U.S.S. SIERRA (AD-18) Crew Roster

Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State Remembered by
19 SM Meyer Stanley Kitty Hawk NC
1940 Barbee Melvin --
1940 Levins Buford Atmore Alabama AL
1940 Mayes Fred AR
1940 HT Benoit Benny Bostin NY
1940 IM Ballard Daniel Brownsburg IN
1940 MCPO Mcmillen James R. Chesapeake VA
1940 MR Toler John Warminster PA
1942 Collins William Lowell MA
1942 SC Fontana Emilio Queens, Ozone Park NY Email
1943 AB Hensley James Dawson KY Email
1943 SN Guglielmo Carlo Philadelphia PA Email
1944 Faro Clarence Herrin IL
1944 -- Remmert Charles Wantagh NY
1944 -- Scholes George Miami OK Email
1944 BT Tench Harold Detroit MI Email
1944 EM Carver Clarence Kansas City KS Email
1944 FC Mccleaf A. Fred Waynesboro PA Email
1944 FC Werling Max Tipton IA Email
1944 ML Yazinski Paul Dickson City PA Email
1944 MM Smith Benjamin F Huntington WV Email
1944 MM Sprachman Morris Brooklyn NY Email
1944 SM Lasko Harvey Grand Rapids MI Email
1944 TM Hammer Roy Divid Colorado CO Hillyard
1944 TM Hillyard George Ogden Utah UT Email
1944 YN Smith Marvin E. Benld IL
1945 -- Lastname Toni Hollywood CA
1945 FC Clague Lyle Lafayette IL Email
1945 FC Dennis Bertram Wickliffe KY
1945 MM Jordan Jim Port Arthur TX Email
1945 MM Kotoff Roy Los Angeles CA Email
1946 Wiskus Arlon Logan IA
1946 -- Mc Connell Richard Chino CA Email
1946 EM Korytko Francis Meriden CT Email
1946 EM Mohre Lionel Lansing MI
1946 MM Walsh Peter Milton MA
1946 MR Bob Moore Los Angeles CA Friou
1946 MR Friou Forrest Amarillo TX Email
1946 SN Gower Bill Carbondale IL
1946 SN Jerue Wilfred New York City NY
1947 MR Johnson Lonnie Sacramento CA
1947 SM Froelich Wallace Bell CA Email
1948 BM Tietje Marlin (Stan) Fairmont MN
1948 BT Tish FL Juarez
1948 BT Juarez Luis Artesia NM Email
1948 BT Juarez Luis Artesia NM Email
1948 BT King Robert Saint Louis MO Email
1948 BT Tish FL Juarez
1948 BT Tish FL Juarez
1948 MM Tearney John Wichita KS
1948 SK Pless John No Wilkesboro NC Email
1949 Greenstreet Earl (Sidney) Sandwich IL
1949 FC Hunt Raymond Moro IL
1949 MM Carver Kenneth Marietta OH
1949 MM Shimkus Richard Chicago IL
1949 MR Wilkes Exley Florence SC
1949 RM Turner Don Fort Smith AR
1950 EM Nelson William Columbia TN Email
1950 FN Shotts Robert Oil City PA Email
1950 MR Ordon Len Schenectady NY
1950 SN Bermudez Curry
1950 SN Elton Dothan AL Curry
1950 SN Bernard Charleston WV Curry
1950 SN Cooper Bernard Charleston WV Curry
1950 SN Curry Bill Charleston WV Email
1950 SN Reneau Elton Dothan AL Curry
1950 TM Osborne Robert (Bob) Niles MI
1951 EM Cousins Fred Osseo MI Email
1951 FT Scheerer Bob Warrenton VA
1951 MR Mcdonald Kenneth Norwood New York NY Email
1951 SK Hartman Willard Lancaster OH Email
1951 SK Struthers Robert Arlington MA Email
1951 SK Struthers Robert E. Arlington MA Email
1951 SN Waldron John White Plains NY Struthers
1952 BT Mcgrogan Joseph Carnegie PA
1952 Diver Sortedahl Kenneth Moose Lake MN Email
1952 EM Buehler Harold Jefferson City MO
1952 GM Rich Joseph Southington CT Email
1952 IM Clute James Minot ND Email
1952 MR Hewitt Bill Manchester CT Email
1952 PM Bryant Brooks Ruston LA Email
1952 SM Tony Rich
1952 SM Meyer Stan Kitty Hawk NC
1953 ENS Davidson Donald Akron OH Email
1953 FC Elsroth Tom Bronx NY Email
1953 GM Brown Walter Gerald Cherryville NC Email
1953 GM Soch Edward Sheboygan WI Email
1953 MR Savino Frank Rochester NY
1953 RD Driggers Robert Georgetown SC
1954 DM Chapman Lynn New Orleans LA
1955 ET Carr Wayne Rochester NY
1955 IC Schwerin Frank Robbinsdale MN
1955 LTJG Byrnes Robert Deer Park NY
1955 ML Tripp Gerald (jerry) Grand Haven MI Email
1955 MM Farruggia John West Winfield NY
1956 CPO Simcox Carl Neptune Beach FL
1956 EM Olsen William Erie PA Email
1956 FT Lord Ed Penn Yan NY Email
1956 MM Di Carlo Bart Staten Island NY Email
1956 MR Hoogland Ted Bay City MI
1956 MR Warner Verle Walton KS
1956 PN Welna Bill Minneapolis MN
1956 RD Carter Nicholas Williamstown MA Email
1956 SM Steppe Joe Milwaukee WI
1956 YN Hacker Albert Ft Lauderdale FL
1956 YN Romando Daniel Whiting NJ Email
1957 BM Chubka Robert Woonsocket RI Email
1957 BM Kust Ronald Pittsburgh PA
1957 EM Looney Bobby Greensboro NC
1957 FT Olm Ted Lakewood OH Email
1957 MM Pavey Richard Dunkirk IN Email
1957 MM Young Harold Torrance CA Email
1957 MR Blitz Herschell Huntington Woods MI
1957 SK Collins Charles Herkimer NY Email
1958 BT Flaherty Thomas Youngstown OH Email
1958 BT Williams David Harrisburg PA Email
1958 FN Borden William Wickliffe KY Email
1958 GM Mcvean Richard Austin TX
1958 IC Owens Merlin Pennsville NJ Email
1958 IC Yager Wayne Oneonta NY Email
1958 MM Hoffmeister Lloyd Philadelphia PA Email
1958 MM Mooday Larry Crawfordsville IN
1958 MR Haworth Gerald (gary) Tecumseh OK Email
1958 MR Johnson Raymond Columbus OH
1958 OM Grove Charles B. Westminster MD Email
1958 OM Speer Wendell (Bud) Washington IN
1958 OM Warmey Frank NE Grove
1958 PN Crowley Jack Chicago IL Grecco
1958 RM Kerkemeyer James Zeigler IL Email
1958 RM Tyler John New York City NY Email
1958 SF Ankrom Thomas Lancaster OH
1958 SF Matoka Robert Pittsburgh PA
1958 SF Wittkamp Henry Columbus OH Email
1958 SK Healon Carl Norfolk VA Sheets
1958 SK Leadenham Art OH Sheets
1958 SK Sheets Ralph Roanoke VA Email
1958 SM Cox Robert New York NY
1958 SN Hill William Kingsport TN
1958 SN Jordan Bobby Burlington NC Email
1958 SN Linsenmeyer J. Franklin Baltimore MD
1958 SN Rash Richard Pageton WV Email
1958 SN Routhier Richard N. Berlin NH
1958 SN Serabian Paul East Providence RI
1959 -- Strock Charles Marion PA
1959 EM Hawley Gary Hot Springs AR
1959 ET Totten Maynard Lavalette WV
1959 IC Horton William Tavernier FL
1959 IC Sampson Paul Boston MA
1959 JO Grecco Stephen Jessup PA Email
1959 ME Lower Eugene State College PA
1959 ML Grenier Peter Lewiston ME Email
1959 ML Mccalla James Ridgeway OH Email
