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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1988 CPO Calverley David St. Petersburg FL
1988 CPO Junger Erich Los Angeles CA
1988 CPO West Bud St. Charles MO
1988 EM Mori Timothy Greensburg PA
1988 EM Watson Harry Cumberland RI
1988 ET Lettrich Matt Groton CT
1988 MM Grimley Jon Carlisle PA
1988 MM Musselman Carl Sioux City IA
1988 MM Quinn John Pascagoula MS
1988 MM Sands Don Martinsville VA
1988 SCPO Rickman Robin Mapleton OR
1988 YN Wyatt Perry Valdosta GA
1989 CMDR Normand Paul Kennebunk ME
1989 ET Bohannon Jack Cornelia GA
1989 ET Yates Hugh Hendersonville TN
1989 LCDR Tucholski Ed Buffalo NY
1989 RM Boheim Fred Palmyra NJ
1989 ST Alexander Aundra Camp Springs MD
1989 ST Alexander Aundra Camp Springs MD
1989 ST Alexander Aundra Camp Springs MD
1990 ET Ford Doug Concord CA
1990 IC Doss Dustin Jupiter FL
1990 IC Wats Marc Hampton VA
1990 MCPO Caron David Biddeford ME
1990 MCPO Holcomb Keith Detroit MI
1990 QM Ashbee Brian Bakersfield CA
1990 RM Woodward Ken (woody) Prescott AZ
1990 SCPO Corman Matt Nicholasville KY
1990 YN Schneweis Anthony Claflin KS
1991 Maniochi Vincent --
1991 CPO Buechel Michael St. Louis MO
1991 MM Kahler J. Scott Tuscaloosa AL
1991 MM Wood John Burlington VT
1991 ST Barclay John Sterling Heights MI
1991 ST Carter Jimmy Hawley TX
1992 EM Hanrehan Robert Chicago IL
1992 EM Quinn Scott Peoria IL
1992 IC Mcgarry Jason Salisbury CT
1992 MM Kulwicki Scott Toledo OH
1992 MM Paonessa Shawn Napa CA
1992 MM Paonessa Shawn Napa CA
1992 QM Wenzel John Monroe MI
1992 SCPO Johnson Harold Detroit MI
1993 CPO Riddell John Summerville SC
1993 ET Brown Jason Tucson AZ
1993 ST Class Tomas Chicago IL
1994 ET Finley Nicholas St. Louis MO
1994 ET Harris Kenneth Newark NJ
1994 MM Letoile Gerard Auburn IN
1994 MM Mobley Theodore Washington DC
1995 ET Lloyd Aaron Eveleth MN
1995 MCPO Belluscio Anthony South Kingstown RI
1995 MM Thrash Michael Lockhart AL
1995 MM Tompkins Charles Mansfield TX
1995 YN Chance James R. Warsaw IN
1996 ET Benner Christopher Orange CA
1997 EM Noble Robert Stone Mtn. GA
1997 ET Cruanes Tony New Orleans LA
1997 ET Dau Steven Milltown WI
1997 FT Miskowski Scott Springfield MO
1997 FT Shaw Billy New York NY
1997 MCPO Mitchell Stephen Laconia NH
1997 MM Mersereau James North Conway NH
1997 YN Versandi Chris Commack NY
1998 EW Peters Matthew Kirby VT
1998 MM Hughes Michael Canterbury CT
1998 RM Torresin Robert Waukegan IL
1998 TM Glade Mike San Antonio TX
1998 TM Hurt Steven Laporte IN
1998 YN Brister John (bubby) Baton Rouge LA
1999 EM Hawes Christopher (Derek) Baton Rouge LA
1999 RM Watson Chad Winfield KS
2000 ET Brown Courtney Chicago IL
2000 ET Vinson Michael Dallas TX
2000 MM Hornedo Josean Hartford CT
2000 MS Stephenson Scott Mira Loma CA
2000 SCPO Schlimgen Keith Waukesha WI
2001 CPO Skipper Robert Euless TX
2001 ET Vinson Michael Dallas TX
2001 FT Bristol Paul Melbourne FL
2001 YN Lyon Jared Carver MA
2002 FT Carvajal Jose Tampa FL
2002 MM Christensen Wesley Titusville FL
2002 YN Ramirez Michael Newport News FL
2003 EM Woods Anthony Falmouth MA
2003 ET Farr Jeremy Meraux LA
2004 CS Groves James Sulphur Springs TX
2004 MM Carpenter Chris Marietta OH
2005 TM Pagan John Hoboken NJ
2007 CPO Tweedy Chuck Tishomingo OK
2014 RM Anderson Cody Roseau MN
2014 RM Glass Brandon Glasgow KY





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