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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1968 AK Herbert Arthur M. \ Southampton, Ny & Palm Beach, Fl NY
1968 AT Rostkowski Thomas Des Plaines IL
1972 AE Palacios Gregory San Antonio TX
1973 AT Dilliplane Jacob Yardley PA
1974 AM Bulanadi Joselito Chino CA
1976 AM Howard William Ft. Lauderdale FL
1981 AO Lugo Luis San German PR
1983 AE Gatz Timothy Jacksonville FL
1983 AQ Wright James Cincinnati OH
1983 AZ Duzenbery Brian Akron IN
1984 AD Hughes Isaac Irwinton GA
1985 AO Watkins Danny Mt Sterling KY
1985 AT Gray Robert Columbia TN
1985 AT Jackson Richard Randolph (#1) AL
1986 AE Mosely Steve Arcadia FL
1986 AZ Deaton Roger Oxford MI
1986 YN Coston Garry Sarasota FL
1987 AD Duffy William Seagrove Beach FL
1988 AK Strothers Calvin Suffolk VA
1988 AM Garrow Micheal Massena NY
1988 AM Jones --
1988 AM Parker Johnathan Manila AR
1988 AO Irions Kenneth Nashville TN
1988 AO Joniak John Palos Park IL
1990 AK Harwood Rusty Shelby MT
1990 AM Peroni Drew Dillsburg PA
1991 AN Long Christopher Dunkirk NY
1991 AO Werkmeister William Brandywine MD
1991 AO Werkmeister William Brandywine MD
1993 Merkel Steve
1993 AZ Adderholt Michael Tupelo MS
1993 AZ Saylor Jeff Orange City FL
1994 AD Holmes Matt Tampa FL
1994 AM Lindsey Jeremy Appling GA
1994 AN Coe Jason Corpus Christi TX
1994 YN Williams Brian Perryville MD
1995 AT Dickson Roland Starke FL
1995 CPO Hill Jimmy
1996 AD Bowes Mark Salem NH
1996 AE Joyner
1996 AO King Charles New Bern NC
1996 AZ Fink Greg St. Louis MO
1996 SCPO Cramer Bill Pittsburgh PA
1997 Alcantara
1997 AM Kongsayasane Somphone Sandy UT
1997 AN Davis Christopher Newport AR
1998 AD Hinojosa Gabr San A





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