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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 BM Powell --
1940 EM Protage Morris Binghamton NY
1941 CPO Barrowclough Bernard Yorktown RI
1941 EM Mccune Gerald Cedar Rapids IA
1942 -- Hinderager John Finley ND
1942 BT Goeffert Edward Kansas City KS
1943 Bennett Robert IA
1943 -- Morgan Donald A. Billings MT
1943 AS Kensel Richard Galesburg IL
1943 ENSN Protage Morrace Binghamton NY
1943 GM Berquist Kenneth Burlington IA
1943 GM Rountree Leslie Pocahontas AR
1943 GM Stroud Don Houston TX
1943 MM Cady Gordon Westfield MA
1943 PVT Protage Morrace Binghamton NY
1943 SF Suesz Verden Grand Island NE
1944 -- Stroud Don Houston TX
1944 CE Bright Doug Seabrook TX
1944 CE Whiteside Robert Pittsburg PA
1944 CPTN Wood Lester Virginia Beach VA
1944 EM Ajzk Ed Chicago IL
1944 EM Breyfogle Melvin Alta IA
1944 EM Kelly John Greenville RI
1944 EM Kreid Calvin Potlatch ID
1944 EM Lawrence Red ?? --
1944 EM Mccune Gerald Cedar Rapids IA
1944 EM Stoma Joe Lake Charles LA
1944 EM Struble John Scottville MI
1944 EM Syzmannski Matthew ?? --
1944 EM Wilkes Joe ? ??? --
1944 GM Engman Bill San Pedro CA
1944 MM Swenson Marlo Aberdeen SD
1944 MM Wade Dick Dodge City KS
1944 MM Wade Richard E. Dodge City KS
1944 RD Helton Joseph Elm Mott TX
1944 RD Scherer Bernard Levittown NY
1944 SM Bonnell Gordon Nashville TN
1944 TM Simard George Fall River MA
1951 BT Parker Bob Shreveport MD
1951 CS Green Houston Valdosta GA
1951 DK Wagstaff Reg Hemet CA
1951 DK Wagstaff Reg South Gate CA
1951 FC Carmack Jimmie Summerville MO
1951 IC Champagne Ed Lincoln,nh CA
1951 RD Erbst Fred Hasbrouck Heights NJ
1951 SM Brinlee David Plano TX
1951 SO Taylor Jack Oxnard CA
1951 TE Strickland Jack San Antonio TX
1951 YN English Samuel (Sam) St. Louis MO
1951 YN English Samuel St. Louis MO
1951 YN English Samuel St. Louis MO
1951 YN Macnaught Harold Washington DC
1952 CS Green Houston Valdosta GA
1952 CS Mckinley Virgil Perdido AL
1952 FT Lamantia Joseph Scottsdale AZ
1952 SM Meyer Leroy Clintonville WI
1953 BM Gobbo John San Diego CA
1953 BM Gobbo John San Diego CA
1953 RD Bayley Charles Omaha NE
1953 RM Weigel Charles Amite LA
1954 BM Cardwell Harry Eugene Kickapoo Reservation KS
1954 MR Ravizza Richard Berkeley CA
1954 SN Russell Julius Urania LA
1955 -- Rhyne Gary Belmont NC
1955 ET Finch Bill MT
1955 GM Sundberg Daniel Hibbing MN
1955 MM Dabbs Edward A. Kenilworth MD
1955 RD Haskin Dale Austin MN
1955 RD Hawkins Gordon Nashville TN
1956 -- Duderstadt Keith Austin TX
1956 BT Lay Gary Maple Valley WA
1956 CPO Latorra Benny Boulder CO
1956 DC Focht Richard Norristown PA
1956 EM Roberts Kenneth Ontario CA
1956 GM Austin Thomas Madera CA
1956 SH Bingham Gary Milford UT
1956 SM Smith Joseph Southaven MS
1957 BM Bell
1957 BM Gobo John
1957 BT Connel NC
1957 MM Weaver Thomas Columbus NE
1957 QM Meyer Fred Urbana IA
1957 SH Bingham Gary Milford UT
1957 SH Bingham Gary Milford UT
1957 SH Bingham Gary Milford UT
1957 SH Loften Frank
1957 SK Coufall Bruce Miami FL
1957 SN Rushlow Richard Trenton MI
1957 TM Cain
1957 TM Morris
1958 BM Creswell Michael (mike) Kansas City MO
1958 BM Gobbo John
1958 BT Abney Marvin Gretna LA
1958 MM Brownie William Pismo Beach OR
1958 MM Cooper Reverend Salem OR
1958 MM Cooper Rev C H Salem OR
1958 MM Gomez Joseph San Francisco CA
1958 RD Streiff William Trenton NJ
1958 RM Coughlin Ronald Columbus ND
1958 SN De Armond James Kansas City KS
1958 SN Shaw Harry Monterey CA
1959 LT Uhrig William Alhambra CA
1959 LTJG Haight Denny Bedford Hills NY
1959 MM Carron Howard Plattsburgh NY
1959 MM Carron Howard Plattsburgh NY
1959 RD Moon Wayne Blackduck MN
1959 SO Atwood Thomas Nsashville TN
1960 FT Shipley Guy Broken Arrow OK
1960 HM Calavan [doc] Don San Francisco CA
1960 RD Hammons Robert Grand Ronde OR
1960 SO Thrash Roy Premont TX
1961 BT Anderson Dennis Jefferson IA
1961 BT Chapman David Chicago IL
1961 BT Schiebel Curt Hector MN
1961 CMDR Robbins Frank San Francisco CA
1961 EM Katanic Joe --
1961 EM Murphy Bill San Francisco CA
1961 FN Spencer George NM
1961 FT Jursch Charles San Francisco CA
1961 GM Dean Wayne Riverview FL
1961 HM Byrnes Jim (doc) San Francisco CA
1961 IC Gonzales Richard Yuma AZ
1961 MM Precht Harold Denver CO
1961 MR Farmer Gene Paola KS
1961 MR Farmer Raymond Gene Shawnee KS
1961 MR Farmer Gene Shawnee KS
1961 MR Leaf Harvey Boston MA
1961 RD Bunte Larry Alamo CA
1961 RM Havlin Jim Kensington CA
1961 RM Honnold Fred Orinda CA
1961 RM Wallick William Longmire WA
1961 SN Baker Richard L Coos Bay OR
1961 SN Benson Thomas Council Bluffs IA
1961 SN Hagberg David Berkeley Ca CA
1961 SN Lucio Doane Sacramento CA
1962 EM Haggerty B.J. Bowlinggreen VA
1962 EM Haggerty Burlin Milford IN
1962 ET Huddleston Robert Atoka OK
1962 MM Batiste --
1962 MM Carter John Post TX
1962 MM Scheller --
1962 RD Hammons Bob Grand Ronde OR
1963 Pokrant Fredic Borne TX
1963 BM Smith Jerry Sacramento CA
1963 CWO Bell Kenneth G. San Mateo CA
1963 EM Crow Terry Wichita KS
1963 SN Rankin Richard F. Leaksville NC
1963 YN Davis Edward Williams CA
1964 MR Campbell William (tim) Palo Alto CA





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