1959 MM Bailey Melvin Chicago IL Email
1959 MM Gilsoul Roger Green Bay WI Email
1959 MM Warnick Dennis Rochister NY Email
1959 MR Wilhelm Bob Penn Yan NY Email
1959 RM Dominguez John Merced CA Email
1959 SF Fillman Dale Barto PA
1959 SF Moody Herbert Petersburg VA Email
1959 SF Shepherd Everett Canton NC Email
1959 SH Galloway Robert (bob) Arlington VA Email
1959 SM Burlew John Rockaway NJ
1959 SN Beard Carl Ray Alexandria VA
1959 SN Everhart Frederick Amanda OH
1959 SN Keaton Walter Greensboro NC Email
1959 YN Steele Samuel Seneca Falls NY
1959 YN Ward Terry Carlinville IL Email
1960 -- --------- -------- ---------- OH Email
1960 BM Meyer Robert Bellevue KY Email
1960 BM Simpkins Larry Cincinnati OH Email
1960 BT Galante Joseph N. Paterson NJ Email
1960 BT Graham Jackie Rector AR Email
1960 BT Graham Jackie Rector AR Email
1960 IC Pullam Larry Jacksonville IL Email
1960 JO Coombe Bill PA
1960 MM Davis Albert Matoaka WV Email
1960 MM Macormic Don Dixon MO Email
1960 MM Macormic Don Dixon MO Email
1960 MT Gameros Chuck Sun City West AZ
1960 PN Schwinn Bill Terrace Park OH
1960 SF Lowe James Hollidaysburg PA Email
1960 SH Brewer Delbert Rock Hill SC Email
1960 SM Peoples Wade Greensboro NC
1960 SM Romprey Leon NH Simpkins
1960 SM Savino Dominic Bronx NY
1960 SN Loar Enyart Newark OH Email
1960 SN Meyer Robert KY Loar
1960 SN Slack Donald Fairmount City PA
1960 SN Young Wayne Chicago IL Email
1960 SN Young Wayne Chicago IL Email
1960 YN Harris Thomas Spring TX
1960 YN Terenghi Charles Newark NJ Email
1961 BT Barnes Gene Richmond VA Email
1961 CPO Colacicco Joe Charleston SC
1961 EM Anders Charles Vandalia OH Email
1961 EN Heidtke David Solon Springs WI Pending Activation
1961 FN Schleich Gary Hilliard OH Email
1961 HM Forchette Ed Ewen MI Email
1961 LTJG Kanzler Donald Louisville KY
1961 SM Daily Michael MI
1961 SM Kersey Thomas Roanoke VA
1961 SN Alvaro Jack Albany NY Email
1961 SN Coffey James Hartford CT Email
1961 SN Rocap Barry Millville NJ Email
1961 YN Crader William Burfordville MO Email
1962 CPO Hensley Hasel Mountain City TN Email
1962 DT Sparkman Billy Arlington TX Email
1962 EM Davis Bob Clarksburg WV Email
1962 EM Devenney David Beaver Falls PA Email
1962 EM Fowler Wayne R Mooreland IN Email
1962 ET Bachmaier Paul Erie PA Email
1962 ET Spangler John Randolph OH Email
1962 MM Crutchley Ed Middletown MD
1962 MM Wade Stanley Millboro Springs VA Email
1962 MR Geeslin Jimmie Columbus GA
1962 PN Wacksman Lynn Albany NY Email
1962 SF Mustain Robert Kenton OH Email
1962 SK Cameron Ronald Albany NY Email
1962 SK Cheek Danny Ft. Smith AR Email
1962 SK Dennis Thomas Cecil Paducah KY Email
1962 SK Tucker Fred Miland IN Cheek
1962 SM Peppel Richard Barnesville MN
1962 SN Mcgillicuddy Timothy Dorchester MA Email
1962 SN Oxbrough William Albany NY Email
1962 YN Roberts Wayne Waterford NY Simpkins
1963 ET Werline Wayne Bristol PA Email
1963 FT Mcardle Pat Teaneck NJ Email
1963 IC Lailer Frank South Portland ME Email
1963 MA Sheldon Gerald (jerry) San Leandro CA Email
1963 RM Bever Thomas Superior AZ
1963 SK Herring Robert Cincinnati OH Email
1963 SK Jefferson William St. Louis MO Email
1963 SM Fowler Tony Oakland NJ Email
1963 SN Buckner Michael Clarksville AR Email
1963 SN Cumptan Larry Huntington WV Email
1963 SN Mclaughlin James Scranton PA Email
1963 SN Paddock Ronald Rochester,n.y. NY Email
1964 BM Cook Donald Madison WI Wiegand
1964 BM Mcguire Richard Stoneham MA Cowles
1964 BT Koss Les IN Wiegand
1964 BT Wiegand Larry Butler,pa PA Email
1964 EM Aksteter Martin St. Louis Park MN Email
1964 ET Parlon David Otterbein IN Email
1964 IC Bauer William NJ
1964 IC Cowles Richard Buffalo NY Email
1964 IC Hoover Del Camden OH Email
1964 IC Null Larry MD
1964 IC Stanley John WV
1964 IC Toomey Larry Milford OH
1964 MM Evans Hayden St. Cloud FL Email
1964 MM Taylor Brenard Weston WV Email
1964 PN Acord Price D. Montgomery AL
1964 PN Meyers Paul Columbus OH Email
1964 RD Lefevre Wesley Auburn NY Email
1964 RM Lapinsky Walter Rachel WV Email
1964 SF Schmick James Emmaus PA Email
1965 -- Williamson Danny Reddick FL
1965 CS Perez Alberto Harrisburg PA Bishop
1965 DT Taylor Robert Arvada CO
1965 EN Chopp Gerald Virginia MN Email
1965 FT Rogan Bruce R. East Brunswick NJ Email
1965 MM Clark Phillip Middleville MI Loveall
1965 MM Loveall Michael Glasford IL Email
1965 MM Salerno Patrick Newark NJ Email
1965 OM Schauwecker John \\ Parkersburg WV Email
1965 PM Lanew David Grand Rapids MI Email
1965 SF Bennett Donald Grifton NC Email
1965 SH Greene James Jellico TN Email
1965 SH Kanode Ward Lynchburg VA Email
1965 SM Campbell William Austin MN Email
1965 SM Rodda Daniel Panama City FL Email
1965 SN Bishop Stewart Albany NY Email
1965 SN Lanew David Grand Rapids MI Email
1966 BM Andrews Dennis Hillsborough NC Email
1966 BM Burisek Jerry Geneva IL
1966 BM Eldridge Charles (Ed) Ironton OH
1966 BT Hale Johnnie Saint Petersburg FL
1966 BT Parker Bill National Park NJ Email
1966 DC Lombardozzi Guy Erie PA
1966 DT Mignor Gene Danese WV Email
1966 EM Bowers Robert Boswell IN
1966 EM Virts Larry White Plains MD
1966 ET Cannon Phil Chicago IL Email
1966 ET Huffnagle Ralph Philadelphia PA Macaulay
1966 ET Long Scott VA Macaulay
1966 ET Macaulay Hugh (mac) Trenton NJ Email
1966 FT Hoffman Michael Proctor MN Email
1966 FT Perkins Raymond Carle Place NY Email
1966 HT Michaud Wilfred So Berwick ME Email
1966 IC Marton Bela Butte MT Email
1966 LI Reese Edward Niagara Falls NY Email
1966 MM Robers James Apollo Beach FL
1966 MR Dignard Kenneth Leominster MA Email
1966 MR Gurwell Fred Chanute KS Email
1966 MR Mcbride William Iva SC Email
1966 MR Parker Wayne Fayetteville NC Email
1966 PH Polny Harry Millville MA Email
1966 PN Foss Fred Middletown CT Email
1966 RM Harrell David Winter Haven FL Email
1966 SF Abram Al Warwick RI
1966 SF Michaud Wilfred South Berwick ME Email
1966 SF Rightmyer Bob Rochester NY Email
