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USS Leyte (CV-32)

Leyte was commissioned in 1846, and built in Newport News, Virginia. She was a 27,000-ton Ticonderoga aircraft carrier. She cruised the South Pacific initially, and then was sent to work with the Atlantic Fleet for three years. She deployed four times to the Mediterranean in 1947, 1949, and 1950, and then was sent to help the Navy with the Korean War. She remained off the coast of Korea from 1950 until 1951 and hosted a Medal of Honor recipient and provided 4,000 deployments of aircraft to help ground troops.

In 1951, Leyte returned to the Atlantic, where she spent the rest of her career in service. There were two more deployments to the Mediterranean between 1951 and 1953, and then was converted to an anti-submarine support and reclassified as a CVS-32.

In the Boston Naval Shipyard in 1953, she was in the process of being converted when there was an explosion and fire. This killed 37 men and injured dozens more. However, she still returned to duty in 1954 and worked in the Caribbean and Atlantic for the next five years. She served as an amphibious assault ship for a short period in 1957, replacing her fleet with Marine helicopters.

Leyte was decommissioned in 1959 and then re-designated as an aircraft transport vessel, remaining on reserve for 10 more years before being sold for scrapping in 1970.

CV-32 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
FEB 1944 - Keel Date: 21 FEB 1944
at Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co. Newport News VA
AUG 1945 - Launch Date: 23 AUG 1945
APR 1946 - Commissioned: 11 APR 1946
APR 1946 - MAY 1959 Commission year is 1946, not 1846
OCT 1946 - NOV 1946 South America
OCT 1946 - Shellback Initiation - 27 OCT 1946 - Pacific Ocean
OCT 1946 - NOV 1946 Panama Canal
OCT 1946 - NOV 1946 South America
APR 1947 - JUN 1947 Mediterranean
MAY 1950 - AUG 1950 Mediterranean
SEP 1951 - DEC 1951 Mediterranean
AUG 1952 - FEB 1953 Mediterranean
JAN 1956 - DEC 1957 Mediterranean
JUN 1957 - NOV 1958 North Atlantic
MAY 1959 - Decommissioned: 15 MAY 1959

CV-32 General Specifications

Class: Essex-class aircraft carrier

Named for: Battle of Leyte Gulf

Complement: 3448 Officers and Enlisted

Length: 888 feet

Draft: 28 feet 7 inches

Flank Speed: 33 knots