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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 AD Davis James Duncan OK
1957 SO Walker Paul San Diego CA
1959 AM Haase Howard Hinckley MN
1960 AD Albertson Alford Burlington CO
1960 AD Augustine Harold Savannah GA
1961 AD Johnson Marvin Rozet WY
1962 AX Ferguson Jack Prescott AZ
1963 AX Dacus Rick Brentwood CA
1963 AX Reigle Jim Lewistown PA
1964 AX Reigle Jim Lewistown PA
1965 AD Armstrong George Browning MT
1965 AT Magers Bobby Nashville TN
1965 AX Conner Lyman Burbank CA
1966 AD Lewis Arthur Bloomfield DE
1966 AT Daviso John Cleveland OH
1966 AT Synhorst John Sacramento CA
1967 AD Bracken Tom Keansburg NJ
1967 AE Rosado Hector Bronx NY
1967 AM Marrs Billy Bristol VA
1967 AM Schneider Richard St. Louis MO
1967 AM Semays Larry Las Vegas NV
1967 AS Cotton Richard Elizabeth NJ
1967 AS Cotton Richard Indianapolis IN
1967 AZ Rosado Dave Bronx NY
1968 AE Oxendorf Eric Milwaukee WI
1968 AS Rosado Rick Bronx NY
1970 AM Alter Jerry Sacramento CA
1970 AW Dorsey James Highwood MT
1971 AE Taylor Jason Troy NY
1971 AM Mccrone William Westville IL
1971 AT Fisk John Chino CA
1971 AW Lindsey Ron Lansing MI
1971 CPO Hogan Kenneth Chula Vista CA
1974 AM Dykman Allan San Antonio CA
1974 AM Dykman Allan San Antonio CA
1977 AD Williams Jerry Wichita Falls TX
1978 AE Sass Jim Portland OR
1978 AM Hutchinson Roger Molalla OR
1978 AX Sills Jim Camp Springs MD
1980 AT Gilbert Joe Indianapolis IN
1985 PR Marquardt Skip Cedarburrg WI
1986 CPO Skinner Robert (bob) Albuquerque NM
1987 AW Spaid Sammy Dry Guy Clearfield PA
1988 AW Rigaud Yogi Lafayette LA
1988 AW Rigaud Jean Lafayette LA
1989 CPO Hardmon James Chula Vista CA
1989 CPO Loveless Jeffrey Antioch IL
1994 QM Stowe Paul WI
1995 PR Bennett Shawn Sullivan IL
1996 O Brien Rich MA
1996 O Brien Rich Ware MA
1997 PR Vives Warren Philadelphia PA





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