1966 SK Gruwell Bob Dover DE Email
1966 SK Lambert Gene Santa Rosa CA Email
1967 Lee, Lic Leonard Reese
1967 Lowel James CA Richardson
1967 -- Linkous Garland Blacksburg VA Email
1967 BM Lewis Wilber Port Matilda PA Email
1967 BM Mullen Timothy Dayton OH
1967 BT Peterson Glen Salt Lake City UT
1967 BT Rehl Mark (dusty) Springfield OH Email
1967 DC Stephens Joseph Jay Dallas TX
1967 DM Richardson Dennis Mi MI Email
1967 DM Richardson Dennis Mi MI Email
1967 EM Eberhardt John Iselin NJ Email
1967 EN Riden Charles Lavale MD
1967 ET Girton Gregory Vanderlee
1967 ET Wideman John Northport AL Email
1967 HM Mazzola Stephen Cresskill NJ Email
1967 MM Catano Armando Manchester NH Email
1967 MM Dauer Gerald Toledo OH Email
1967 MM Mallow Duane (doug) Tampa FL Email
1967 MM Sansbury Steve Florence SC Email
1967 MR Cote Maurice Boston MA Mcbride
1967 MR Patterson Dave (pat) Elwood KS Email
1967 MR Sisson Robert Evansville IN Email
1967 QM Weilbacher Karl Huntington NY Email
1967 SF Gordon Gary Manitowoc WI Email
1967 SF Lacey Mike New Lexington OH Email
1967 SK Barnes John Davenport IA Email
1967 SK Nichols Kenneth Boynton Beach FL Email
1967 SN Gwyn John Winston-salem NC Email
1967 SN Hammock Larry Monroe GA Email
1967 SN Myers Joe Bloomsburg PA Email
1967 SN Petitt William 28 Palms Ca CA
1968 CPO Fritsch Clyde Pensacola FL
1968 DC Haddon John Detroit MI Email
1968 DC Russell Bruce Shinnston WV Email
1968 DM Hammock Larry Monroe GA
1968 EM Cruz Antonio Philippines CA
1968 EM Donini Joseph Portsmouth OH Email
1968 EM Donini Joe Portsmouth Ohio OH Email
1968 EM Kane Jim Lynn MA Email
1968 EM Keough Richard Hopkinton MA Email
1968 EN Small Joseph East Moline IL Email
1968 ET Girton Greg York PA Email
1968 ET Iser Dan Cumberland MD Email
1968 ET Renner Richard (rick) Detroit MI Email
1968 ET Sturla Anthony Long Island? NY Vanderlee
1968 ET Vanderlee Johannes (john) Parsippany NJ Email
1968 FT Johnson Eric Syracuse NY Email
1968 GM Moore Ward Cedar Grove NJ
1968 IC Rizzo Richard North Babylon NY Email
1968 IM Scott Lewis Wayne Richmond VA
1968 MR Hooper Mr2 William Warwick RI Email
1968 MR Shorter James Rock Tavern NY Shorter
1968 MR Strecker Joe Concordia KS
1968 OM Chapman James South Charleston WV Email
1968 OM Mcintire James Buffalo MO Email
1968 PH Mudgett Merrill Laconia NH
1968 SD Liwanag Conrado Sacramento CA
1968 SF Clark John ME
1968 SF Privitera Al Garden City Park NY Email
1968 SH Snyder Keith Cnnton OH Email
1968 SK Portlock Wayne K. Wilmington DE
1968 TM Mcclung Larry Rupert WV Email
1968 TM Mcclung Larry Rupert WV Email
1969 BM Moore Carlos Terry MS Email
1969 DP Willett Pete Junction City KS Email
1969 DT Bernhardt Gene Jersey City NJ Email
1969 EM Farris William Birmingham AL Email
1969 EN Lo Presti Vincent Chevy Chase MD Email
1969 ET Kane Joe Philadelphia PA Email
1969 IC Smith Bill Greenville SC Email
1969 LTJG Dickes Lyle Huntertown IN Email
1969 ML Muray Ray Potsdam NY Email
1969 MR Wilkes Exley Florence SC Email
1969 PM Mitchell Stephen Columbus GA Email
1969 RM Greeson Jerry Russellville AR Email
1969 RM Williams Ray North Brunswick NJ Email
1969 SF Jones Roy E Grenloch NJ Email
1969 SN Wilkinson Gary Baltimore MD Email
1969 TM Sabatino Mike Columbus OH Email
1970 BM Douglas Howard
1970 BM Haverstick Terry Atlantic City NJ Email
1970 BM Howard John Lagrange GA Email
1970 BT Burkett Tom Temperance MI Email
1970 BT Cascio Bruce South Salem NY
1970 BT Engle Robert Baltimore MD Email
1970 CPO Bembry Ray Alachua FL Email
1970 CPO Marshall Ron Watertown NY Email
1970 CWO Barnes Sam Gadsden AL Email
1970 DT Monroe Alan Merridianville AL Email
1970 EM Bascetta James Winsted CT Email
1970 EM Bascetta James Winsted CT Email
1970 EM Eppers Charles Richmond, VA Email
1970 EM Givler Sam Vineland NJ Godwin
1970 EM Godwin Michael Bedford IN Email
1970 ET Russom James Garland TX Email
1970 HT Lafrazia Joseph Boston MA Email
1970 HT Price Walter Bat Cave NC Robinson
1970 HT Robinson Allen Paragould AR Email
1970 HT Soler Herman Bronx NY Email
1970 HT Walden Larry Lafollette TN Email
1970 IC Smith Bill Greenville SC Email
1970 IC Smith Bill Greenville SC Email
1970 LI Mullins George Glenshaw PA
1970 LT Kehoe Jack Mamorra NJ Westcott
1970 ML Paley Tom Endicott NY
1970 ML Smith Jerald (bert) Kalamazoo MI Email
1970 MM Mann Jeff Lansing MI Email
1970 MM Mcdonald Gilbert Valdosta GA Email
1970 MM Rogers Darrell Valley Center KS Email
1970 MM Westcott William,heavy Will Millville NJ Email
1970 MR Corteal Doug Connellsville PA Email
1970 MR Fletcher OR Gregory
1970 MR Skillin Bill Leavenworth KS Email
1970 MS Brown Eddie Charlottesville VA
1970 RM Stanford Dennis Annarbor MI
1970 SC Howard John Lagrange GA Email
1970 SH Frye Owen Bluefield WV
1970 SK Herlihy Patrick Poquoson VA Email
1970 SK Strout Stephen Gorham ME Email
1970 SM Guzman Roman Wichita Falls TX Email
1970 SN Becker Michael Dumfries VA Email
1970 SN Gwyn John Winston-salem NC Email
1970 SN Hermie Steven Tampico IL Email
1970 YN Bravo Andrew Wallingford CT Email
1971 Eastman Jim Rochester NY Herlihy
1971 BM Bufano Nicky Alexandria VA Email
1971 BM Bufano Nick Woodbridge VA
1971 BM Freita Franklin Johnson City NY Email
1971 BM Smith Arthur Richmond VA Email
1971 BM Williams Donald Fredericksburg VA
1971 BT Caves Robert Tyler TX Email
1971 BT Kimpel Mike Cicero NY Email
1971 BT Kline Charles OH O Farrell
1971 BT O Farrell David Brooklyn NY Email
1971 BT Vazquez Juan Fajardo PR Email
1971 CWO Zeiler Robert Pottsville PA Email
1971 DP Bond Terry Sidney OH Email
1971 DP Cevora Lloyd Jim Petersburg MI Email
1971 DP Chapman Buddy NJ Herlihy
1971 DP Eastman Jim Rochester NY Herlihy
1971 EM Cady Evan Rochester NY Email
1971 EM Lambie Bruce Jensen Beach FL Email
1971 EM Lambie Bruce Jensen Beach FL Email
1971 EM Schmidt Daniel Milwaukee WI Email
1971 ET Jolliffe Keith St Clair Shores MI Email
