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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1955 AD Merz Charles Buffalo NY
1956 AO Mowrey Ken Raymond WA
1958 AQ Cope Jerry Zanesville OH
1959 AE King Max Burlington IA
1959 AE Thompson Robert (bobby) Greenville SC
1959 AQ Wirts Robert Browndale PA
1960 PR James (jimmy( Rhodes Cleveland TX
1961 AD Adduci Martin Albion NY
1961 AD Shedd John Rutland VT
1961 AD Van Hoosier James Jasper IN
1961 AE Sims Stark Columbia SC
1961 AM David Jim Pittsburgh PA
1961 AM Schoolcraft Richard Ramsey NJ
1961 YN Pevey Fred Pembroke GA
1962 AM Spath Bill Syracuse NY
1962 AM Wilson John Lynn MA
1962 AO Riggs Larry L. Rockford IL
1962 AQ Faircloth Charles Fayetteville NC
1963 AD Sawyer Donald Taylor MI
1963 AM Roam Bob (rick) St. Louis MO
1963 AM Schaefer Ralph Cleveland OH
1963 AM Schyaefer Ralph Cleveland OH
1963 AM Williams Roger Artie WV
1963 AQ Purves Alex Saint Paul MN
1963 AT Gibson Jim (hoot) Atlanta GA
1963 PR Penevolpe Frank Bayville NJ
1964 AD Bennett Everett Marianna FL
1964 AE Dorsey Richard Cleveland OH
1964 AE Kirk Tom Panama City FL
1964 AT Miles Joseph Louisville KY
1964 AT Stinebuck Charles Harlingen TX
1965 AE Blankenship Ronald Wichita KS
1965 AE Madonia Anthony West Babylon NY
1966 AE Doyle Michael Detroit MI
1966 AE Madonia Anthony West Babylon NY
1966 AM Carta Mike Russell Springs KY
1966 AO Rabaglia Richard West Babylon NY
1967 AQ Bowles Frank Mobile AL
1967 AT Dalonzo Thomas Philadelphia PA
1967 AT Holder Tom Daytona Beach FL
1968 AD Smith Jimmy Valdosta GA
1968 AE Brownlee
1968 AE Oconnor John C Deposit NY
1968 AE Skipper William Allentown PA
1968 AM Mills Steve Everett MA
1968 AQ Eckstein Gerald Fayetteville NC
1968 AQ Martin Jim AR
1968 AT Curran Jim Penndel PA
1968 AT Curran Jim Penndel PA
1968 AZ Stater Rob Richfield WI
1969 AZ Prerost Bob Fox River Grove IL





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