U.S.S. VALCOUR (AGF-1) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
1947 BM Liberatore John Brooklyn NY Email
1948 YN Brantley Harry Zolfo Springs FL Email
1949 EM Hamlin Herbert Charlevoix MI
1949 EM Sanders Uncle Riggley Unknown AR
1949 LTJG Savage Roland --
1949 RM Anderson Andy Florence SC
1949 RM Eriksen Odd Minneapolis MN
1949 RM Gera John Mahwah NJ Email
1949 RM Mcnulty Tim Wellsville NY
1949 SD Baylor Greg Cincinnati OH
1949 SH Scolforo Edward Lee MA
1951 YN Cisper Thomas Kansas City MO Email
1952 BM Blackburn Herbert Haverhill MA Email
1953 IC Danneman Richard Springfield NJ Email
1954 SN Amato Jake Brooklyn NY Johnson
1955 GM Johnson Clarence Flushimg NY Email
1955 GM Johnson Clarence Flushing NY Email
1955 RM Weathers Robert Florence AL Email
1956 BT Horst John Niagara Falls NY Email
1957 CPO Nolan Ed Scranton PA Email
1957 RM Nolan Ed Suwanee GA
1958 AN Garvin Kenneth Garland TX Email
1958 ME Johnson Leo Seguin TX
1958 MM Dougherty Ronald Nickelsville VA Email
1958 SK Bean Billy Red Boiling Springs TN
1959 Daku Allen Allentown. PA Prezell
1959 Lewis Doyle Knoxville TN Prezell
1959 AK Hampton Thomas E. Monroe City MO Email
1959 BM Stanley Wayne Prezell
1959 EN Miller John P. Brooklyn NY Email
1959 HT White Donald Cleveland OH
1959 HT White Donald Clevend OH Prezell
1959 RM Prezell David Chicago IL Email
1959 RM Prezell David Brookfield IL Email
1960 BM Cloud Don Knoxville TN Email
1960 CS Koehn Hubertus Springfield IL Email
1960 SK Kenney Milford Millis MA Email
1960 SN Locklin Floyd Gadsden AL Email
1961 BT Silva Joaquin Lowell MA Email
1962 AG Valhos Nicholas Pawling NY Email
1962 BM Massey James IL Cloud
1962 EN Porter Dave Milwaukee WI Email
1963 EN Frear Donald Binghamton NY Email
1963 EN Frear Donald Binghampton NY Walton
1963 IC Lewis George W Springvale ME Email
1963 RD Keyser John Bellaire OH Email
1964 AN Grimm Vincent New York NY Email
1964 AN Powers Carter Stockbridge WI
1964 AS Erkman Robert Louisville KY
1964 BM Stein Dennis Green Bay WI Email
1964 DC Hairsine Perry Baltimore MD Email
1964 EM Summers Gary Detroit MI Email
1964 RM Sterner Chris Reading PA Email
1964 SN Palomba Neal Revere MA Email
1964 SN Stein Dennis Green Bay Wis WI Email
1964 SN Stein Dennis Green Bay Wis WI Email
1964 YN Oleary Jack Pittsburgh PA Email
1965 BM Jourdan Bill Detroit MI Email
1965 BM Keeling Dannie Naples FL Email
1965 BM Kelling Dannie Naples FL Email
1965 EN Grimm Jerry Sharon PA Email
1965 EN Walton Kenneth Shreveport LA Email
1965 ET Richardson Emmett Houston TX Email
1965 FN Nelson Bob Lutz FL Email
1965 IC Kizer Randall Philipsburg PA Email
1965 IC Williams Roger Roanoke VA Email
1965 MM Bonsack Dennis Ames IA Grimm
1965 MM Bonsack Dennis Ames IA Grimm
1965 PN Smith Clark Kansas City MO Email
1965 RM Fleming Jerry Ft Lee NJ Email
1965 RM Wilson William (bill) Cartersville GA Email
1965 SN Duerson Melvin Evansville IN
1966 EM Bullock Donald Boulder CO Email
1966 EN Hector Peter Decatur IL Email
1966 EN Obrien Robert Queens New York NY Email
1966 EN Willis Bob North Easton MA Nelson
1966 FN Patterson Dave (pat) Elwood KS Email
1966 FN Towles Dan Lancaster VA Email
1966 LCDR Smith Darrel Redding IA Email
1966 RD Douresseau Haywood Swords CA Email
1966 RD Martin Charles Weymouth MA Email
