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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
0 FC Collins (1928-33) Lloyd Oliver Portsmouth VA
1940 LCDR Hede Adolph New York NY
1941 Reyonlds B. J. Dixon IL
1941 -- Purinton Howard Kansas City KS
1941 BM Cook Alonzo Hayden CO
1941 BM Cook Alonzo Hayden CO
1941 CPO Harrell Roland (Gene) Wiggam GA
1941 GM Budzaj Zygmond Detroit MI
1965 LT Hewitt Weslley C. --
1965 LT Smith P.lowell Montebello CA
1965 SM Peek Sanford Franklin NC
1966 Sisk Rodger --
1967 MM Pezzullo Tony Buffalo NY
1967 RM Cook Jeff Danville IL
1971 CS Deese Daniel Greenville SC
1971 MT Castillo Robert Lakewood CO
1972 EN Phipps Tom Poulsbo WA
1972 SM Caswell Mark Lynfield MA
1973 BM Brandon Robert Brooklyn NE
1973 DC Mc Sweeney Patrick M. Granada Hills Calif... CA
1973 OM Warren Gerald Minnisota KY
1973 RM Pannell Gary Memphis TN
1973 YN Rivera Roland Albuquerque NM
1977 YN Frappolli Peter Seneca Falls NY
1981 DP Edwards Jerry Henderson KY
1982 SCPO Powell Chuck Summerville SC
1982 SK Hendrick Ann
1983 EM Burch Billy Charlotte NC
1983 SK Thorpe Bryant Brunswick GA
1984 MCPO Fosbinder David Orlando FL
1986 Wichlan Kim St Louis MO
1986 EN St John Angela Ludington MI
1987 BM Bailey Chris Pensacola FL
1989 SN Craddock Janene Plano TX
1990 CPO Mcloud Cliff Kings Bay GA
1991 MM Lewis Robert Buffalo NY
1992 CPO Cava Freddy Philippines FL
1992 HT Cropp Sharon Tallahassee FL
1992 MR Neal Eric Lolita TX
1992 MS Tatum Donna Oark AR
38 GM Budzaj Zygmond Pawtucket RI





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