1971 ET Ortscheid Gary Akron OH Email
1971 ET Perkins Tom Petersburg VA Email
1971 ET Perkins Tom Petersburg VA Email
1971 FT Waldron Timothy NY Westcott
1971 HM Bartee Garry Albany TX Email
1971 HM Bartee Garry Albany TX Email
1971 HT Gregory Jack San Antonio TX Email
1971 HT Johnson Jack Toledo OH Email
1971 HT Martin Paul Cicero IL Email
1971 HT Martin Paul Cicero IL Email
1971 HT Mcanany Robert Latrobe PA Email
1971 HT Ring Ed Edgewater NJ
1971 HT Williams Thomas Needville TX
1971 HT Wimberly Mike Shreveport LA Email
1971 IM Waters Louis (tony) Springfield IL Email
1971 MM Polete Donald Hopkinsville KY Email
1971 MR Shorter James Rock Tavern NY Email
1971 OS Campagnola Larry Hicksville NY Email
1971 PN White Stephen Louisville KY Email
1971 RM Masters James Hilham TN Email
1971 RM Riker Robert Union Beach NJ Email
1971 SD Lejano Tomas Cavite PI Email
1971 SH Hester Joe Birmingham AL Email
1971 SM Travali Frank N.y CT Email
1971 TM Kerns Dan Ambler PA Email
1971 TM Yerty Wally Kalamazoo MI Email
1972 BM Herron Jack Waldorf MD Email
1972 BM Kidwell Edward Slanesville WV Email
1972 BT Morris John Chester PA Email
1972 EM Joiner Harold Crossett AR Email
1972 ET Folk Ralph Butler PA
1972 ET Witzberger Robert Barberton OH Email
1972 HM Bartee Garry Albany TX Email
1972 HT Atlee Ralph Portland OR
1972 HT Eismont Tony Oil City PA Email
1972 HT Eismont Tony Oil City PA Email
1972 HT Foley Tim Somers NY Email
1972 HT Harris Robert Shreveport LA Email
1972 HT Johns Wayne Oklahoma City OK Email
1972 HT Kenney Bob Granite City IL Email
1972 HT Ward Tim Georgetown, SC Email
1972 IC Charlton Monroe Fort Knox KY Email
1972 LI Ryan Donald Norfolk VA
1972 MM Marsh Ken Cincinnati OH Email
1972 MR Buchko Eddie New Brunswick NJ Email
1972 OM Carroll Randy Bloomfield IA Email
1972 PN Moore Mark Alexandria VA Email
1972 PN Wagner Mike Pittsburgh PA Email
1972 RM Apthorp Charles Cleveland OH Email
1973 BM Hermie Steven Tampico IL Email
1973 BT Desanto Frank Paterson NJ
1973 CPO Marinak Bill Lake Villa IL
1973 EM Fowle Dan Woburn MA Email
1973 HT Adams Randy Danville PA Email
1973 HT Davidson Ronnie Ottumwa IA Email
1973 MM Musso Frank Chicago IL Email
1973 MM Warf Ronald Galax VA Email
1973 MR Crane Roy Martinsville IL Email
1973 MR Mccabe Hank Norfolk VA Email
1973 MR Mengel Randy Fort Worth TX Email
1973 PC Whitt Larry Tampa FL Email
1973 SF Welch Ron La CA Email
1973 SF Welch Ron La CA Email
1973 SK Acevedo Benito San Antonio TX Email
1974 Albright Mick PA Acevedo
1974 BM Jones Keith Wilson NC Email
1974 BM Kallassy Carl Utica NY
1974 BM Thomas Melvin Baltimore MD Email
1974 BT Morgan Charles Bellevue KY Email
1974 CPO Black Frederic Goose Creek SC
1974 CPO Heim Patrick Baltimore MD Email
1974 CS Mitchell Robert Terre Haute IN Email
1974 DT Sares Joseph Jacksonville FL
1974 EM Dotson Dan Bucyrus OH
1974 EM Sheets Craig Seattle WA Email
1974 EM Stansel Charles Erlanger KY Email
1974 EN Ditty Donald Moweaqua IL Email
1974 HT Ireland John Lyons NY Email
1974 HT Johnson Kenneth Stroud OK Email
1974 HT Stoll Charles Newbury VT Email
1974 HT Washum Michael Ocean Springs MS
1974 IM Everett Kirk Hamilton Square NJ
1974 MM Falconer William Tacoma WA Email
1974 MM Fehling David Pensacola FL
1974 MM Jones Gary Irving TX Email
1974 MM Michl John Keokuk IA
1974 MR Dyson Edward Monroe MI Email
1974 PM Stonehocker William Champaign IL Email
1974 RM Whaley Gary Morehead City NC Email
1974 SK Acevedo Benito San Antonio TX Email
1974 SK Morris Lloyd Salem OH Email
1974 SK Nagle Richard NY Morris
1974 SK Palmer Michael NJ Morris
1974 SN Padilla Ernesto Old San Juan PR
1974 TM Jarvis Arthur Donaldsonville LA Email
1974 YN Richey David Gadsden AL Email
1975 Staton Don Carini
1975 BM Lee Johnson Robert Richmond VA Email
1975 BM Millwood Steve Gainesville GA Email
1975 BT Gauthreaux Preston LA Maki
1975 BT Lewis Jerry Lumberton NC Email
1975 BT Navarro Elmer San Francisco CA Email
1975 DP Bonnett John Dayton OH
1975 DS Harrison Michael Belding MI Email
1975 EM Cagle Kevin Parma MO Email
1975 EN Preston Robert Titusville FL Email
1975 ET Curtis Edward Mt Airy NC Maner
1975 ET Maner Randy Salisbury NC Email
1975 FN Singleton Douglas Ludlow KY Email
1975 GM Moree David Simpsonville SC Email
1975 HM Fink Kurt Edwardsville IL Email
1975 HT Burris Edgar Tidioute PA Email
1975 HT Carini Benedict Essex MD Email
1975 HT Dishman Roy Cookeville TN Email
1975 HT Jackson Bob Pittsburgh PA Email
1975 HT Wise John Sedalia MO Email
1975 IC Buskirk Ralph Mountain View MO Email
1975 ML Blakley Michael Roseville CA Email
1975 MM Berg Rick Pensacola FL Email
1975 MM Berg Rick Pensacola FL Email
1975 MM Brooks Dan Knoxville TN Email
1975 MM Mccarson James Mcewen TN Email
1975 MM Worth Michael Isperming MI
1975 MR Diehm John Mt. Holly NJ Swaim
1975 MR Farrara John NJ Swaim
1975 MR Garza Omar San Antonio TX Email
1975 MR Hazel Mike MN Swaim
1975 MR Luttrell Denny Tipton IN Email
1975 MR Morrell Robert Warren OH Email
1975 MR Swaim Robert Tuscumbia AL Email
1975 PM Elston Thomas Stone Ridge NY Email
1975 SK Hirsch Thomas Albany NY Email
1975 TM Wisell Bob Forest City IA Email
1976 Worth Mike Upper Peninsula MI Brooks
1976 BT Cox Edward Cold Spring NY Email
1976 BT Cox Edward Cold Spring NY Email
1976 BT Maki Mark Buhl MN Email
1976 BT Mchenry Timothy Euclair WI Maki
1976 BT Miles Gerry Mesquite TX Email
1976 CPO Potter Mick Sayre PA Email
1976 DM Barton Gary White Cloud MI Email
1976 EM Covington Charles Ninety Six SC Email
1976 EM Jagodzinski Ron Riverton IL
1976 EM Snyder Marvin Independence KY Email
1976 EM Wheeler John Plymouth MI Email
1976 EN Laba Steve Bayonne NJ Email
1976 EO Albers James Colby KS Email
1976 ET Pickering John Atlanta GA Maner
1976 ET Tinsman Willy Martinsburg WV Email
1976 ET Tinsman Willy Martinsburg WV Email
1976 HM Tom Mcallen TX Fink
1976 HM Newlin Tom Mcallen TX Fink
