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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 ET Clark Don Palm Bay FL
1949 TM Ausborn Howard Aberdeen MS
1950 QM Mcguire Al Pecksville NY
1952 TM Hammons Eddie Fayette AL
1953 IC Huntington Budd Lancaster CA
1954 RM Joy Ed Jonesboro IN
1955 CPO Young Thomas Syracuse NY
1955 CPO Young Thomas Syracuse NH
1955 EM Holden Frank Hanford CA
1955 EN Rodin Harold Xenia OH
1955 ET Anderson Eric Riverside CA
1955 LTJG Baciocco Albert San Francisco CA
1956 QM Hunt Glen Santa Monica CA
1956 QM Hunt Glen Santa Monica CA
1956 SO Borman Larry Ellsworth KS
1957 EN Branham Earl Williamstown KY
1957 IC Bryant Robert Decorah IA
1957 IC Teyema Kenneth Chicago IL
1957 QM Lyon Keith Portland OR
1957 SN Esquig Solomon San Fabian, Pangasinan PI
1958 IC Woodard Vernon Foley AL
1958 QM Thompson Richard Sugar Ridge OH
1958 SGT Kitt Edgar Andrews IN
1958 YN Brooks Bruce Berkley CA
1959 EM Van Vranken Jim Turlock CA
1959 IC Stults James David North Vernon IN
1959 MM Sims Stan Tempe AZ
1959 QM Cook Stan Honolulu HI
1959 QM Cook Stan Belfair WA
1959 QM Powell Gary Lebenon OR
1960 EN Gafa Al Brooklyn NY
1960 ET Jones Richard L. Niagara Falls NY
1960 IC Gee James Stockdale TX
1960 LCDR Lewis J.T. --
1960 LT Mclane Michael Elmhurst IL
1960 MM Bloch Steve (roy) St. Louis MO
1960 SO Taylor Kent Wichita LA
1960 SO Taylor Kent Wichita KS
1960 SO Verke Robert Churchs Ferry ND
1961 EM Grogan Bob Freeport NY
1961 ET Albert George Brooklyn NY
1961 IC Tarpy Patrick Andrew Toledo OH
1961 QM Bradford Bobby R. Odessa TX
1961 QM Cook Stan Belfair WA
1961 SK Freitas Gabriel Oahu HI
1962 EN Weiss Allan Los Angeles CA
1962 ET Tuper Edward Windsor CT
1962 QM Cunniff Dick Boston MA
1962 RM Hill Clark Rock KS
1962 SO Steffy Leon Los Angeles CA
1962 TM Roberts James L. Loomis CA
1963 EM Hyer Roland (flaxen) Warden WA
1963 EN Hickman Jerry (beaver) Petoskey MI
1963 ET Eckerman Jim San Jose CA
1963 ET Mooney Dan Glenwood Springs CO
1963 MM Mckay Jerry Big Timber MT
1963 RM Brown Ray (charlie Brown) Magnolia TX
1963 TM Council Calvin Durham NC
1963 TM Maximo Joseph Simi CA
1963 YN Cunningham Douglas Hayti MO
1964 EM Aton Jim Benicia CA
1964 EM Deal Roy Mt. Carmel IL
1964 ENS Bollinger Johnny St. Louis MO
1964 FN Peck Eldon Vermilion OH
1964 IC Luczak Jerry New Boston MI
1964 SCPO Nicklason Don Roseburg OR
1964 ST Foster Stephen San Diego CA
1965 ET Smeltzer Ronald Bellefonte PA
1965 FT Reek Ron Kirkland WA
1965 YN Lunday Leroy Rocky Ford CO
1965 YN Taggart Erenie
1966 EN Hirschenberger Bill Saginaw MI
1966 EN Kingsbury Joe Cranston RI
1966 ET O Neill Richard Gig Harbor WA
1966 RM Armstrong Wayne Northridge CA
1966 ST Boatman Eugene Walla Walla WA
1967 TM Galbraith Daniel Gaylord MI
1967 TM Johnson John F Bagley MN
1967 YN Omalley Richard Brookfield WI
1968 RM Hartshorn Robert Lynn MA
1968 TM Fink Ralph Columbus IN
1969 CS Tucker Lawrence Newport OR
1969 EM Daly Mike San Diego CA
1969 FT Channing Richard Santa Cruz CA
1969 QM Terrell Gary Conroe TX
1969 RM Mickey Dallas Cave Junction OR
1969 RM Roberts George Indianapolis IN
1969 RM Roberts George Indianapolis IN
1969 TM Ausborn Howard Aberdeen MS
1969 TM Ausborn Howard Aberdeen MS
1969 TM Ausborn Howard Aberdeen MS
1969 TM Howe Frank Nampa ID
1969 YN Scott Elmer Hebron IN
1970 EM Holt Doug Bisbee AZ
1970 EM Mike Leach Yukon OK
1970 LTJG Kennedy Robert Chicago IL
1970 MM Morrison Kenneth Portales NM
1970 MM Toth Kevin R Yonkers NY
1970 SCPO Tomlin Sherrill (tom} Soap Lake WA
1970 SK Bartholomew Tom St. Paul MN
1970 SK Mcwilliams Donnis Deridder LA
1970 TM Hughes Maddog Cleveland OH
1970 YN Meek Rusty Manchester CT
1970 YN Meek Rusty Manchester CT
1971 Robertson Chuck
1971 CPO Thomas Harry H. Buckner IL
1971 CS Brantley Alan Burlington NC
1971 IC Heron Bill Oakdale PA
1971 LCDR Kolata John Kewanee IL
1971 ST Bittner Jeff Somerset PA
1972 CPTN Bob Lyle Florida FL
1972 ET Gilliland Bobby Eagleville MO
1972 ET Marshall Paul Aurora CO
1972 IC Moore Peter Grand Lake Stream ME
1972 LT Naughton Michael Chicago IL
1972 MM Shields John New Albany IN
1973 LTJG Friedel John Fond Du Lac WI
1973 QM Suedkamp Ed Adrian MN
1973 TM Kikis Jim New Braunfels TX
1974 EM Carter Richard Decatur IL
1974 QM Smith Bill Saugus CA
1974 RM Donohoo Lucky Royal AR
1974 SK Vanderheiden Andy Modesto CA
1974 TM Kikis Jim New Braunfels TX
1975 EN Hudson Bob Wellington TX
1975 IC Toney Dennis Kearney MO
1975 ST Barton Wayne Colorado Springs CO
1975 TM Ploeckelmann Steven Manhattan Beach CA
1976 EM Gardner Richard Ft.worth TX
1976 MM Thomasberg John Zoomington MN
1976 MS Corpuz Gene Philippines HI
1976 RM Mckean Michael Saugus CA
1976 TM Langwell Randy Amarillo TX
1977 EM Miller Michael Cortland NY
1978 CPO Williamson Tom (Doc) New London CT
1978 EM Weimann Wally Mt. Dora FL
1978 EN Kinchi Dave Council Bluff IA
1978 MS Bell Earl Haverhil MA
1978 QM Warren Steven Topeka KS
1979 EN Ecker Erwin Lupton MI
1980 CPO Moe Norton Bremerton WA
1980 MM Wallace Leon Northwood NH





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