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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 LT Thomas Daniel Nahunta GA
1951 AD Kilgus Don Fort Myers FL
1952 AT Creel Bill Nashville TN
1955 AD Duke Robert Lagrange GA
1960 AD Lord Ralph W Jacksonville FL
1960 AT Cox Roger W Pineyflats TN
1960 AT Wilhelm Ken Mooresville NC
1961 AX Lennon Larry Gladwin MI
1962 AE Magee Owen Hicksville L
1963 AX House Don Ringwood IL
1963 LT Ballew Robert (bob) Greenville SC
1965 AD Leon Bruce Queens NY
1965 AD Rhymes Len Garden City PA
1965 AE Rose Dennis Baltimore MD
1965 AM Moritz Michael FL
1965 AO Militello Peter Bay Shore NY
1965 AT Bandemier Sampson Arvada CO
1965 YN Sellards Harry L. Apopka FL
1966 AD Hescock Merle/Bud Jacksonville FL
1966 AD Miller Milton. D. Houston TX
1966 AD Miller Milton. D. Houston TX
1966 AE Agolini Gerald Virginia Beach VA
1966 AT Grynaviski Chet Bethlehem PA
1966 AT Moser William Bumpass VA
1966 AZ Gebhart Patrick Fort Wayne IN
1966 SCPO Barton Richard Worcester MA
1967 AD Grey James. (jim) Queens NY
1967 AD Grey James. (jim) Queens NY
1967 AE Bardsley Richard Hyattsville MD
1967 PR Cooper Gayle Pensacola FL
1968 AE Palardy Howard Miami FL
1969 AZ Killgore James Middlesboro KY
1971 AK Gloriosa George Chicago IL
1971 AT Hesler Joe Cantril IA
1971 AT Krumholtz Jay Medway OH
1971 AX Roach Tim Dayton OH
1972 AW Arnett Curtis St Louis MO
1972 AW Arnett Curtis St Louis MO
1972 AW Prather Richard Tyler TX
1972 AW Prather Richard Tyler TX
1973 AW Prather Richard Dallas Texas TX
1973 PN Rolen Earnest Springhill LA
1974 LT Burnes Mike Rome GA
1974 SCPO Steffen Gene Palisade CO
1975 CPO Smith Otho Bloomingdale OH
1978 AX Barney Bruce Spokane WA
1981 AD Griner Lenard Buffalo NY
1981 AM Villarini Gus Bronx NY
1981 AX Pressly David Knoxville TN
1982 AT Rustmann Henry Patchogue NY
1982 HM Muzquiz Philli P Iii San Antonio TX
1984 AT Rustmann Bill Patchogue NY
1985 AW Cates Kenneth Danbury TX
1987 AK Lehew Melody Aka Miki Bellview FL
1987 PN Stewart Elmer Troy KS
1989 AM Devine Pammy NC
1989 AX Bruneau John Nashua NH
1990 LT Mclean John Centerville MN
1991 AT Zachar Robert Owosso MI
1995 AW Orcutt Jason Kansas City MO
1999 RM Meabrod David Detroit MI
2000 CWO Melange Kurt Detroit MI





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