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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 RM Beard Ronald Dearborn MI
1945 RM Beard Ronald Dearborn MI
1949 AE Mccormack John Killingworth CT
1949 AO Arnold Gary Denver CO
1960 AD Bean Rod Manhattan Beach CA
1960 AD Childers William Spokane WA
1960 AE Moser Ron Pittsburgh PA
1961 AD Abbs Ward Eldorado WI
1961 AD Childers Jerry Spokane WA
1961 AD Richards Don Tulsa OK
1962 AM Nielsen Jerry Willow Ranch CA
1962 AO Rogers Bill Napa CA
1963 AM Hoeft Larry Lake City MN
1963 AQ Violette Lawrence Rehoboth MA
1964 AK Raymond Robert Springfield IL
1964 AO Alvarez Ignacio San Diego CA
1964 AQ Wheeler Vernon Bangor ME
1964 YN Locke Gary Amarillo TX
1965 AE Cunningham Jack Brooklyn, NY
1965 AE Krug Donnie Wilburton OK
1965 AM Kelley John Grantsville UT
1965 AO Mitchell Glenn Deridder LA
1966 PN Rohren Lathan Utica NE
1967 AN Walker John Knoxville TN
1967 AQ Goff Charles Dallas TX
1968 LTJG Fisk Robert Oakland CA
1969 AN Saner Mark Omaha NE
1969 AN Saner Mark Omaha NE
1969 AO Johnson William Pocatello ID
1971 CWO Bewley Norman Oklahoma City OK
1972 AD Bolender Thomas Flagstaff AZ
1972 AO Smith Dan Phoenix AZ
1972 AQ Kortendick David Graham TX
1972 CPO Cavender Robert Chicago IL
1973 AD Coffman Doug Cedar Falls IA
1973 AE Gottke Ronald Philo OH
1973 AQ Hurndon Alfred Boulder CO
1973 PN Beierschmitt Paul Carlisle PA
1974 AM Day Craig Spokane WA
1974 YN Frost Loren Flint MI
1975 AB Sanders Terry Fort Wortj TX
1975 AQ Kearney John Hendersonville TN
1975 AT Polzella Thomas Buffalo NY
1975 AZ Burton David Chicago IL
1975 CPO Walker Douglas Red Lake Falls MN
1975 YN Johnson David Nome ND
1976 AD Lucas Marvin Corpus Christi TX
1976 AK Mitchener Timothy Goodhue MN
1976 AO Gray Dennis Lorain OH
1976 AZ Dunnom Douglas Madison MN
1977 AD Bixby Jeff Riverside RI
1978 AB Anderson John Waynesville NC
1978 AM Gomes Bob Hawaii HI
1978 AM Johnson Jerome Detroit MI
1978 AM Jones David Rochester NY
1978 AM Oria
1978 AM Pritchett Oria New Haven CT
1978 AM Pritchett Oria New Haven CT
1978 AS Schalk Mark Anchorage AK
1979 AD Brown Carl Cross City FL
1979 AD Dixon Daniel Memphis TN
1979 AD Dunbar James Ferriday LA
1979 AD Wilfong Lawrence Stlouis MO
1979 AD Wilfong Lawrence Stlouis MO
1979 AM Anderson Allem Troy MT
1979 AM Anderson Allen (andy) Troy MT
1979 AO Tappy Joseph Flint MI
1980 AD Wilfong Lawrence St. Louis MO
1981 AE Moore David Miami FL
1981 AM Curry John Mclean TX
1981 AM Reed Darrell Los Angeles CA
1981 AO Dunbar Howard Santa Barbara CA
1981 LT Tennyson Al Brooklyn NY
1982 AQ Goldsmith Thomas Ashland OH
1983 AO Deacon Michael Lakebay WA
1983 AO Perry Anthony Yukon OK
1983 AQ Yakum David Lenox Dale MA
1983 AT Sherman John Avon Lake OH
1983 PR Riva Dan Clinton MO
1984 AZ Edwards Kevin Ft Lauderdale FL
1985 AD Gorman Kurt Braintree MA
1985 AD Hill Alan Stlouis MO
1985 AM Clark Ron Ticonderoga NY
1985 AM Hicks Tony Boone NC
1985 AN Alcantara Edgardo Olongapo City PI
1985 AO Clark Douglas Lahoma OK
1985 AO Fischbach Eric Anytown NJ
1987 AD Sevening Anthony Chicago IL
1987 AM Loomis Brad Woodland WA
1987 AM Thiem James Ripon WI
1987 AS Omeara Thomas Tucson AZ
1987 AZ Horta Joseph San Jose CA
1988 AM Mose Resty Olongapo City PI
1988 AQ Steinike Steven Oshkosh WI
1988 AZ Garcia Carlos Los Angeles CA
1988 LCDR Tennyson Al Brooklyn NY
1988 YN Howard Bruce Moline IL
1989 AO Wetherhold Daniel Allentown PA
1989 SCPO Laguna Eduardo San Diego CA
1990 AT Palmer Greg Evansville IN
1990 AT Strohmeyer Eric Tucson AZ
1990 CS Bryant John Denver CO
1991 AD Gerber Daniel Clovis CA
1991 AZ Newton Greg Mesa AZ
1993 AD Jordan Brian Jackson TN
1993 AM Ziegelmann Dan Bad Axe MI
1994 LT Friedman Greg Cape Elizabeth ME
1995 AM Charboneau Shawn Ft. Totten ND
1995 AM Hudson Chris Traverse City MI
1996 AE Burke Art Virginia Beach VA
1998 AD Gutierrez Alex Los Angeles CA
1999 AD Fulton Robert Danville VA
2000 AD Pfleager Vincent Pfleager MD
2000 AD Pleger Vincent MD
2000 AE Bogart Jeremy Sheldon MO
2001 AM Friesz Curtis Keytesville MO
2007 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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