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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 QM Lobello --
1949 QM Lobello Charles Cleveland OH
1949 SCPO Bilo Antonio Georgetown MA
1952 EN Mc Kinney Bill Harrison AR
1952 EN Mckinney Bill Harrison AR
1952 HM Svagdys Paul South Boston MA
1952 RM Dyson James Chicago IL
1952 RM Dyson James Chicago IL
1952 RM Dyson James Chicago IL
1952 SN Silva Joseph Providence RI
1955 FT Saclayan Frank New York City NY
1955 TM Shrader William Gruber TX
1956 EM Ackley Gene Peoria IL
1956 PFC Simpson Donald Needham MA
1956 QM Huntley Richard Cedar Rapids IA
1956 SO Frederick Joe Milton PA
1957 EN Conrad Richard Preston CT
1957 EN Lewis George Springfield MA
1958 EM Lussier Paul Southampton MA
1958 EM Ward Billy Demopolis AL
1958 FN Laplante Anthony [ Tony ] York ME
1958 QM Coughlin Dave Arlington MA
1959 EM Barr Ray Guyton GA
1959 EM Resurreccion Mario Sta Cruz Llaguna PI
1959 MM Craine John M. Shreveport LA
1959 MM Jones Folis Augusta GA
1959 RM Potter Ray (pete) Peoria IL
1960 ET Smith Daniel Lyons GA
1960 IC Phillips Preston Clio SC
1960 IC Phillips Preston (phil) Clio SC
1960 LTJG Brickell Charles Memphis TN
1960 MID1 Hamilton Ted A Salisbury NC
1960 TM Tagliarini Joe Tampa FL
1960 YN Tagliarini James Tampa FL
1960 YN Tagliarini James Tampa FL
1961 EM Adams Edward Little Bit Louisville KY
1961 EM Robinson Westly Concord NH
1961 ET Hatcher Larry Omaha NE
1961 ET Head Charles High Point NC
1961 ET Woodward "Grover C.Iii ""Wood Aiken SC
1961 ET Zaichkin John Douglas WY
1961 IC Slagle Jim Toledo OH
1961 MM Daffin Charles Panama City FL
1961 MM Stjohn Robert Norfolk VA
1961 RM Calloway Wendall S;partanburg SC
1962 EM Marietti Fred Price UT
1962 EM Marietti F.l. Rock Springs WY
1962 EM Marietti F.l. Rock Springs WY
1962 ET Head Charles High Point NC
1962 MM Becknell Tom Thomaston GA
1962 QM Freligh Bill Clearwater FL
1962 SK Daniels Charles M. West Frankfort IL
1962 TM Greene Jeff Greer SC
1962 TM Hummel Ki (stretch) New Orleans LA
1962 YN Bennett Bob Danville IL
1963 MCPO Dunn Larry Biscoe, Nc NC
1963 MM Arons Michael Riverside CA
1963 MM Luckey Thomas CO
1963 RM Disarno Joe Buffalo NY
1964 CPO Weise John Rockdale TX
1964 EM Dwelle Charles (bud) Rahway NJ
1964 EN Heitz Thomas Louisville KY
1964 IC Flockerzi Thomas Lynn MA
1964 QM Mccorkle Robert Greenville SC
1964 QM Rahn Charles Jacksonville FL
1964 QM Rahn Charles Raiford FL
1964 QM Woods Don Kenner LA
1964 ST Beggs Bill Baltimore MD
1964 TM Sokolowski Ray Pittsburgh PA
1964 TM Sokolowski Ray Pittsburgh PA
1965 EM Carabasi Ralph Phila PA
1965 ET Alturo Joseph Philadephia PA
1965 QM Skinner Robert Quincy IL
1965 QM Skinner Robert Quincy IL
1966 EM Tereshinski Henry Hamtramck MI
1966 RM Sizemore Gerald Decatur GA
1967 EN Gipson Simeon (hoot) Kansas OK
1967 ET Dial Doyle Little Rock AR
1967 IC Enoch Maynard Richmond VA
1968 CMDR Sabol Jr. Ernest "Jack" Norfolk VA
1968 EN Cogley Ronald Kittanning PA
1968 EN Drenner Herbert Linthicum MD
1968 EN Garner C.j. Houston TX
1968 ET Kegerreis James Vicksburg MS
1968 ET Kegerreis James Vicksburg MS
1968 ET Kegerreis James Vicksburg MS
1968 ET Kegerreis James Vicksburg MS
1968 FT Mccan Steve Houston TX
1968 MM Costanza John Shreveport LA
1968 SN Goldstein Barry Falls Church VA
1968 ST Monroe Dewey El Paso TX
1968 TM Herndon Bob Murray KY
1968 YN Eastham Jon Thurmond WV
1969 EM Flynn Timothy Long Beach CA
1969 EM Schlote Bob Nampa ID
1969 QM Lobello Charles Cleveland OH
1970 CPO Medina Roberto San Diego CA
1970 CPO Merritt Larry Wendell ID
1970 EN Hinman Ed Chandler IN
1970 IC Hardy Denis Milaca MN
1970 MM Pecorelli Joe Warren OH
1970 RM Sentelik William (fubar) Akron OH
1970 ST Thompson Hans Shoreline WA
1970 TM Gritten Fred Kingman IN
1970 TM Melao Joe Warwick RI
1970 TM Pellerin Peter Ft Pierce FL
1970 YN Kienitz John Mpls MN
1971 ET Bartlett Jack St Louis MO
1971 MM Hengerer Dan Hamburg NY
1971 SCPO Cox Bob Houston TX
1971 ST Lewis Everette San Antonio TX
1971 TM Darnell Dustin Newport Beach CA
1971 TM Hedberg Duane Bellingham WA
1972 CPO Clinefelter Gary Port Orchard WA
1972 LTJG Siple Roy Mclean VA
1972 MM Palmer Gordon Manchester CT
1972 SN Manus Bill Valinda CA
1972 SN Ralph Gary Sacramento CA
1972 SN Ralph Gary Sacramento CA
1973 IC Hall Don Phoenix AZ
1973 IC Koca Ronald North Platte NE
1973 IC Predmore Jerry Bellefontaine OH





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