1976 HM Roberts George Evergreen AL Email
1976 HT Hancock James Long Island NY Email
1976 HT Rivera Alberto Newark NJ Email
1976 HT Sawyer Rick Miami FL Email
1976 MA May Jimmy Pleasant Grove AL Email
1976 MCPO Mcguire Kenneth Belvue KS Email
1976 ML Baker Joseph Bloomfield CT Email
1976 MM Bush Bear Norman OK Brooks
1976 MM Hauf Rick NE Brooks
1976 MM Hauf Rick NE Brooks
1976 MM Lavato Kenny Aroura CO
1976 MM Morehouse Cliff North Haven CT Email
1976 MM Norman Michael Ocoee FL Email
1976 MM Veomett Ricky Rochester NY Email
1976 MR Watt William Jeffersonville IN Email
1976 OM Helton Don Danville KY Email
1976 SM Myers Don Muncie IN Email
1976 SN Barley Rick Prescott Valley AZ
1976 TM Davis Allan Cleburne TX Email
1976 TM Davis Alan Cleburne TX Richey
1976 TM Wise Don Lewisburg PA Email
1976 TM Wise Don Lewisburg PA Email
1977 Smith Steve Asheville NC Marler
1977 BM Chellino Mike Lockport. NY Email
1977 BM Laba Steve Bayonne NJ Picard
1977 BM Picard Marc Saco ME Email
1977 BM Picard Marc Saco ME Email
1977 BT Depperschmidt Bernard Clairyville KY Maas
1977 BT Fontaine Roger Lancaster NH Email
1977 BT Snyder Jim WV Maas
1977 BT Taylor William Candler NC Email
1977 CPO Bennett Thomas Lynnhaven FL Email
1977 CPO Overy Paul Superior WY Email
1977 DP Balde Salas Edinburg VT Email
1977 DP Salas Balde Edinburg TX Email
1977 DT Rodriques Terry Lee Alexander ? Picard
1977 EM Demers Daniel Rockville MD Email
1977 EM Leadbetter Dan Lockport NY Email
1977 EN Hopple Glenn Columbia SC Email
1977 ET Miller Robert (bob) Chicago IL Email
1977 FN Smith Leigh Honolulu HI
1977 FT Butler Gregory Tampa FL Email
1977 HT Baldwin Ron St. Charles MO Email
1977 HT Noble Carlton West Monroe LA Email
1977 HT Staub Mark Gibsonia PA Email
1977 MM Amador Anthony Soper OK Email
1977 MM Maas Steve Van Wert OH Email
1977 MM Molton Jeffrey Dayton OH Email
1977 OM Alsup Alan Murfreesboro TN
1977 RM Dehart Michael Asheville NC Email
1977 RM Marler Larry Canton MS Email
1977 SK Dubois David Brighton TN
1977 SN Kempf Bruce Southampton PA Email
1977 SN Mimbs Gary Dallas GA Email
1977 TM Pohlman Clifford Madison WI Email
1977 YN Berryhill William Streator IL Email
1978 BM Bellington Kevin Ft Myers FL
1978 BM Butler """H.P. """"Butch""" Mt. Pleasant SC
1978 BM Edwards Tom Auburn CA Email
1978 BT Doms Kenneth Indianapolis IN Email
1978 BT Grothe William Sieelton PA Email
1978 BT Mooney Michael Roanoke Rapids NC Email
1978 BT Mooney Michael Roanoke Rapids NC Email
1978 DP Dickie James Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1978 EM Culbertson Bubba Greenwood SC Email
1978 EM Shiver Melvin Dothan AL Email
1978 EM Wolfel Dan Columbus OH Email
1978 FN Grimes Timothy (bruce) Winter Garden FL Email
1978 HT Beck Joseph Cincinnati OH Email
1978 HT Beck Joseph Cincinnati OH Email
1978 HT Floyd Dennis Junction City KS Email
1978 HT Hansen Randy Pekin I Llinois IL Email
1978 HT Hawkins L SC Floyd
1978 HT Perez Tony Rochester NY Email
1978 HT Roe Phillip Hamilton OH Floyd
1978 HT Worrell Chip Tuxedo NC
1978 HT Yurkovic Timothy Erie PA Email
1978 ML Billiter Randy Portsmouth OH
1978 MM Briggs Robert ME Maas
1978 MR Newman Bill San Pablo CA
1978 MR Sullivan John Providence RI Email
1978 PM Evoe Rob Detroit MI Email
1978 QM Abrams Martin Valley Stream NY Email
1978 QM Sass John Tampa FL Email
1978 RM Luman Larry Humble TX Email
1978 RM Marler Larry Canton MS Email
1978 SH North Jay Granville IL Email
1978 SK Graves James Kimberly AL Email
1978 SK Graves James Kimberly AL Email
1978 SM Hyde Martin Birmingham AL Email
1978 TM Austin Johnny Ray Birmingham AL
1978 TM Deutsch Dennis Moundsview MN Email
1978 TM James Seth CT
1978 TM Mccraney Thomas Littlerock AR
1979 BM Hohman Michael Marquette MI Email
1979 BT Mc Cartha James Blacksburg SC Email
1979 BT Walker --
1979 BT Ward Tony Missouri MO Email
1979 CPO Croucher Bobby Jeremiah, Ky KY Email
1979 DK Schulte John Earling IA Email
1979 DP Dyer Mikell Columbia SC
1979 EM Snyder Dave Southwestern IN Email
1979 EN Walker Les Rome GA Email
1979 ET Boka Jim Alexandria VA Email
1979 ET Boka Jim Alexandria VA Email
1979 ET Hawkins David Bryan TX Email
1979 HT Black Rick Neligh NE Email
1979 HT Dyer Steve Eagleville TN Email
1979 HT Johnson Charles Louisa VA
1979 HT Roberts Richard Augusta GA Email
1979 HT Walling Calvin Conroe TX Email
1979 IC Butler Willie Hemphill TX Email
1979 IM Ballard Daniel Brownsburg IN Email
1979 MM Bowers Alan Cascade MD Email
1979 MR Brown Don Wood Lake MN Email
1979 SK Gentle Joe Bay City MI Email
1980 Macreynolds Scott IL
1980 BM Puckett Jack Cincinnati OH Email
1980 BT Besozzi Chuck Arlington TX
1980 BT Keylon Ellis Kingston TN Email
1980 BT Kimble Keith Barberton OH Email
1980 BT Mc Cartha James Blacksburg SC Email
1980 BT Timmons Mike Matawan NJ
1980 BT Weeks Curt Rupert ID Email
1980 CPO Navarro Elmer San Francisco CA Email
1980 DK Robinson Maurice Bronx NY Email
1980 DP Hefflefinger Mark Baltimore MD Email
1980 EM Baker James Kernersville NC
1980 ENS Shinholser Bill Fitzgerald GA
1980 ET Drewes Charles Bayonne NJ Email
1980 FN Turner Bill Tulsa OK Email
1980 FN Turner Bill Tulsa OK Email
1980 HT Anderson Joe OH Roberts
1980 HT Box John (Jd) Bartow FL
1980 HT De Los Santos Ernie TX Roberts
1980 HT Jones Dan Missoula MT Email
1980 HT Rivera Ronnie Houston TX Email
1980 HT Thornton Tommy Madison NC Email
1980 HT Wyatt Ronald MD Turner
1980 HT Wyatt Ronald MD Turner
1980 IC Gallagher Brian Colo Spgs Co CO Email
1980 LI Rouleau Fred Alpena MI Email
1980 MM Bowers Stephen Williamston SC
1980 MM Buchanan Dan Warner Robins GA
1980 MM Fitzgerald Mark Muskegon MI
1980 MM Sweatt Melvin Clarksville TN Email
1980 MR Crawmer Jeff Newark OH
1980 MS Herring Tony Lumberton NC Email
1980 OM Sperin Phillip Tate GA Email
1980 SH Tran John Philadelphia PA Email
1980 SK Elkins Jimmie Lakeside CA
1980 SK Work Ricky Mcconnelsville OH Email