1966 RM Ham Bradford South Berwick ME Email
1966 RM Ioveino Carl East Haven CT
1966 SF Gordon Gary Manitowoc WI Email
1966 SF Joyner Larry Norfolk VA Towles
1966 SF Lacey Mike New Lexington OH Email
1967 BM Calero Edward Miami FL Email
1967 BM Griffin Ralph Eufaula AL Email
1967 BM Meenan John Queens NY Email
1967 BM Miller Harvey Boise ID Email
1967 DC Millican Christopher Jackson MI Email
1967 DP Keeney Joseph Charleston (fairmount ,tx) WV Email
1967 EM Ashby Douglas Council Bluffs IA Email
1967 EN Burke David Green Bay WI Email
1967 EN Gual Victor San Juan PR Email
1967 EN Rosati Adrian Stratford CT Email
1967 EN Rosati Adrian Stratford CT Email
1967 ET Long Scott Charlotte NC Email
1967 IC Rizzo Richard N. Babylon NY Email
1967 IC Rizzo Richard N. Babylon NY Email
1967 LT Aardema Robert Muskegon MI
1967 LT James Bernard (mel) Gulfport MS Email
1967 MM Harris Carroll Chesterfield VA Email
1967 MR Ceisner Greg Akron NY Email
1967 MR Therrien Ray Lawrence MA Email
1967 QM Schultz Dan Middletown OH Email
1967 RM Rambo Ralph Avondale WV Email
1967 RM Warring John Pleasantmount PA
1967 YN Burks Jerry Davenport IA Email
1967 YN Richardson Maurice Cambridge MA Email
1968 Peterson Roland Fogarty
1968 BM Blevins Rodney Arlington VA Email
1968 BM Dalton Frederick Cassville MO Email
1968 BM Hall Ronald Covington VA Email
1968 BM Rowell Johnny Waco TX Email
1968 BT Cubberly Ronald Yipsilanti MI Kopp
1968 CS Ruisz Craig Dolton IL Email
1968 EM Jackson Robert Rock Island IL
1968 EN De Falco Danny Maspeth NY Email
1968 EN Deyoung Richard Savannah GA Email
1968 EN Modenbach Ralph Cleveland OH Email
1968 FN Kopp Daniel Thiensville WI Email
1968 MM Fogarty Thomas Westwood MA Email
1968 RD Anderson Charles Waterford MI Email
1968 RM Klenow Chuck East Tawas MI
1968 SH Jones Terry Decatur IL Email
1968 SK Bracken Michael Lahabra CA Email
1968 SK Eisenhower Michael MO Gibson
1968 SK Gibson James Roanoke VA Email
1969 BM Boulay Fred Pawtucket RI Email
1969 BM Penn Gilbert Crestwood KY Email
1969 BM Russell Fred Clarksdale MS Email
1969 BT Cubberly Ronald Detroit MI Neu
1969 CMDR Beck Stuart Baylor
1969 CPO Plummer Bruce Lynn MA Email
1969 CT Collins Richard Cincinnati OH Email
1969 EM Lobocki Ralph Detroit MI Email
1969 EN Bischoff Michael Joplin MO Email
1969 EN Dewberry John Heflin AL Email
1969 EN Dewberry John Heflin AL Email
1969 EN Kingsbury David Medfield MA Email
1969 GM Brunsell Dennis Minneapolis MN Email
1969 GM Mccarty William (bill) Indianapolis IN Email
1969 IC Neu Wayne Wayland NY Email
1969 IC Peters Roland Woodstock MD Neu
1969 IC Romer James Jersey City NJ Neu
1969 PN Quigley Greg Chillicothe MO Email
1969 PN Thompson Tommy IN Allen
1969 RD E David Xenia MN Email
1969 RD Hering Tom Melbourne FL Email
1969 RD Mowen David E Xenia MN Email
1969 RD Mowen David E Xenia OH Email
1969 RD Provencher Richard Biddeford ME Email
1969 RM Atkinson Paul Stanton KY Email
1969 RM Cady Darryl Holley NY Email
1969 RM Golden Michael Kenmore NY Cady
1969 RM Mitchell Bill Lakeland FL Email
1969 RM Sawin Douglas Cady
1969 SD Baylor Greg Georgetown OH Email
1969 SH Walker J D Baylor
1969 SK Hoffman Craig Harrisburg PA Email
1969 SM Wallis Jim South Amboy NJ Email
1969 SM Wallis Jim South Amboy NJ Email
