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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1948 EM Lowe Bill Indianapolis IN
1950 QM Maury Sandor Memphis TN
1950 TM Mcintosh Robert Marblehead MA
1952 SN Smitty MI
1953 CPO Marquess Raymond Chicago IL
1953 RM Hines Ray Winchester VA
1953 RM Hines Ray Winchester VA
1953 SN Gorman Monte Napa CA
1955 IC Gibson Ron Minneapolis MN
1955 MCPO Roan Tom Rosemead CA
1956 EN Meader Richard Washington DC
1957 EM Chastain Bill Chattanooga TN
1958 EM Chastain Bill Chickamauga GA
1958 EN Swayne Mike Buffalo NY
1958 RM Watkins Tom Camden SC
1959 EM Chambers James Arabi LA
1959 EM Tetzlaff Donald Ripon WI
1959 EN Bivins James Brooklyn MI
1959 EN Burgess Dale Olympia WA
1959 SO Smith Benny Haleyville AL
1960 QM Owens Phillip Portage WI
1961 MM Land G Don Shelley ID
1962 FT Powell Thomas Rochester NY
1962 FT Senn Donald Columbia SC
1962 LTJG Lewis Harry Moorestown NJ
1962 MM Luther Ralph York SC
1963 ET Doyle Gerald Sugar Land TX
1963 ET Gregorich Joseph Ahmeek MI
1963 ET Smith Bruce Minneapolis MN
1963 IC Ingle Bob St. Louis MO
1963 RM Bruton Thomas Winnabow NC
1963 ST Faith Lonnie New Salisbury IN
1964 ET Mundy Carsie Gallatin TN
1964 ST Ferrara Richard New York NY
1965 FT Barksdale Glenn Atlanta GA
1965 QM Rahn Charles Raiford FL
1966 EN Connor Brian Jersey City NJ
1966 EN Denney Wendell St. Louis MO
1966 ET Anderson Paul Ashtabula OH
1966 FT Smith Oliver \ Houston TX
1966 MM Phil Hageman Danville IL
1966 ST Brower Charles South Whitley IN
1966 ST Clark John Bowie MD
1966 YN Fields Ronald Sound Beach NY
1967 Shivers Dale Charleston SC
1967 EM Cheney Dennis Park Rapids MN
1967 FTM Jones Ralph Raleigh NC
1967 ST Czerniak Jim Toledo OH
1967 ST Kluth Tom Silver Spring MD
1968 CPO Threatt Monty Collinsville MS
1968 EN Miller Charley Columbus OH
1968 EN Miller Charles Columbus OH
1968 EN Wright Dave Springville NY
1968 LT Robertson Jimmy Charleston SC
1968 SN Robertson Jimmy Charleston SC
1969 CPO Carney Paul Wooster OH
1969 EN Stock Vic Oak Ridge TN
1970 EM Jablonski Ed Long Island NY
1970 EM Summerall David Albany GA
1970 FT Friedel Barry Dallas Center IA
1970 IC Reifschneider Frank ?
1970 IC Reifschneider Frank ?
1970 IC Reifschneider Frank ?
1970 IC Ziegler Duane Sparta WI
1970 LT Charlton Chuck San Francisco CA
1970 QM Grube Steve Phelps NY
1971 FT Strout Richard Cincinnati OH
1971 SN Parker Gary Kansas City MO
1973 LT Gaffney Neil Barrington RI





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