1980 YN Hernandez Jorge TX
1981 BM Johnson Al (lynn) Decatur AL Email
1981 BM Murrhpy --
1981 BT Dearden Tom Bay City MI Email
1981 BT Dunn Thomas Belleville NJ Email
1981 BT Shelton Ron...(Rusty) ?????? GA
1981 CPO Jones Malcolm Sam Benito TX Email
1981 CPO Moon Douglas Ellsworth ME Email
1981 EM Wallace Ron Jacksonville FL Email
1981 EN Venezia Jeff Goldsboro NC Email
1981 GM Deveau Michael (jacqeus) Boston MA Email
1981 GS Anderson --
1981 HM Howard Frank Montgomery AL Email
1981 HM Long Dwayne San Antonio TX
1981 HT Abbott Richard Columbia SC Email
1981 HT Burns Rebecca Fort Walton Beach FL Email
1981 HT Chapin Joe Bristol PA
1981 HT Morris Robert Owensboro KY Email
1981 HT Spofford Rich Spencerport NY Email
1981 HT Spofford Rich Spencerport NY Email
1981 HT Spofford Rich Spencerport NY Email
1981 IM Watson Darryl Goose Creek SC
1981 MM Crisp Mickey Laurens SC Email
1981 MM Hartzog Jay Goldsboro NC Email
1981 MM Mckeon Brian Wilkes-barre PA Email
1981 MM Smith James Victoria TX
1981 MM Wall Alexander Wendell NC Email
1981 MR Bates William Wichita KS Email
1981 MR Boyer Robert Palmer, MI Email
1981 MR Taylor Stuart Rutland MA Email
1981 MS Anthony Richard Beaufort SC Email
1981 PN Ordonez J Alexandria VA Email
1981 SH Douglas Thomas Mcconnellsburg PA
1981 SH Johnson New Orleans LA
1981 SK Craig Michael Albuquerque NM Email
1981 SN Cicchino Nicholas Cranford NJ Email
1981 SN Clancy Katherine Anytown FL
1981 SN Cuthill Doug Anytown NJ
1981 YN Leafer Dave Peabody MA Email
1982 BM Murphy PA Abbott
1982 BT Mcconnell Charles Coco Beach FL Email
1982 BT Mccurry Melvin Nickname (killer B)
1982 BT Sherman Jim Wilson NY
1982 BT Vitito Richard Saginaw MI Email
1982 BT Vitito Richard Saginaw MI Email
1982 BT Yancey Randall Prairie Grove AR
1982 DP Brown (alston) Lois Saluda SC Email
1982 DP Brown(alston) Lois Saluda SC Email
1982 DP Reusche Mary Summit NJ Email
1982 DP Voiles Chase Jefferson City MO Email
1982 DS Piper Michael East St. Louis IL Email
1982 EM Caires Virginia CA Schultz
1982 EM Jones Mark (pat) Enterprise AL Schultz
1982 EM Moore Barb OR Schultz
1982 EM Schultz Allen Vadnais Heights MN Email
1982 EN Charvet (malham) Gwenn Olympia WA Email
1982 ET Challen Kathy Redgranite WI Hunter
1982 FN Varnado Charline New Orleans LA Email
1982 HT Davis Lawrence Detroit MI Email
1982 HT Jordan Patty Marquette MI Email
1982 HT Pond Chris Millington TN
1982 IC Humphrey Tyrone Paterson
1982 IC Laney Sue Jonesboro GA Email
1982 IM Hyde Wallace Senath MO Email
1982 JO Legg Jerry Herkimer NY Email
1982 LCDR Richardson George Odessa TX Email
1982 LT Waterfield James Richmond VA Email
1982 MCPO Coryea George New Castle PA Email
1982 MM Church Calvin Oakland NE Email
1982 MM Leon Carlos El Paso TX Email
1982 MM Nickname (killer B) Dwayne Charleston GA Email
1982 MR Woods David Raliegh MS
1982 MR Woods David Raleigh MS Email
1982 MS Myrtle Craig Washington WA Email
1982 PN Jackson Robert Jacksonville FL Email
1982 SK Colamarino Richard Schenectady NY Email
1982 SK Goins David Old Hickory TN
1982 SK Hunter Heidi Alexandria MN Email
1982 SK Kerchner David Reading PA Email
1982 SK Murphy Betty Hernando MS
1982 SN Fochtmann Timothy Flemington NJ Email
1982 YN Harrison Julie San Antonio TX Email
1983 Moran Christopher MI
1983 -- Rader (Bludworth) Julia Houston TX
1983 BM Caterino Mike Boston MA Email
1983 BM Caterino Mike Boston MA Email
1983 BM Larrabee Peter Milo ME Email
1983 BT Viegas Matthew Sacramento CA Email
1983 BT Womack John (ice Water) Tennesee TN Nickname (killer B)
1983 IC Frierson Valerian Lexa AR Email
1983 IC Parks Dennis Fraser MI Email
1983 LCDR Russell (aro) Ken Hopewell VA Email
1983 LT Trukkin Sue CA Richardson
1983 LTJG Lastrella Amando Philippines SC Email
1983 MM Sutton Jim New Bern NC Email
1983 OM Spitznaugle Mark South Milford IN
1983 PH Young Bryan Bloomfield NE Email
1983 RM Collins Jack Bronx NY Email
1983 RM Nance Steven Linton IN
1983 SCPO Higgins James Ridgeville SC Email
1983 SK Gearhart Jeff Stubenville OH
1983 SK Ridl Diane Livonia MI Email
1983 SK Ridl Diane Livonia MI Email
1983 SM Duffy Louise Danby VT Gomez
1983 SM Gomez Gale Eaton CO Email
1983 SN Griffith Denise Rapid City SD
1983 TM Parrigin Donnie Anytown KY
1983 TM Rouse Tom Olean NY
1984 BM Tatham Michael Rock Hill SC Email
1984 BT Leitner Steve Annapolis MD Email
1984 CPO Lambert Terry Lebanon MO
1984 DK Brown Charlie Medina OH Email
1984 DP Reed Michael Eugene OR Email
1984 EO Kaminski Kevin Chicago IL
1984 HM Campbell Karen Palatine IL Email
1984 HT Devries Mark Key West FL Pending Activation
1984 HT Dyke Garry Elkins AR Email
1984 HT Fink Michael Amboy WA
1984 HT Palmer Michael Dixfield ME Email
1984 HT Van Wyhe Troy St. Charles IL Email
1984 MM Bramlett John Ellijay GA Email
1984 MM Mcdonnell Mike Tenino WA Email
1984 SH Peretti Steven Clearwater FL Email
1984 YN Elmore Davis Patrice Charleston SC Email
1985 AD Gold Al Sacramento CA
1985 BM Bean Carl Russell MA Email
1985 BM Patterson Chris Buffalo NY Email
1985 BT Banks Paul Atlanta GA Email
1985 BT Cosimano David Oceanport NJ Email
1985 BT Feldman Denise Flushing, New York SC Email
1985 DK Foltz Gary Wooster OH Email
1985 EN Christensen Jeffrey Denison IA
1985 ET Colson Michael Wadesboro NC Email
1985 ET Grove Jeffrey Braceville OH Email
1985 HM Rode Spencer Ridley Park PA Email
1985 HN James Shawn Barberville FL Email
1985 HT Borrego Laura San Antonio TX Email
1985 HT Bossone John Youngstown OH Email
1985 HT Haney Stephen Gatewood MO
1985 HT Henckel Joe Stanhope NJ Email
1985 HT Hoogendoorn Tim Rock Rapids IA
1985 HT Leblanc Shane Zephyrhills FL
1985 HT Shulte Matt Detroit MI King
1985 HT Storey Ellen Anderson SC Email
1985 HT Tilton Norman Zanesville OH
1985 IC Corey Richard Tampa FL Email
1985 LT Houghton Bob Marshfield VT
1985 LT Jenkins Kent Cambridge City IN Email
1985 MM Bromell Lawrence Lakehurst NJ Email
