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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 -- Nolin Mike Nolin Canterbury NH
1940 CPO Fowler Leslie Winter Park FL
1941 CPO Porter Gerald Vestal NY
1942 GM Rohl Robert Saddle River NJ
1942 SK2 Todd Laverne (Bill) Naples FL
1943 -- Dunbar Otha Mt. Sterling IL
1943 BM Cummings John Chicago IL
1943 CPO Porter Gerald Vestal NY
1943 FC Dellagatta Sebastian Placerville CA
1943 GM Anderson Donald (andy) Canton IL
1943 LT Metzler H. Frank Albuquerque NM
1943 MM Gifford Donald Fairhaven MA
1943 PFC Shreve Junior Lee Marshall MI
1943 PFC Shreve Junior Lee Marshall MI
1943 PFC Shreve Junior Lee Marshall MI
1943 SC Berry Floyd Waverly PA
1943 SF Calabro Frank San Antonio TX
1943 SO Cinque John Philadelphia PA
1943 SO Cohan Richard Uniondale NY
1943 TM Archibald Charles Columbus OH
1943 WT Crail Harry Ford City PA
1943 WT Stelly Albert Ray Beaumont TX
1944 EM Steffins Donald Omaha NE
1944 ET Jensen Ivan Madison SD
1944 SF Laurie Theodore Centennial Hegiths MI
1944 TM Langlois William Muskegon MI
1945 -- Chan Henry Oakland CA
1945 FC Clark Denzil Anoka MN
1950 BT Fail Sidney
1950 BT Stokes Myron Deer Creek MN
1951 BM Nick Eli St. Paul MN
1951 BT Sanchez Fred Pittsburg CA
1951 BT Sanchez Fred Pittsburg CA
1951 FN Barge Howard New Castle PA
1951 FT Barge Howard PA
1951 FT Nevins Harland Nevins Lansing MI
1951 QM Lawson Donald Swainsboro GA
1951 QM Lawson Donald Blackville SC
1951 RD Mone J J NY
1951 RD Skiba Ronald Utica MI
1951 RM Carey Mel Fort Worth TX
1951 RM Carey Mel Fort Worth TX
1951 SO Munson Bill Sunnyside WA
1951 TE Westberry David Arcadia FL
1952 BT Fail Sydney New Port RI
1952 BT Wood Samuel Beaver Falls PA
1952 FT Ward Harold Carteret NJ
1952 FT Ward Harold Carteret NJ
1952 GM Heck Robert Riverside NJ
1952 GM Luke George Beaver Falls PA
1952 MM Mattern W Omaha NE
1952 QM Brown Roger Port Byron IL
1952 RD Dan Coccia OH
1952 SCPO Wilson Howard {moe} Pittsburgh PA
1953 -- Thatcher Clyde Mooresville IN
1953 CPTN Pflugheber Edward Dexter NY
1953 GM Carinci Geno Steubenville OH
1953 MM Bailey Alfred North Brunswick NJ
1953 SCPO Hulse Richard Islip NY
1953 SO Irish Dwight Buffalo, WY
1953 SO Jack Powell NJ
1954 LTJG Maclellan Neil Larchmont NY
1954 QM Hyers Calvin Waycross GA
1954 SC Wilkerson AL
1954 SO Panas Charles Billerica MA
1955 CPO Mette Don --
1955 EM Griffiths John Camden NJ
1955 EM Lem Charley
1955 EM Roberts Rex --
1955 LTJG Pearson Everett Pawtucket RI
1955 LTJG Schmid Karl Franklin TN
1955 MM Graves Charles Shreveport LA
1955 MM O Black Frank
1956 BT Shaeffer Bill Philadelphia PA
1956 EM Cantwell Tom New York NY
1956 EM Gagliardo Bob IL
1956 EM Mangarell Ed New York NY
1956 EN Walker Jim Nacogdoches TX
1956 IC Rosenquist Lee Willmar MN
1956 RM Linsley Russell West Haven CT
1956 SO Bennett Harry L Bethany IL
1956 SO Cantele Marc Philmont NY
1957 BT Gaffney Rochester MN
1957 BT Kretsch John New Ulm MN
1957 ET Mangold Robert Greenville NY
1957 FT Sanders James Minneapolis MN
1957 GM Kendrick Gene Mcandrews KY
1957 LTJG Elliott Ensl Thomas J. Milford CT
1957 LTJG Stott Dick Goffstown NH
1957 PN Lee Robert Lowell MA
1957 RM Kern Craig Waterloo IA
1957 YN Berzansky Charles Joseph Alverda PA
1957 YN Berzansky Charles Alverda PA
1958 BT Barr Dale Easton PA
1958 BT Freeman Ronald --
1958 BT Miller Joseph S. Philadelphia PA
1958 EN Syler Nelson Massillon OH
1958 FN Guris James Herkimer NY
1958 SO Taber Rudy Milan IL
1959 -- Nolin Mike Nolin Canterbury NH
1959 CPO Hauge Robert Minneapolis MN
1959 ET Vogt Morrison (morry) Hurley NY
1959 QM Taber George Glen Saint Mary FL
1960 LT Lyons Daniel New York NY
1960 LT Lyons Daniel New York NY
1960 MM Bouchie Donald Rocklin CA
1960 SCPO Kelley George Philadelphia PA
1961 BM Boaz Thomas Berwyn PA
1961 BM Dilling Bill Crumpton MD
1961 BM Mansfield Robert Jacksonville FL
1961 CMDR Salva Fedor Mcmurray PA
1961 FT Nitchman Peter Schenectady NY
1961 GM Mossuto Samuel Jacksonville FL
1961 HM Williams Jerry Sheffield AL
1961 LT Lyons Dan
1961 MM Fickeria Dominick New York NY
1961 MM Mcgee Richard Augusta GA
1961 QM Seagrist Larry Camp Hill PA
1961 SM Gates Joseph Columbia SC
1961 SN Boaz Thomas Berwyn PA
1961 SN Boaz Thomas Jacksonville FL
1961 SN Hartney Curtis Jacksonville FL
1961 SN Wetherell William Jacksonville FL
1961 SO Preshaw Charley San Jacinto CA
1962 BM Raesemann Bob Jacksonville FL
1962 MM Clelland Bill Linden MI
1962 SN Taylor Frankie Warner Robins GA
1963 BM Frost Carl Sumiron AL
1963 EM Bayman Nicholas Dayton OH
1963 MM Benson Robert Roseville MI
1963 SN Prichard Jack Cincinnati OH
1963 YN Gulbranson Maynard Alexandria MN





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