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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1970 AD Curry Paul (kid) Pittsburgh PA
1971 AM Hull T J Pontiac MI
1971 AM Karasek Tony Charlotte NC
1971 AM Oisten Gene Okmulgee OK
1971 AO Hattis Larry Birmingham AL
1971 PR Bowers Alan Santa Rosa CA
1972 AD Hinsdale Howard Wayne PA
1973 AT Holmes John Benicia CA
1973 YN Sweeney Edward Denver CO
1974 AM Hudson Michael Tucson AZ
1974 AM Hudson Michael Tucson AZ
1974 AQ Weil Joe Ojai CA
1974 AZ Wilson Jim Aberdeen WA
1975 AE Cremeans Glen Poway CA
1975 AM Champagne Arthur Ellensburg WA
1976 AD Wynans Buzz Aberdeen WA
1976 AE Allen Bob Boston MA
1976 AM Romero Thomas Tucson AZ
1976 MCPO Diehl Bill Harrisburg PA
1976 SCPO Wass Mark Cincinnati OH
1977 AO Banks Dave Victor CO
1978 AD English Ken Wilmington NC
1978 AO Rodgers Jeffrey Newark NJ
1978 AO Rodgers Jeffrey Newark NJ
1979 AE Morgan John St. Joseph MO
1979 AT Achimasi Ted Poway CA
1980 AD Gutierrez Arthur Ontario CA
1980 AO Kyle Kevin Montebello CA
1980 AQ Mcniff Kevin Boston MA
1980 AT Lee Michael Deer Park TX
1981 AK Smith Mark Astoria OR
1981 AM Vaught Steve Dallas GA
1981 AO Ferguson , Fergie David San Antonio TX
1981 AO Thompson Tom Phoenix AZ
1981 AQ Leatherman Harold Roswell NM
1982 AK Calapit Victorino
1982 AM Justice Timothy Hamilton GA
1983 AD Pereira John San Fransciso CA
1983 AE Murray Mike San Diego CA
1983 AE Murray Mike San Diego CA
1984 AM Niederhaus Kim
1985 AD Esquibel Gary Los Angeles CA
1985 AM Valente Rene Douglas AZ
1985 AO Vasquez Sixto Mission TX
1985 AQ Steinlicht Michael Colfax IL
1986 AE Siegel Lauren Forest Hills NY
1986 AM Shira Craig San Antonio TX
1986 AO Boseke Robert Riverside CA
1987 AK De Sousa Henrique Oakland CA
1987 AK Tellez Oscar El Paso TX
1987 AM Chamberlain David Sherman TX
1987 AO Davis Jeffery San Bernardino CA
1987 AT Allen Jeff Hockessin DE
1988 AD Kreis Daniel Ashland OH
1988 AE Wertz Michael San Diego CA
1988 CPO Schlitz William Chicago IL
1988 SCPO Fields William Memphis TN
1989 AD Meighan Enrico Elmont NY
1990 AE Lodge Mark Bellevue OH
1990 AM Nieves Alan Staten Island NY
1991 AO Combs Douglas Davison MI
1991 AO Dietsche John Harrisburg PA
1991 AT Bozarth Robert Lancaster CA
1992 AO Farmer Donnie Philadalphia MS
1993 AM Mccormick Thomas East Meadow NY
2005 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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