1985 MM Brown James Richmond IN Email
1985 MM Buchanan Dan Warner Robins GA
1985 MM Maholick Patrick Lyndhurst NJ Email
1985 MM Reeg Tim Ewing NJ Email
1985 MR Bellah Robert Charleston SC Email
1985 MR Kingsbury Marvin Louisville KY Email
1985 MR Larson Tom Welcome MN Email
1985 MR Thompson Jennifer Summerville SC Email
1985 RM Molter Mary MI Taylor
1985 RM Ramirez Martha El Paso TX Email
1985 SCPO Terry Bill French Lick IN Email
1985 SK Fields Steven Queens NY Email
1985 TM Kuroda Teruyuki San Antonio TX Email
1985 YN Cromeans Laura Helena AR
1985 YN Whited Angela Scio OR Email
1986 Macgee Dewayne Cantrell
1986 BM Monear Bryan Gatlinburg TN Email
1986 BM Tolliver Alan St. Louis MO
1986 BM Wills Sherry St Francis WI
1986 BT Brownheim Scott Detroit MI Email
1986 BT Johnson David Middletown OH Email
1986 BT Sowers Richard Otterbein IN Email
1986 CPO Thompson Jim Douglasville GA Email
1986 DC Buchner Steve Chicago IL Email
1986 DC Green Daniel Appling GA Email
1986 ET Forbus Glenn Montgomery AL Email
1986 ET Hotaling David West Palm Beach FL
1986 ET Mulhollem Ritchey Ocala FL
1986 GM Cantrell Doug Travelers Rest SC Email
1986 HT Cox Mark San Angelo TX Krebs
1986 HT Ellis George (tom) Huntsville AL Email
1986 HT Gaboury Mike Ishpeming MI Email
1986 HT King Dale Marietta GA Email
1986 HT Phillips Jim La Porte TX Email
1986 HT Santopoalo Dave Waukegan IL Email
1986 IC Martin Larette Lr AR Email
1986 MM Barnard Russ Austin TX
1986 MM Degroat Russell Lake Hopactcong NJ
1986 MM Eason Jeff Charlotte NC Email
1986 MS Barroga/brown Lolita Stockton CA Email
1986 OM Brennon Kim Williamsburg IA
1986 QM Brown Doug Detroit MI Email
1986 QM Etchison Rose Baldwin ND
1986 RM Hughes Howard Hampton FL
1986 SCPO Whipple Bruce Ft Lauderdale FL Email
1986 SN Mecham Denise Pendleton OR
1986 TM Knecht Victoria Bethlehem PA Email
1987 BM Haney Robert Rocky Mount NC Email
1987 BM Tackett Earl Pikeville KY Email
1987 BT Riley Mark Springfield OH Email
1987 CWO Iliff Larry Hammond IN Email
1987 CWO Iliff Larry Hammond IN Email
1987 CWO Iliff Larry Hammond IN Email
1987 DC Connelly Rodney Orangeburg SC Email
1987 DC Davis David Salisbury NC Email
1987 DC Eaves Todd Kingsport TN Email
1987 DC Mackey Mark Cuthbert GA
1987 DK Dudley Dennis Stedman NC Email
1987 EM Mann Dj (David) Kansas City MO
1987 EM Robbins Lynn Moline IL Email
1987 ET Justice Michael Melbourne FL Email
1987 FN Humphrey James Knoxville TN Email
1987 GS Tatroe Eugene Lansing MI Email
1987 HT Krebs Eric Clearwater FL Email
1987 HT Krebs Eric Clearwater FL Email
1987 HT Krebs Eric Tampa FL Email
1987 HT Richards Tom Krebs
1987 HT Storey Ellen Krebs
1987 MM Burk Shawn Goldendale WA Email
1987 MM Greene Jay Pittsburgh PA Email
1987 MM Griffith Mark Hopkinsville KY Email
1987 MM Manning David Rochester NY Email
1987 MM Mitchell Gregg Bar Harbor ME Email
1987 MM Turner Thomas Cincinnati OH
1987 MM Whitfield Patricia Norcross GA
1987 MM Woods Michael Atlanta GA Email
1987 MM Woods Michael Atlanta GA Email
1987 MR Hern Timothy Belleville IL Email
1987 OM Hall Lonnie Colfax WA Email
1987 PM Migues Joseph Heflin LA Email
1987 PN Murphy Rodney Angola IN
1987 RM Relford Diana Beaumont TX Email
1987 SH Williams Michael Edwardsville IL
1987 SK Thompson Gary Kings Mountain NC Email
1987 WT Clark Brian Fairhaven MA Email
1987 YN Richter Joann North Charleston SC Email
1988 BM Corriveau Jynella Patti Hollywood FL Email
1988 BM Dove Deirdre Dierks AR Email
1988 DC Willingham Chelbi Birmingham AL
1988 EM Campbell Timothy SC Williams
1988 EM Mcgee Ricky Williams
1988 EM Williams Patrick New York NY Email
1988 EN Murray Alfonzo Columbus GA Email
1988 ET Fenley Mark Decatur GA Email
1988 ET Fox Jonathan Glenside PA
1988 ET Morgan Steven Arlington Hts. IL Email
1988 FC Faille Richard Rumford RI Email
1988 FN Caulder Jeffrey Hope Mills NC Email
1988 GM Melnick Charles Utica NY Email
1988 IC Mccray Melva Birmingham AL Email
1988 LCDR Hall Steve Wilmington NC Email
1988 LTJG Erickson John Lincoln NE
1988 MCPO Riley Martin Philadelphia PA Email
1988 MM Smith Charles Escondido CA Email
1988 MS Donias Rafael San Antonio TX Email
1988 OM Lemons Randall Attalla AL Email
1988 OS Blue Evette Pensacola FL Jenkins
1988 PC Marlin Shanna Kennewick WA
1988 PC Marlin/murphy Shanna Kennewick WA Email
1988 RP Murphy Maria MA Hall
1988 SCPO Calhoun Chris Hope Mills NC Email
1988 SK Wood Jacqueline Detroit MI Email
1988 SM Moore Chris Brandon FL Email
1988 SN Jenkins Huel St.louis MO Email
1988 SN Jenkins Huel MO Jenkins
1988 SN Jenkins Huel MO Jenkins
1988 SN Perkins Kimberly Bristol CT
1988 SN Roach James El Paso TX Email
1988 SN Taylor(hillary) Robin Euclid OH Email
1988 TM Richardson Yvette Ajo AZ Email
1989 Burke Ayme Seattle WA
1989 Muniak Gwen Schulte
1989 BT Wolf James Spring Valley IL Email
1989 CPO Hendrix Teresa Ocala FL
1989 CPO Rachow Dave Mountain View AR Email
1989 CPO Rachow David Mountain View AR Email
1989 CWO Colby Kc Beaufort SC Email
1989 DC France Neil Groveland FL
1989 DIVER Wommack Gary Panama City FL
1989 DP Boyd Nancy Casper WY Email
1989 EM Gonda Brad Elizabethtown NC Email
1989 EM Williams Valencia Hutchins TX Email
1989 EN Maginnis-Nicholson Sherry Clarksville TN
1989 ET Czeikowitz-hardin Amy San Francisco CA Email
1989 ET Paszul Garry Burnt Hills NY
1989 FN Parker Shelly Hankamer TX Williams
1989 GM Jennings Floyd M. Madison Heights VA
1989 HM Martinez Maggie Bronx NY Email
1989 HT Moore Bob Marion OH
1989 HT Turner William (Toby) Como NC
1989 IC Akers Russell Ardmore OK
1989 IC Hairston Renee West Babylon NY Email
1989 IC Weston Terrence Brunswick GA Email
1989 IM Eddings Rebecca Wauseon OH Email
1989 LT Fennell Nancy Charleston SC Email
1989 LTJG Bynum Gregory Gadsden AL Email
1989 MM Brennan Dorie Memphis TN Email
1989 MM Long James Hot Spings AR Email
1989 MR Compton Jake Sacramento CA Email
