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USS Badoeng Strait was commissioned in November of 1945 at Tacoma, Washington. The vessel served in the Pacific over the next twelve years except for an eight-month stint where she was out of commission, which happened between April 1946 and January 1947.


She was mainly used for anti-submarine warfare during her time in the Pacific in the 1940s, and then changed courses in the early months of 1950 to help with the Korean War effort. She took on Marine Corps aircraft and headed to the Korean seas in July of 1950, operating planes in combat operations until January of 1951. She was actively involved in Inchon Landing and the Hungnam Evacuation during this tour.

Badoeng Strait had two more deployments in the Korean War through 1953, providing support for anti-submarine planes and Marine Corps fighter-bomber planes. Her duties were largely dependent upon what was most critically needed at the time.

The vessel was sent for overhaul after her final tours in combat, she was used in anti-submarine and vertical assault operations and made one final Far East tour in the 1950s. She participated in the 1956 Operation Redwing nuclear testing in the Central Pacific before being decommissioned in May of 1957 and sold for scrap in May of 1972.

CVE-116 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
FEB 1945 - Launch Date: 15 FEB 1945
FEB 1945 - Shellback Initiation - 15 FEB 1945 - Pacific Ocean
NOV 1945 - Commissioned: 14 NOV 1945
JAN 1947 - FEB 1947 Recommisioning
JAN 1950 - JAN 1959 Inchon Landing
JUN 1951 - FEB 1952 West Pac
SEP 1952 - FEB 1953 West Pac
APR 1955 - OCT 1955 West Pac
MAR 1956 - AUG 1956 Operation Redwing Nuclear Testing Bikini Island
MAY 1957 - Decommissioned: 17 MAY 1957

CVE-116 General Specifications

Class: Commencement Bay-class escort carrier

Complement: 1072 Officers and Enlisted

Displacement: 10330 tons

Length: 557 feet 1 inches

Beam: 105 feet 2 inches

Draft: 30 feet 8 in

Final Disposition: Sold and scrapped 1972