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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1960 AE Vangenechten Mickey Detroit MI
1962 AM Kist Chuck Twin Lakes WI
1962 AM Pummill Darrel Topeka KS
1962 AM Rolstad Jack Bloomington MN
1962 PN Keck Gary State College PA
1963 AD Parrott Jack Lufkin TX
1963 AM Spath Bill Syracuse NY
1963 AM Vanderhoof Darryl Mauston WI
1963 AT Schreiner Louis Pittsburgh PA
1964 AM Miner William St Louis FL
1964 AO Dutcher Tim Columbus GA
1964 AT Spradley William Tecumseh NE
1965 AD Hunt Donald Belfast NY
1965 AD Lysett Andy Alexandria VA
1965 AE Barfield Paul Moultrie GA
1965 AM Boyer Jim Cornwall PA
1965 AM Medeiros Ronald Bristol RI
1965 AM Medeiros Ronald Bristol RI
1965 AO Thiede Robert Denver CO
1965 AQ Carlton Ron Greece NY
1965 AQ King Frank Oroville CA
1966 AE Bryant Brian Danville VA
1966 AO Belstadt Tim North Tonawanda NY
1966 PR Cohen Jules Union NJ
1967 AM Slone Bill Arlington VA
1967 AQ Lamoray Larry Orlando FL
1967 LT Brubaker Terry Camp Hill PA
1967 LTJG Hill M.l. Pasadena CA
1968 AO Weightman Jay Fountain CO
1968 AZ Delellis Dave Philadelphia PA
1968 SCPO Suart Edward Ray St Augustine FL
1969 AD Bleakley Frank J Peekskill NY
1969 AK Campbell Robert (bob) Jeffersonville IN
1969 AQ Crutchfield Roger Dallas TX
1969 LT Putnam Frank Mcgraw NY
1970 AO Fisher Bruce Columbus NC
1970 AO Mcdaniel William (bill) Ninety-six SC
1970 CPO Perkins William Plymouth MA
1971 AD Berggren Fred (skip) Portland CT
1971 AK Dalton Mike Cleveland OH
1971 AM Campbell Harvey Philippi WV
1971 AM Fincher David Toledo OH
1971 AM Fincher David Toledo OH
1971 AM Tutt Phil ?
1971 PC Burroughs Jim Bridgewater Mass MA
1972 AD Fortner Richard Bloomington MN
1972 AM Kiracofe Doug Winchester VA
1972 AO Harmon James Augusta GA
1972 AT Gutkin Martin New York NY
1972 PC Quinn Mike PA
1973 AQ Bicknell David Indian Head MD
1974 AQ Davis Paul Roda VA
1974 AQ Dickens Art Roanoke VA
1974 AT Kimmell Tom --
1975 AM Royce David Billerica MA
1975 YN Warren Floyd Clarksville AR
1978 AM Espanol Eddie Cypress CA
1978 AO Bittler Don Miami FL
1978 AT Koenig David Warrenton VA
1980 AM Hardesty Skip Fairmont WV
1980 ENS Sayre Garrett Los Angeles CA
1980 ENS Sayre Garrett Los Angeles CA
1981 PN Wright Richard St Louis MO
1982 AT Stone Bruce Newton IA
1982 CPO Gravelle Nick Houlton ME
1983 LCDR Holston Tom Virginia Beach VA
1984 AO Mitchell Patrick Otisville MI
1984 AT Stack Timothy Parish NY
1984 AT Street Thomas Willoughby OH
1985 AT Byrd Timothy Danville VA
1986 AM Eder Timothy Shirley NY
1986 AM Sanz Peter Islip Terrace NY
1986 LT Gerling David Atlanta GA
1986 PH Millard Dennis Fergus Falls MN
1987 AM Ferschweiler Jeffrey Salem OR
1987 IS Hulen Darryl Columbia TN
1988 AM Tabacsko John Reynoldsville PA
1988 AT Tebbetts Michael San Diego CA
1989 AT Griffin Chris Austin TX
1989 SCPO Tersigni John Latham NY
1990 AD Nailor Paul Harrisburg PA
1990 AE Davidson Kenneth Pine Mountain GA
1991 PR Bergen Rick Glastonbury CT
1992 AK Ford Michael Grapeland TX
1992 AM Baker Brian Yukon OK
1992 AM Harris Michael Ocala FL
1992 AT Bullock Jeremy Lindon UT
1992 YN Beltran Daniel El Paso TX
1993 AK Abatsis Charles Virginia Beach VA
1993 AZ Shaffer Andre Greenville OH
1993 PH Kerr Paul Pensacola FL
1994 AM Hadley Scott Royal Oak MI
1995 AM Luttrell Anthony Xenia OH
1995 AO Odle Jason Charleston MO





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