1989 MR Mynatt Bob Tampa FL Email
1989 MS Lawrence Oneil Lockport NY Email
1989 MS Smith Isaac Birmingham AL Email
1989 MS Watkins Michael Lockport NY Email
1989 OS Blue Evette Fort Lauderdale FL Email
1989 OS Potts Jason Pittsfield NH Email
1989 OS Vanvleet Ann Phoenix NY Email
1989 PC Miller James Plainview MN Email
1989 PN Columbo Edgar Miami FL Email
1989 QM Drosdak Stephanie Reading PA Email
1989 QM Hawkins (brzezinski) Susan Bellefontaine OH Email
1989 RM Moore Michael Baltimore MD Email
1989 SH Parker Kenneth Marietta, GA Email
1989 SH Rux Olivia (Downey) San Antonio TX
1989 ST Zaharias Tony Westfield MA
1990 BM Black Aaron Tustin CA Email
1990 BM Cusano Raymond NY Schaeffer
1990 BM Roseborough James Dallas TX
1990 BT Branham Thomas Columbia SC Email
1990 BT Remke Mark Florida FL
1990 BT Snowbarger Allen Roanoke Rapids NC
1990 CPO Clark Gloria D Birmingham AL
1990 CPO Holcombe Larry Jacksonville FL
1990 CWO Smith David Richmond MO Email
1990 DK Dickerson Joanie Bagley WI Email
1990 DP Beckham Beverly Virginia Beach VA
1990 DP Flower Gregory Monticello AR Email
1990 DS Hendrickson Duane Marion IL Email
1990 EN Albert Michael Monmouth IL Email
1990 EN Albert Michael Monmouth IL Email
1990 EN Armour Walter Dawson GA
1990 EN Franklin Randall Benton AR Email
1990 ET Adelgren Damon Athens GA Email
1990 ET Lowrimore Ricky Conway SC Email
1990 ET Williams Randall Melbourne FL Email
1990 ET Wood David Leonardtown MD
1990 HM Anderson Richard Danville VA Email
1990 HM Linn Jeffrey New York TX Email
1990 HT Belton Crispin Tuscaloosa AL Email
1990 HT Davis Robbie San Antonio TX
1990 HT Littlepage Gerry Fayetteville NC
1990 IC Delashmit Angela Brookfield IL Email
1990 IC Ganskow Bradley Madison NE Email
1990 LTJG Sturgeon Tom St Louis MO
1990 MA Loper Zach Beeville TX Email
1990 MCPO Appleby Kevin Warsaw NY Email
1990 ML Pennington Dennis Lajose PA Email
1990 MM Bankston Vincent Zion IL
1990 MM Sheeks David Summerville SC
1990 MM Sutherland Benjamin Wytheville VA Email
1990 MR Compton Jake Loomis CA
1990 MR Young Michael Omaha NE Email
1990 MS Cameron Ronald Inkster MI Email
1990 MS Claunch-bates Rachel Belen NM Email
1990 MS Donias Raphael(Ralphy) San Antonio TX
1990 MS Smith Isaac (ike) Birmingham AL Email
1990 MS Stevenson Terry Columbia SC Email
1990 MS Velasco Freeman Baker County FL Email
1990 MS Velasco Freeman Baker County FL Email
1990 MS Velasco Freeman Baker County FL Email
1990 RM Broadbent-Rezac Kelley Las Vegas NV
1990 RM Lamb Bobby Charleston SC
1990 RM Rembert Johnnie Sumter SC Email
1990 SH Beckett Laura Baraboo Wisconsin SC
1990 SK Goodwin Bill Birmingham AL Email
1990 SK Knowles Denise East Liverpool OH Email
1990 SK Knowles Denise East Liverpool OH Email
1990 SK Mayes David Cincinnati OH Email
1990 SM Blake Sivon Spokane WA
1990 SN Holliday Robert Cincinnati OH Email
1990 SN Thomas Natasha Beaumont TX Email
1990 YN Cook Todd Fatette OH Email
1991 BM Callis Abrel Edna TX Email
1991 BM Middleton Richard Grandview IN Email
1991 BM Norris Tara Aurora CO Email
1991 BT Huepers Richard College Station TX
1991 BT Lloyd Paul Danforth ME Email
1991 CPO Kempka Martin Greensboro NC
1991 CWO Ewing Roger Big Spring TX Email
1991 CWO Snider - Smith Diane Lakeville MN Email
1991 DC Guthrie Scott Seattle WA
1991 DM (kovitch) Seehafer Karin Olympia WA Email
1991 DS Bechtol Eric Fort Recovery Oh OH Email
1991 DS Wood Donna Commerce GA
1991 EM Mcgovern Brian Jacksonville FL
1991 EM Owens La Schelle Jacksonville FL
1991 EN Lacy Samuel TX
1991 ENSN Spitzer Renea New Castle VA
1991 ET Owen Ron Centralia IL
1991 ET Weaver Rodney Spartanburg SC
1991 FN Tinker Shawna Norwalk OH Email
1991 FN Webb Stephanie Jackson MS
1991 GM Barnes
1991 GM Barnes Calvin Wilson NC Email
1991 GM Evans Barnes
1991 HM Smith Mark Adamsville AL
1991 HT A. Carl Alta CA Email
1991 HT Norris Barry Asheville NC Email
1991 HT Roscher Carl Alta CA Email
1991 IC Butler Willie Hemphill TX Email
1991 MA Luttenegger Thomas Burlington IA Email
1991 MCPO Bolz Frederick Bilerica MA Email
1991 MM Greene Nathaniel Charleston SC Email
1991 MM Kastenmeier Bruce Beaver Dam WI Email
1991 MM Owens Tommy Columbus OH Email
1991 MM Stephenson Ellen Cassopolis MI Email
1991 MM Zehnacker Teri Decatur IL
1991 MR Wright Roger Clarksville TN
1991 MS Sullivan Adonis Chester PA Email
1991 PM Keister Daniel Belton MO
1991 SCPO Taylor Joe Vernon NY Email
1991 SH Carter Dexter Atlanta GA Email
1991 SH Higginbotham Karen Springfield OH Email
1991 SK Peak Mary Windsor NY Email
1991 SN Davis Kevin Lawton OK Email
1991 TM Carr Byron (Glenn) Denver City TX
1992 BM Cantu(Norris) Tara Aurora CO
1992 BM Merrick Daniel Chicago IL Email
1992 BM Sheckles Dean Detroit MI
1992 CPO Durell-oncale Barbara Hagerstown MD Email
1992 CPO Peach Denis Retired FL
1992 CPTN Dunn Frank Virginia Beach VA
1992 EN Perper Bill Silver Spring MD Email
1992 ENSN Brown W. Melvin Charleston SC
1992 ET Limbert Mark Euclid OH
1992 HT Basham John Camp Verde AZ
1992 HT Kluge Randolph Jefferson Twp NJ Email
1992 MM Jones Larry Columbia SC Email
1992 MM Thompson Kevin Violet LA Email
1992 MS Johnson Jesse Jackson MS Email
1992 MS Kallai (Ferdig) Amy Parma OH
1992 OS Anderson Darlene Rockford IL Email
1992 PM Roberts David Herminie PA
1992 SM Nixon Anthony Charleston SC Email
1992 SN Derr Marcie Jackson MI
1992 SN Jones Dwayne Bronx NY Nixon
1992 SN Lunsford George \\ Roxboro NC Email
1992 SN Nelke Erin Chester NY
1992 SN Schaeffer Jason Benton Harbor MI Email
1992 SN Turner Jennifer Titusville PA Email
1992 SN Wanner Laura Hermiston OR Email
1992 SN Ward Richard Redlands CA Email
1993 CPO Graham Timothy Columbus OH Email
1993 ET Stanton Matt Clewiston FL
1993 HT Stokley Jim Albany GA Email
1993 MR Beete Don New York City NY Email
1993 PN Robertson Stephanie Bloomington IN Email
1993 SH Mckenna Lauren Fairbanks AK Email
1995 DS Ekanger Glenn Glen Burnie MD Email