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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1973 CPO Davidson Charl (Dave) Va Beach VA
1973 CPO Soper George Cocoa FL
1973 EM Taylor Jerald (jerry) Fairmont WV
1973 EM Taylor Jerald (jerry) Fairmont WV
1973 EM Taylor Jerald (jerry) Fairmont WV
1973 EM Wolfe Warren Coloma MI
1973 ET Adams Steve Valdosta G
1973 ET Pando Fred Orlando FL
1973 IC Price Robert Decatur IL
1973 LCDR Murray Tom Mckinney TX
1973 LT Church Larry Newport News VA
1973 MM Hackett George Nashville TN
1973 MM Mitten Bill Lake Oswego OR
1973 SCPO Curtis Paul Clermont FL
1973 ST Gulrud Douglas Madison WI
1973 ST Peoples Elmore Winston-salem NC
1974 ET Hogan Mike Marblehead MA
1974 MM Headden Brian Nampa ID
1974 MM Hicks Robert Middletown NY
1974 MM Lindberg Tom Spokane WA
1974 MM Mcvicar David Lompoc CA
1974 MM Vipond Dennis Cumberland MD
1974 QM Vaughan Jamie Michele Richmond VA
1974 RM Lee Gregory Tacoma WA
1975 IC Wolcott Ron New York NY
1975 MM Messick Charles Evans GA
1975 QM Michael Broome
1975 QM Spangler Robert Mesquite TX
1975 RM Amann Tom Virginia Beach VA
1975 RM Cole Steve Haysville KS
1975 RM Eicher Larry Seguin TX
1975 RM Spaulding Tim Santa Clarita CA
1975 YN Taglioli George Lakewood CO
1976 EM Turner David Lecanto FL
1976 LCDR Stanley David Bridgeport CT
1976 LTJG Jacobi
1976 MM Gillard Douglas Palmdale CA
1976 MM Hagley Michael Huntington WV
1976 MM Oleary Patrick Los Angeles CA
1976 RM Cole Terry Haysville KS
1976 SCPO Curtis Paul Clermont FL
1976 ST Buscemi Gerald Lantana FL
1977 CPO Brady Tony Hermosa Beach CA
1977 CPO Tabije William Aiea HI
1977 ET Riley Jeff Newark OH
1977 IC Self David Cincinnati OH
1977 MM Bussie Chuck Beloit WI
1977 MM Chapman Doug Raleigh NC
1977 MM Pharr Alan Atlanta GA
1977 QM Young Kenn Tampa FL
1977 ST Griffin Darrell St Paul MN
1977 ST Sanchez Henry New York NY
1978 FT Langford Pete Grand Junction CO
1978 MM Cooney Robert Little Rock AR
1978 RM Drohan Miceal Monrovia CA
1978 SCPO Mccoy Robert Bone Cave, TN
1979 EM Scott Terry Celina TN
1979 ET Schneider Allyn Champaign IL
1979 LCDR Walker Frank T. Princeton MO
1979 MM Agney Kelly Shelbyville IL
1979 MM Gjertsen Harald Brooklyn NY
1979 ST Scott Timothy San Diego CA
1980 ET Wilson Darrell Mobile AL
1980 FT Ross Joe Colorado Springs CO
1980 MM Gamble Charles Brodhead KY
1980 MS Cantarini Rudy Nyc NY
1980 SN Dennis Eric Queenstown MD
1980 ST Clement Gary San Diego CA
1980 ST Clement Gary San Diego CA
1980 ST Gray Gary Lebanon OH
1981 EM Pate Scott Bloomington IN
1981 EM Schroud Paul Menominee MI
1981 ET Orand Cloise Honolulu HI
1981 ET Whitlatch Robert Parkersburg WV
1981 QM Royal Bernard New Orleans LA
1981 RM Speanburg Michael Lawrenceville GA
1982 IC Kruppa Gene Pleasanton CA
1982 MM Lewis Jesse Guymon OK
1982 SM Muniz Jaime West Paterson NJ
1983 CPO Meherg Michael Colorado Springs CO
1983 EM Graham Jim Wichita Falls TX
1983 ET Machala Mark Cupertino CA
1983 MM Whitehead Rusty Knob Noster MO
1983 QM Bolinger Jeff Albuquerque NM
1983 RM Wilcher M. Zach Jamaica NY
1983 RM Wilcher M. Zach Jamaica NY
1983 SK Hubert Al Bay Shore NY
1983 TM Hagan Vernon Houston TX
1984 CPO Shedd Gary Windsor NY
1984 DS Stanford Jim Rockford IL
1984 ET Carroll R. Scott Fairmont WV
1984 RM Turner Harry Moselle MS
1984 SK Barker Adam Mansfield TX
1984 SK Barker Adam Mansfield TX
1985 CMDR Stanley David Bridgeport CT
1985 CWO Uhl Ron Athens PA
1985 ET Beckman Matthew St. Louis MO
1985 IC Barlow Mike Georgetown DE
1985 IC Rogers Daniel Wadsworth OH
1985 MM Case Keith Akeley MN
1985 MM Menichelli John Cabazon CA
1985 TM Simmons John Alamogordo NM
1986 CPO Ahnen John Bayfield WI
1986 CPO Miller Larry West Jordan UT
1986 EM Lundvall Steven Howell Twnsp NJ
1986 ET Powers Scott Canyon TX
1986 MM Finger Donald Atwater CA
1986 MM Kimmel Tom Vashon WA
1986 SCPO Layton John Bremerton WA
1987 CMDR Eldridge John Clearwater FL
1987 CPO Kern Steven Albion IA
1987 ET Dickenson Dan Baton Rouge LA
1987 MM Kientz Gary Brownsburg IN
1987 ST Blakey James Springfield MO
1988 MM Crozier Roger Phoenix AZ
1988 TM Richardson Frederick Gray GA
1989 MCPO Kennedy David Santa Rita GU
1989 TM Jamison Donovan East Cleveland OH
1990 EM Norman Paul Mount Dora FL
1991 ST Hamkens Thomas Bismarck ND
1993 MM Wesley Nick Mauston WI
1994 MM Schutter Jeremy Herminie PA
1994 SK Turner Chris Waterloo IA
1995 EM Smith Stephen San Diego CA
1996 MCPO Kidwell John Indianapolis IN
1996 MM Bishop Aaron Valley City ND
1996 MM Epping Joseph Hershey NE
1996 SCPO Snider Jeff Richmond VA
1996 SK Fetter Andy Bedford PA
1996 ST Sweatland Ron Atlanta GA
1996 ST Williams James Orlando FL
1996 TM Sharp Randall Morse Sharp Dallas TX
1996 TM Sharp Randall Dallas TX
1998 CPO Curtis James Nyc NY
1998 EM Brannan Thomas Roma TX
1998 MM Ariizumi Mark Los Angeles CA
1998 MM Marshall Clayton Tomball TX
1999 ST Sutton Jeremy Tipton IN
2000 CPO Sakai Karl Hilo HI
2000 ET Adams Steve Valdosta G
2000 ET Verrelli Jack Brooklyn NY
2000 MM Shimer Robert Creston IA
2000 MS Adams Mark Baton Rouge LA
2001 ET Lasher Matt --
2002 MM Benson Elijah Sacramento CA
2003 MM Hartzell Chase Truckee CA
2003 YN Hollinger Joshua Warsaw IN
2004 MM Ines Jay Jay Oxnard CA
2005 TM Phillips Robert Millbrook AL
2006 ET Lahourcade Matt Dallas TX





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