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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 AE Downs Frank Tampa FL
1949 AQ Thompson William (Tommy) Three Rivers MI
1949 AQ Travis George Rome NY
1949 YN Sosa Louis Pueblo CO
1961 AD Conway Craig Mason City IA
1961 AM Keener Ken Atlanta GA
1962 AD Martin George Detroit MI
1962 AO Sloas John Shafter CA
1962 AO Underwood Robert Marion IN
1962 AQ Stimpson Don Saginaw MI
1963 AQ Barker Raymond Lexington MO
1963 CPO Jensen Marv Lewiston ID
1964 AD Roberts George Nowata OK
1964 AN Gaddy John Albemarle NC
1964 AO Goodale William
1964 AO Harris W.d.
1964 AQ Ayers Jim
1964 AQ Dickerson
1964 AQ Fenoglio E.j.
1964 AQ Fitzgerald
1964 AQ Hickerson Bill Bakersfield CA
1964 AQ Lewis Jim Palatka FL
1964 AQ Mccallister
1964 AQ Mead
1964 AQ Piercy Ken
1964 AQ Reiter Peter
1964 AQ White Jim Tacoma WA
1964 AT Demaray Bartley Bergland MI
1965 AE Irish Ronald Porterville CA
1965 AM Drabble Jack Bay City MI
1965 AN Gardner Richard Des Plaines IL
1965 AN Garrett Malcom TN
1965 AQ Mcallister Jerry NC
1965 AQ Mead Jay Los Angeles CA
1965 AZ Lippe James Plainfield CT
1966 AD Kiefer Orrin Fullerton CA
1966 AD Smith John Sandy UT
1966 AD Weinberg Arthur Franklin Square NY
1966 AM Blair Thomas Apalachin NY
1966 AM Haines Richard Fort Dodge IA
1966 AN Gardner Richard Des Plaines IL
1966 AQ Berra Chuck (Yogi) Fenton MI
1966 AQ Berra Chuck MI
1966 AQ Morris Robert Los Angeles CA
1966 AQ Smith William Reno PA
1966 AQ Thomas Alvin White City KS
1966 CPTN Rich (Chris) Son Of Richard AU
1966 PN Archer Gary Indianapolis IN
1967 AD Smith John R Sandy UT
1967 AN Christensen D. Fred Richfield UT
1967 AT Abernethy Keith Shamrock TX
1967 AT Clarkson Arnie Bluejacket OK
1967 YN Alexandroni Gerry Ironwood MI
1968 AM Friestad Dave Owatonna MN
1968 AQ Theimer John (Dick) Stafford VA
1968 CPO Lee Oliver Mcewen TN
1969 Esler James Chicago IL
1969 AB Martiniau Jim
1969 AD Lafoy Roy Cordova AL
1969 AD Limon Armondo
1969 AD Miller Paul Des Moines IA
1969 AD Norris Mike Carmel NY
1969 AD Sweeney Ted Winsted CT
1969 AD Van Hoosier James Jasper IN
1969 AM Yates Henry
1969 AO Downes Francis (buck) Jacksonville FL
1969 AO Dunn Dennis Massillon OH
1969 CPO Jones Richard Beardstown IL
1970 AD Forte Steve Mckinney TX
1970 AD Henricks Larry Delta OH
1970 AD Rich John Poway CA
1970 AD Springs Dennis San Antonio TX
1970 AD Williams Willie Walter Greenville MS
1970 AE Kerr Robert IA
1970 AQ Nienow Duane Minneapolis MN
1970 AT Kincheloe Donald Anchorage AK
1970 YN Mccloud Reginald Sioux City IA
1971 AE Reddick Glenn Atlanta GA
1971 AE Watson Michael Redding CA
1971 AM Hammons Michael Rome GA
1971 AM Toub Ernie Saddle Brook NJ
1971 AM Toub Ernest Paramus NJ
1971 AO Wolfe Don Gainesville TX
1971 AQ Singer Jim Chicago IL
1971 AT Horn Rick Broken Bow NE
1971 AT Thomas Ronald Phoenixville PA
1971 LTJG Malmgren Mike Denver CO
1972 AB Abercrombie Del Chowchilla CA
1972 AD Jones Gary Anaconda MT
1972 AD Schrader Dan Pasadena CA
1972 AE Browne Bill Fort Worth TX
1972 AE Wade Mike Longview WA
1972 AM Patton Joe Wabash IN
1972 AO Siangco Lennie Aiea HI
1972 AZ Sperry William Kent WA
1972 AZ Williams Anthony (Lex) Atlanta GA
1972 LCDR Haworth Jim Poway CA
1972 LCDR Snodgrass Carl AZ
1973 AD Crawford Billie Joe Texarkanas AR
1973 AD Robinson Calvin Homedale ID
1974 AD Triplett Kevin Lenoir NC
2005 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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