LT Owings Mike San Diego CA
1954 LTJG Tucker Walter Richmond VA Email
1954 ME Faust Harry Lewes DE
1954 QM Harris Michael Muskegon MI Email
1955 EM Griva Charles Benld IL
1955 IC Van Dusen James (jim) Grand Rapids MI Email
1955 RM Wolf Leon Denver PA Email
1955 SM Golden Bill Columbia TN
1955 SM Tribell Daniel Middlesboro KY
1955 YN Simon Ronald W. Parker SD
1956 BM Simmons Richard Fairmont WV
1956 BT Kieran Stephen North Bergen NJ Email
1956 DC Bonesteel Ken Troy NY Email
1956 DC Bonesteel Kenneth Troy NY Weeber
1956 EM Rosebaum Eldon Upland OR Email
1956 EM Rosebaum Eldon Upland CA Email
1956 EN Anderson Woodrow Wichita KS Email
1956 HM Hueber James Buffalo NY
1956 JO Lundquist Bob Rockford IL Email
1956 JO Yates Bob OH Lundquist
1956 QM Schreckgost Gene Alliance OH Risher
1956 RD Risher Quentin Johnstown PA Email
1956 RM Steiner Robert North Bergen NJ Pending Activation
1956 SF Weeber John Cleveland, OH Email
1956 SK Theobald Richard Levittown PA
1956 SN Scalise Vincent Pittsburgh PA Email
1956 SN Stone Robert New York NY Risher
1957 EM Welcome Roger Detroit MI
1957 EM Welcome Roger Bob Detroit MI Email
1957 EN Normand Leon Saco ME Email
1957 ET Brown (brownie) Delmar Grinnell IA Dietl
1957 ET Dietl Frank Richmond Hill, Queens Nyc NY Email
1957 MM Balevre Robert Leetonia OH Email
1957 MM Parr Richard Dayton OH Email
1957 QM Conrad Edwin Newport IN
1957 RD Calhoun Mourlas
1957 RD Judy Franklin Springfield OH
1957 RD Mourlas Jim Uniondale NY Email
1957 RM Burstrom Bert Arlington VA
1957 RM Clarke Jim Arlington VA Email
1957 SF Decker William Troy MI Email
1957 SK Peede John Monroe LA Email
1957 SN Washburn Frank Phila PA Email
1958 Signorini August Monroville PA
1958 BM Hughbanks Harvey --
1958 BM Mayberry OH
1958 BM Signorini August Hendersonville PA Email
1958 BT Spears --
1958 HM Mcdade Gale Champaign IL Email
1958 QM Jones Robert Mebane NC
1958 RD Kelly Ken Pittsburgh PA Email
1958 RD Kelly Kenneth PA Sweet
1958 RD Kreynus Mike Hopewell VA
1958 RM Kaplin Leonard (joe) Cleveland OH Email
1958 RM Kaplin Leonard Cleveland OH Email
1958 RM White Howard (Russ) Kissimmee FL
1959 BM Black Jim Farmington NH Email
1959 BM Gilbert Everett Olive Hill KY
1959 BM Reynolds Larry Dayton OH Black
1959 BM Schneider Ronald Niles OH Fischer
1959 BT Coureton Roy Huntsville MO Email
1959 DC Spears John Ashland KY
1959 EM Hughes Bob Hickman TN Email
1959 EM Shoemaker Ray Stanton KY Email
1959 GM Phillips Jerry Cape Girardeau MO Email
1959 IC Hatch David Toone TN Email
1959 LTJG Leyerle James D. St. Louis MO
1959 QM Fischer Arthur Mount Vernon NY Email
1959 RM Brown Richard Chillicothe OH
1959 RM Marty Chuck Springfield OH Email
1959 RM Watkins Monroe (Jack) Bargersville IN
1959 SM Koabel Donald The Ox Long Island NY Fischer
1959 SM Owens Thomas Wahoo Unknown ND Fischer
1959 SM Schneider Ronald Niles OH Fischer
1960 Hennessy Joseph Carl Flushing New York NY
1960 CS Benny Joseph Harrisburg PA Email
1960 EM Farley John Queens NY Email
1960 EM Mulkey Jim Merit TX Email
1960 ENS Blanch David Metuchen NJ Email
