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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1960 AT Keeton George David Norfolk VA
1964 AO Dibuono Michael Marlboro MA
1965 AE Gunsch Edward N Staten Island NY
1968 AQ Whitney Awsome Al Austin TX
1970 LT Ribble Bill Washington C.H. OH
1975 AD Weis Ken Huntington Beach CA
1977 AD Bergadine Steve Norwalk CA
1979 AM Gravitt Russell Peoria IL
1980 AK Bonnstetter Bruce West Bend IA
1985 AD Herald Wayne Wintersprings FL
1985 AQ Olson Brian Lexington Park MD
1985 PR Dulude Damien Swanton VT
1986 AD Bragg Robert Pops Lakeland FL
1986 AM Breckenridge Russ San Antonio TX
1986 AM Stevens James Arp TX
1986 AO Austin Roger Red Wing MN
1987 AM Ashley Billy Doraville GA
1987 AM Bruner Bud Petaluma CA
1987 AT Rogers Victor Melbourne, Australia CA
1988 AD Wallace Andy Warren MI
1988 AM Goodmon Harold Wayne Eureka MO
1988 AM Sellers Clyde Cuba MO
1988 AM Zamora Jose Green Springs OH
1988 AO Southern Tony Harlingen TX
1988 AO Turner Tribbie Albemarle NC
1988 AS Morales Humberto Clinton MA
1988 AZ Smith --
1988 MCPO Eckelhoff Dan Scranton AR
1989 AD Wood Matthew Montgomery TX
1989 AZ Zimmerman Don Portland OR
1990 AE Gil Rick Las Cruces NM
1990 NC West Terrence Johnson City
1990 PR Patton Ronald Purvis MS
1991 MS Hubler James Republic MO
1991 PR Wall Thomas Livermore CA
1991 SN Belyeu Kurt Houston TX
1992 AM Delaney Larry Conroe TX
1992 AN Miller Craig Lauderhill FL
1992 AN Yost William Tucson AZ
1992 AO Miranda Lupe Houston TX
1992 AT Holt Jr Joe Kenneth Lake Havasu City AZ
1993 AO Jordan Trivell Chicago IL
1993 AO Jordan Travel Chicago IL
1993 AT Beals Patrick Corvallis OR
1994 AD Abromaitis Carlos Chicago IL
1994 MS Venturaherrera Rudy Los Angeles CA
1995 Manning --
1995 AN Miranda Julio (Joe) San Jose CA
1995 AN Ruscitto Jack Carrollton TX
1995 AT Beals Patrick OR
1995 CPO Cortner John Shelbyville TN
1996 AO Dutton Joseph Geronimo OK
1996 AO Little Chris Kansas City KS
1996 AT Roach Dave Danville VA
1996 AZ Goddard Bobby Tulsa OK
1997 AO Moore John
1997 HM Sullivan Tom Austin TX
1997 MS Obando Gerry Los Angeles CA
1997 YN Gyger Jeremy Carson City NV
1998 AT Boyer Jared Huntington Beach CA
1998 AT Harper Jon Kingman AZ
1998 LT Kochendarfer Kurt Bedford VA
1998 YN Phillips Jeff Puyallup WA
2000 CPO Werkmeister William Brighton TN
2001 AD Wiebers Michael --
2003 CPO Agundez Molly Pilot Rock OR
2003 CPO Agundez Molly Pilot Rock OR





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