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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1947 AM Lucas Joseph Pittsburgh PA
1949 AK Brown George Plymouth IN
1949 AT Fraley Donald The Dalles OR
1950 AK Morel Bill Eastchester NY
1952 AD Cotter Bill Newark NJ
1957 AM Garcia George Henry Albuquerque NM
1958 AT Ferdinand Robert Visalia CA
1972 CPO Hardin Stanley Washington,d.c. DC
1975 AD Chevalier Roger Woonsocket RI
1976 AM Bryant Bernard Camden NJ
1976 AM Diehl Lester Muscatine IA
1976 AM Garner Larry Animal Monte Vista CO
1976 AO Hardee Willi Hollywood FL
1976 CWO Goldsberry Richard Brunswick ME
1976 CWO Goldsberry Richard Brunswick ME
1976 OS Riddell Leroy Hibbing MN
1977 AD Finn Thomas Toms River NJ
1977 AD Pryor Mark Mcminnville TN
1977 AM Davis Greg Desoto MO
1977 AM Hamm Emitt Stockton CA
1977 AM Hayden Thomas Rolling Meadows IL
1977 AM Ouwinga Mark Grand Rapids MI
1977 AM Santee Ray Jefferson OH
1977 AO Mcmaster James Hoboken NJ
1978 AB Robb Theodore Baltimore MD
1978 AM Barris Jeff Pine Hill NJ
1978 AO Flaherty Daniel Thomaston ME
1978 AO Mcgregor William (Frank Or Ma Java VA
1978 AQ Davis Paul Roda VA
1978 AT Fardellone Paul Bayside NY
1979 AE Drescher George/rick Pittsburgh PA
1979 AE Ellis Delman Columbia TN
1979 AE Johnston Leslie Annapolis MD
1979 AE Saint Jimmy Guntersville AL
1979 AM Riesenbeck Dan St. Louis MO
1979 AN Gregory Jim Naperville IL
1979 AZ Healey Joe Scranton PA
1979 CPO Hill Tony Mayodan NC
1980 -- Fry James Harrington DE
1980 AD Cheeks Michael Washington DC
1980 AD Thomas Brian Wayne MI
1981 AD Quinlan Mike Rochester NY
1981 AM Foyer William Merritt Island FL
1981 AM Foyer William Merritt Island FL
1981 AM Melvin Ethel Miami FL
1981 AM Ray Stephen Jacksonville Fl FL
1981 AM Smith Bonnie Richmond VA
1981 CPO Jenkins Bruce Bellefontaine OH
1981 LT Sayre Garrett Los Angeles CA
1982 AD Bunnell Joe Cincinnati OH
1982 AE Garrett Levi Cincinnati OH
1982 AT Herrmann Ed Angola NY
1982 AT Peroutka Mike Milwaukee WI
1983 YN Cochren David Churubusco IN





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