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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 AO Conroy Mike CT
1963 AE Bernhardt Jack Canton NC
1963 AE Kyle Jack Houston TX
1966 LT Houserman Howard Seattle WA
1968 MCPO Regina Tom Pensacola FL
1969 AT Wright James Palmetto FL
1971 AM Hatfield Stanley Columbus GA
1974 AT Smith Michael Pocahontas AR
1987 AM Slater John San Diego CA
1989 AM Nguyen Phong Kirkland WA
1989 AM Nguyen Phomg Kirkland WA
1989 AO Day Stephen Anacortes WA
1989 AO Summers Darrick Tampa FL
1990 SCPO Disney Dennis Jacksonville FL
1991 MCPO Driscoll Michael New York City NY
1991 PN Montgomery Rick Portsmouth OH
1992 AM Linton Troy Denver CO
1992 AN Hemby David Jacksonville NC
1992 LTJG Landreneau Dj Titusville FL
1992 YN Varnado Deska Osyka MS
1993 DK Uytioco Fred Northridge CA
1994 AO Mahoney Jim Jacksonville FL
1994 PC Price Benjamin Highlandtown OH
1995 AD Amaro Pedro Bayamon PR
1995 AM Anzualda Roger Cuero TX
1996 AM Dignon Kenneth Bay Shore NY
1997 Tate Jeff Gainsville FL
1997 AD Jeffrie Charles AR
1997 AD Rodriguez Steve Norwalk CT
1997 AD Tate Jeff Gainsville FL
1997 AO Conroy Mike CT
1997 YN Bateman Dennis Baltimore MD
1998 AO Smith James Houston TX
1998 AT Lamping Cameron NV
1999 AE Lecates Matthew Havelock NC
1999 AO Friend Michael Modesto CA
2000 AM Hullings Edward NJ
2001 -- Fung Robin Queens NY
2001 AD Moya Arnaldo DE
2001 IS Badger Jennifer Fulton MO
2001 YN Trice Nathaniel Memphis TN
2003 AM Hall Ray Antigo WI





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