1960 FT Buckendort Tony Phx AZ Email
1960 FTM Steward Wilford Panama NE Email
1960 FTM Stewardftm Wilford Panama NE Email
1960 PC Mancinelli Leslie Trumbull CT Email
1960 QM Cole John Cincinnati OH Email
1960 QM Cole John Cincinnati OH Email
1960 QM Rodish Marvin Chicago IL Email
1960 RD Sweet David New Bedford MA Email
1960 RM Kierl Frederick Oswego KS Email
1960 RM Steiger Jimmy Cleveland OH Email
1960 RM Steiger Jim Cleveland OH Email
1960 SF Porterfield Ronald Ronceverte WV Email
1960 SN Bebout John Wadsworth OH Email
1960 SN Benny Joseph Harrisburg PA Email
1961 BM Campbell Daniel St. Louis MO Email
1961 BM Posey William Soddy. TN Email
1961 EM Bone Therrill Wauchula FL Email
1961 ENS Sander Louis Pittsburgh PA Email
1961 LTJG Foster John Hampton SC Email
1961 MM Masters James Eaton Rapids MI Email
1961 PH Finn J.p. Washington DC Morgan
1961 QM Minacapelli Lou Rochester NY Email
1961 QM Rhodes Rw Stuart FL Email
1961 RD Welch Roger Mobile AL Email
1961 RM Rufner Thomas Manitou Beach MI Email
1961 SK Nebeling Thomas Lawton OK Email
1961 SM Uhlir Kenneth Lubbock TX
1961 SN Miller Daniel Fort Wayne IN Email
1961 SN Pierce Nicholas Ironton OH Email
1962 CPO Summerall Garland Valley Park PA Email
1962 EN Worth Edward Sabillasville MD
1962 ENSN Boles John Matthews NC
1962 FT Johnson Allen Canton MN Email
1962 JO Morgan G. T (tom) Nickname Gazekas Gilbertsville NY Email
1962 PH Finn J. P. ? --
1962 QM Rockwood Keith Worcester MA Email
1962 RD Mcfall Laurence Huntington WV
1962 RM Clugston Donald(deceased) Friendship NY Email
1962 RM Cwiklinski Joe Friendship NY Email
1962 RM Kierl Joe Haines City FL
1962 RM Pankiewicz Norman Buffalo NY Email
1962 SF Scott George Port Huron MI Email
1962 SK Hogan Leo Pomona NY Email
1962 SM Uhlir Kenneth Lubbock TX
1962 SM Waterfall Ronald Danbury CT Email
1963 BM Backofen Kenneth Wallkill NY Email
1963 BM Butler David Cooperstown NY Email
1963 IC Filomarino Ernest New York NY Email
1963 RM Bell William Dearborn MI Email
1963 RM Bell William Dearborn MI Email
1963 RM Bell Bill Dearborn MI Ellenz
1963 RM Stout Bertram (Tom) Pittsburgh PA
1963 SN Braddock Robert Mount Holly NJ Email
1963 SN Tinsley Clifford Hagerstown MD Email
1964 Oberg Wayne MN Kemp
1964 BM Burch Robert Biscoe NC
1964 CS Alfred Frye Lebanon OH Kemp
1964 CS Kemp Larry Richmond IN Email
1964 DC Vandyke James Ronceverte WV Email
1964 ET Ickes Alden Midvale OH Email
1964 FN Curran David Brady\\\'s Bend PA Email
1964 LTJG Barlow John Greensboro NC
1964 QM Palang John Clifton NJ Email
1964 QM Utter Michael Jackson MI Email
1964 RM Ellenz Terry Lacrosse WI Email
1964 RM Henderson Bert St. Petersburg FL Email
1964 SN Babcock Randall Waterford OH
1964 SN Jones Marvin Oscoda MI Email
1965 Patton Brian OH Vandyke
1965 -- Bates Les Sacramento CA
1965 BM Staup Terrence South Bend IN Email
1965 BM Yanez Pete La Quinta CA Email
1965 BT Macdonald Carl Millbrook NY
1965 MM Mowry John Elyria OH Email
1965 MR Brandel Kenneth Dubuque IA Email
1965 PN Withrow Phillip Benton Harbor MI Email
1965 RM Wallis Robert Groton, CT Email
