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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 AT Bruce Kevin --
1968 AM Briggs Jack El Paso TX
1968 AM Briggs Jack El Paso TX
1977 AD Rodriguez William Sacramento CA
1977 AO Harding Jesse Stevinson CA
1977 AO Jensen Jim San Jose CA
1979 AM Burckhard Mike Sturgis SD
1982 AT Davenport Kirk Exton PA
1985 AE Makurat Doug Madison WI
1987 AM Bellez Eddie Alameda CA
1987 AM Hammil James Star City AR
1988 AD Bennett Michael Granada Hills CA
1988 AM Jackson David Morenci AZ
1988 YN Flores Henry Santa Maria CA
1989 AO Cannon Stephen Brunswick ME
1990 AM Bailey Sean Malone NY
1990 AM Bailey Sean Malone NY
1990 AZ Rubel Dave Cumming GA
1991 AM Brooks Robert Tye TX
1991 YN Farlinger Darcy Spring Valley MN
1991 YN Sharff Rodney Hattiesburg MS
1992 AE Filidoro Jr. ( Fido) John Madison OH
1992 AN Hebert William East Point GA
1992 OS Mosley Scott Richland WA
1992 PN Ruiz Ray Houston TX
1993 AD Lewis Chris Edmond OK
1993 AD Norris Michael Eldorado KS
1993 AT Withee Robert Yacolt WA
1993 YN Trice Nathaniel Memphis TN
1994 AM Sheaffer Phil Olive OK
1994 AN Bishop Dan Miami OK
1994 AT Bishop Dan Manchester NH
1994 PN Wirtjes Michael Waterloo IA
1995 AM Leegaard Gary Osage IA
1995 AO Dow Peter Meriden CT
1995 AO Dow Peter CT
1995 AT Calkins Fran Florence SC
1996 AT Huddleston Nick Vergas MN
1996 AZ Loder Jeramey Twin Falls ID
1997 AK Bingham Shaine Baytown TX
1997 AZ Frechette Joanie Leominster MA
1997 IS Cheek Matthew Baltimore MD
1997 YN Grijalva Steven Selma CA
1998 AK Sealy Kelvin Brooklyn NY
1998 AO Miller Nic Frankfort IN
1998 AT Abernathy Tim Spartanburg SC
1999 AT Bruce Kevin --
2000 AE Gaffney Carey Charlotte NC
2000 AZ Demagalski Michael Portland OR
2000 FC Miller Kevin FL
2000 LT Bush Abe Trophy Club TX
2001 AN Colvin Jeremy Gilbert AZ
2003 AT Lahr Kurtis Bremen OH
2003 IS Herrera Crystal Seguin TX
2006 AD Abromaitis Carlos Chicago IL





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