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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1970 AD Rogers Steve San Antonio TX
1970 AD Rogers Steve San Antonio TX
1970 PR Floyd Darell Seattle WA
1971 AO Hamel Greg Lincoln Park MI
1971 AZ Russell Jim Louisville OH
1971 SCPO Jorgensen Thomas Winter Park FL
1976 AM Cavanagh Earl Brattleboro VT
1981 SCPO Potts Philip Brooklyn NY
1982 AT Evans Michael Tallmadge OH
1986 AD Sklenicka Daniel Parrish FL
1987 AM Hillis Jimmy Fayetteville TN
1988 AE Zepp Renfred Gettysburg PA
1988 AT Chaney George B. Mountain Home AR
1988 PN Rader Jeff Oak Grove OR
1989 AM Chastain Jerry Walaska GA
1989 AO Barker Duane Akron OH
1990 AD Rocha Harvey Miami FL
1990 AO Knickerbocker Daniel Houston TX
1990 CPO Blincoe James Arl VA
1991 AM Martin David Princeton NJ
1991 AO Pernice Jim Brooklyn NY
1991 AT Smith Terry Kingsport TN
1992 AE Welsh Bill Alton NH
1992 AK Zambrano George Miami FL
1992 MCPO Hartig Curtis Douglasville GA
1992 SCPO Dunn Buck Woodbury GA
1994 AM Lee Randy St. Marys GA
1994 PR Langford Jennifer Conneaut Lake PA
1995 AM Mendez Jose Panama FL
1996 AE Johnson Cesar Calumet MI
1996 AO Davis Tyrone Eutaw AL
1996 AO Reeves Bobby Caruthersville MO
1996 AS Newsome William Detroit MI
1997 AE Albaugh Seth Murfreesboro TN
1997 AE Mcbride John The Woodlands TX
1997 AM Snuffer Thomas Albany MO
1997 AM Snuffer Thomas Albany MO
1997 AM Suggs Johnny Broomfield CO
1997 AM Vaught Steve Dallas GA
1997 SCPO Mangum Jim Gadsden AL
1998 AT Baca Keith Amarillo TX
1998 AT Hubert Michael Beaumont TX
1999 AD Dulock Chris West TX
1999 AD Shams Chris Li NY
1999 AM Dyer Christopher St.louis MO
2000 AD Jackson Dennis Decatur GA
2000 AK Clure Cynthia Jasper GA
2000 AK Clure Cynthia Jasper GA
2000 CPO Legarreta Charles San Bernardino CA
2001 AM Smith Michael College Park GA
2001 AT Lockwood Charles Deland FL
2001 AT Wilson Ray Los Angeles CA
2002 AD Williamson Jr. Derrall Arlington TX
2002 AO Cylke Jonathan Ellijay GA
2003 AE Childress Douglas Goochland VA





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