1965 SF Glaser Robert Joseph Camden NJ Email
1965 SN Pegg James P. Bakersfield CA Email
1966 BM Kane Ron Waterville NY Email
1966 CPO Mcdonald Tenore
1966 EN Snipes William Okeechobee FL Email
1966 ET Andryusky William Valley Stream NY Email
1966 LTJG Daley James Marysville OH Email
1966 MM Tenore Peter Hartford CT Email
1966 MM Washington Alex Buffalo NY Email
1966 RD Trousdale Gavin Athens AL Email
1966 RM Moon Murray North Liberty IN Email
1966 SD Cantella Robert Brooklyn NY Email
1966 SD Encabo Adelberto Manapla, Negros Occ., Philippine PI Email
1966 SN Hurst Forrest Pleasantville NJ Email
1966 SN Novar Vic Cleveland OH Email
1967 BM Johnson Ray Greenville SC Email
1967 BT Smith Kip Dearborn Hts. MI Email
1967 CS Whitfield James Andrson SC Email
1967 EN Wever Sterling Muskegon MI Email
1967 GM Hoelck Charles Westerly RI Email
1967 LTJG Bell Warren Bedford MA
1967 LTJG Loughran John Richmond VA
1967 LTJG Mcnair Larry Raleigh NC Email
1967 LTJG Recker David Loveland, Colorado CO Email
1967 MM Williams Larry Rivesville WV Email
1968 BM Atwood Daniel Lawrence MA Email
1968 BM Childs Robert Atlanta GA Email
1968 BM Horn Gerry Normal IL Email
1968 BM Horn Gerald Normal IL Email
1968 BT Medders Richard Sylvester GA Email
1968 BT White Dave Massapequa NY Email
1968 BT White Dave Massapequa NY Email
1968 BT White David Massapequa NY Email
1968 EN Garretson Michael Bogata, Texas TX Email
1968 EN Kling Ronald Shippensburg PA Email
1968 FN Gerlach Keith Utica NY Email
1968 FN Siburt Texan Fairmont WV Email
1968 LT Reineke Jan South Bend IN Email
1968 RD Bender Gary West Palm Beach FL Email
1968 RD Walley Bob Hattiesburg MS Email
1968 RM Green Bob OH
1968 RM Morse Joe Columbia SC Email
1969 BM Wagner Tim Johnstown PA Email
1969 BM Yarsco Larry Toledo OH Email
1969 BT Daum Wesley Lake Placid FL Email
1969 LTJG Kaufmann Patrick Birmingham MI Email
1969 LTJG Meloy Dick Cleveland OH Email
1969 MM Fleming Danny Salem WV Email
1969 MR Barone John J. Wilmington DE Email
1969 PC Lehman Robert Toledo OH Email
1969 QM Correll Wayne Houston TX Email
1969 QM Morgan Joe Durham NC Email
1969 QM Morgan Joe Durham NC Email
1969 RD Connelly Tom New York NY Email
1969 RM Newman Bob Oak Park MI Email
1969 RM Turner Gene Birmingham AL Email
1969 SK Franzen Lewis Wheatland WY Email
1970 BM English John York SC Email
1970 BM Esslinger Richard Santa Maria CA Email
1970 BM Horn --
1970 BT Ryan Kevin F. South Boston MA Email
1970 CS Rosenberger Jack Souderton PA Email
1970 DC Delany Charles Patrick Philadelphia PA Email
1970 EN Salley Martin Rapid River MI Email
1970 ET Teters Gary Portland OR Email
1970 PFC Salley Martin Rapid River MI Email
1970 QM Hake Dave Red Lion PA Email
1970 SK Bertsch Ron Minot ND Email
1970 SK Whynot Steve Hopkinton MA Email
1970 SK Whynot Steve Southboro MA
1970 SN Lambert Lynn Gramercy LA
1970 SN Lambert Lynn Gramercy LA Yarsco
1970 YN Grass Don Dubuque IA Email
1971 1LT Pyper Carl Phoenix AZ Email
2011 HT Reeves Ron Philadelphia PA Email
2011 HT Reeves Ron Philadelphia PA Email