1969 SN Rivera Victor M. Santurce PR Email
1969 YN Allen Jerry Whitestone NY Email
1969 YN Crook Kenneth L. Santaquin UT Email
1969 YN Kane Collins Weirton WV Email
1969 YN Landry Carlton VA Allen
1969 YN Pulichene Robert Wappingers Falls NY Email
1970 BM Cody Roy Elyria OH Email
1970 BM Reid Ivan Aka Shane Vancouver WA Email
1970 BM Waldron Leo Andover MA Email
1970 CPO Sciuchetti Ray Great Falls MT Email
1970 CPTN Baty E. M. --
1970 CS Childress Nick Neosho MO Email
1970 CT Bowlin Lonnie Detroit MI Email
1970 EN Heitkamp John Ballwin MO Email
1970 EN Miller Adrian Arkansas City KS Email
1970 ET Cofer John Toccoa GA
1970 ET Lintz Ted Eau Gallie FL Email
1970 FT Kelso Greg Holdrege NE Email
1970 LCDR Wood Gerald Saginaw MI Email
1970 MM Ritchie Jack Bardstown KY Email
1970 MM Ritchie Jack Bardstown KY Email
1970 RM Adrian Mike Fujlton MO Email
1970 RM Bones Mike Florence OR Email
1970 RM Casey Paul Somerville MA Email
1970 RM Driver Dennis --
1970 RM Ewell Jim Allentown PA Email
1970 RM Garrison (Aka Rags) Richard A --
1970 RM Gramke Gary Cincinnati OH Email
1970 RM Greiner Bill Ramsey NJ Email
1970 RM Hyatt Richard --
1970 RM Ksander Willie --
1970 RM Mcdowell Brooks Ninety Six SC Email
1970 RM Vann Wally --
1970 RM Walsh James Woodbury NJ Email
1970 RM Welch Stephen Detroit MI Email
1970 SK Hockenbury William Lyons
1970 YN Thomas Ulysses Gray LA Email
1971 BM Constantine Joe Erie PA Email
1971 BM Fuller John Houston TX Email
1971 CMDR Sterling John C. Los Angeles CA
1971 CPO Cambell Bob --
1971 CT Byrd Ronald Galax VA Email
1971 CT Manion Bob NJ
1971 CT Oneal Rick NC
1971 CT Smith Bobby Hamburg NY
1971 DK Knowles Dennis Marysville WA Lyons
1971 DK Lyons Tom Brooklyn NY Email
1971 DK Lyons Tom Brooklyn NY Email
1971 EM Pigott Ronnie Hawthorne FL Email
1971 EN Buffington Bob Calsbad NM Email
1971 EN Buffington Bob Calsbad NM Email
1971 EN Doucet Craig Lake Charles LA Email
1971 EN Kuebler Chris Danbury CT
1971 EN Wapinsky James Harrison NJ Email
1971 FT Painter Ted Spartanburg SC
1971 FT Painter Ted Spartanburg SC Email
1971 GM Dase Albert Big Cove Tannery PA Email
1971 HM Cummings Steven Troy NY Email
1971 HM Maliskey John Huntsville AL Email
1971 HM Steven Cummings Troy NY Email
1971 HT Fidnick Stephen Newark NJ Email
1971 IC Miller William Fromberg MT Email
1971 PC Goodnow Dennis Levittown PA Lyons
1971 PN Sewell Larry Lyons
1971 RD Slye Steve Carthage NY Email
1971 RM Chandler Edward (Bud) Valley Stream NY
1971 RM Farrow Jim Baltimore MD Email
1971 RM Fitt Chris MI
1971 RM Frazier (aka--gang) David Pomona CA Email
1971 RM Gonzales --
1971 RM Mcintyre Richard St. Marys PA
1971 RM Mcintyre Richard St. Marys PA
1971 RM Mcintyre Richard A St. Marys PA Email
1971 RM Patton Dean --
1971 SF Patermostoro Frank Nicholasville KY Email
1971 SF Patermostoro Frank Nicholasville KY Email
1971 SF Plante Gary Warren MA Email
1971 SK Cummings Frank Woodbridge NJ Email
1971 SK Cummings Frank Woodbridge NJ Email
1971 SN Constantine Joe Erie PA Email
1971 SN Tanner Charles Millerton NY Email
1972 BM Geiger Ricky Dayton OH Email
1972 CPO Lease Barry West Lawn PA
1972 MS Dove Ralph Chapel Hill NC
1972 MS Fravel Bradley Canton OH
1972 RM Shufran Greg Philipsburg PA
1972 RM Ulrich Frank Evansville IN Email
1972 SK Bowen Larry Kalamazoo MI