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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1953 BM Bryant Harry Louisville KY
1953 BM Bryant Harry Louisville KY
1953 BM Bryant Harry Louisville KY
1953 BM Bryant Harry Louisville KY
1954 AM Craig Charles Nacagdoses TX
1954 AM Lenderink Garret CO
1959 AT (the Bat) Batnick Mike San Jose CA
1959 AT Batnick (the Bat) Mike San Jose CA
1962 AE Sullivan Robert L Arcata CA
1962 AT Becker Ronald Adrian MI
1962 AT Hayes Donald Oaklznd, Ca CA
1962 AT Willams Jim Spooner WI
1963 AN Mayes Louis Galveston TX
1964 AD Radich Jay Sacramento CA
1965 AT Warmack Carl New Smyrna Beach FL
1965 LTJG Livesay Holt Franklin VA
1967 AM Adams Sid Clovis CA
1968 AD Sczepaniak Bruce Peckville PA
1968 AE Lejeune Donald Lafayette LA
1968 AM Scofield Barry ( B.k.) Duanesburg NY
1969 AO Tolleson Fredrick Norwalk CA
1970 AD Straten Joseph Kent OH
1970 AT Withey Gary Fargo ND
1971 AO Stewart Ernest Miami OK
1972 AM Ekman Rick Raymond WA
1973 AN Jones John Simi Valley CA
1973 AO Lanier Alvin C Tavares FL
1973 AT Anderson Kenneth Harvard IL
1974 -- Cremer William Del Rio TX
1974 AK Findley John Louisville KY
1974 AM Bourassa Michael Richfield MN
1974 AM Grazian Thomas Santa Cruz CA
1974 AM Grazian Thomas Santa Cruz CA
1975 AO Bonisisio Michael Siny NY
1975 AO Haviland Charles Norwich CT
1975 AO Haviland Charles Norwich CT
1975 AO Wells Dennis Visalia CA
1975 HM Collins Chester Charenton LA
1975 PR Hackathorn Harold OH
1976 AQ Walsh Rick Jersey City NJ
1976 PR Nicholson James NM
1978 AO Thomas Steve Columbus OH
1978 AT Vincent William Amesbury MA
1978 PR Gauthier Larry Farmington MI
1979 AD Long Matthew Half Moon Bay CA
1979 AM Blain Robin Porterville CA
1979 AM Lux Ronald Chicago IL
1980 AD Veazey Jimmie Gtonzales LA
1980 AD Veazey Jimmie Gonzales LA
1980 AM Rhoades Thomas Bristol Township PA
1981 AD Sorich Steven San Jose CA
1982 AM Quiroga Reynaldo San Antonio TX
1982 AN Lessien Darren Coopersville MI
2008 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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