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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1948 PH Leary Tim Battle Ground WA
1949 AD Hensley Red Beard Miami FL
1953 AM Brozovich Bob Whiting
1953 AO Nettles Warren T. Elpaso TX
1958 AE Popham Harold East Point GA
1959 AT Raup Phil Watsontown PA
1960 AE Busz Douglas White Pigeon MI
1960 AM Oravec Louis Blairsville PA
1960 AM Oravec John Blairsville PA
1960 AT Cochran Ralph Dallas TX
1960 AT Lingerfelt Carroll Guthrie OK
1962 AE Locke Phillip Elba AL
1962 AE Mccoy Howard Greenwood SC
1962 AM Mollner Marv Omaha NE
1963 AD Wynans Buzz Aberdeen WA
1963 AE Zwetzig Terry Fresno CA
1964 Noble Murray Lubbuck TX
1964 AD Scott Gordon A. American Canyon
1964 AM Morgan John Lebanon TN
1964 AO Dibuono Michael Marlboro MA
1964 AO Overton Jon PA
1964 AO Overton John Beaver Falls PA
1964 AQ Knoch Rich Lake Ozark MO
1964 AQ Parks Daniel San Diego CA
1965 AD Scott Gordon A. American Canyon
1965 AE Heddy John Memphis TN
1965 AE N Gunsch Edward Staten Island NY
1965 AM Halsmer Richard Lafayette IN
1965 AM Smith Myron St. Paul MN
1965 AN Gunsch Edward N Staten Island NY
1966 AD Fudge Sterling Sweetwater TX
1966 AE Drake S.a.(stew) Lorena TX
1966 AN Sharp Michael Boise ID
1966 AQ Franklin Dan Everett WA
1966 PN Gorton Milo Vancouver WA
1967 Burden John GA
1967 AD Welfelt Ted Perth Australia WA
1967 AE Baughman Leon SC
1967 AE Milstead Paul CA
1967 AE Rodman David San Diego CA
1967 AK Bush Bob Ellsworth MN
1967 AM Jenkins Bruce Bellefontaine OH
1967 AM Jenkins Bruce Bellefontaine OH
1967 AN Schlanger James Pittsburgh PA
1967 AZ Johnson Delbert
1968 Pope \ TX
1968 AM Davis Jesus VA
1968 AM Kelly Michael Reno NV
1968 AM Kelly Michael Reno NV
1968 AQ Barrett Robbie Memphis TN
1968 AQ Whitney Al Austin TX
1968 CPO Harris Jerry C Beeville TX
1969 AM Williams Jim (willie) Greensburg PA
1969 AO Pokora Thomas Marlette MI
1969 AQ Dean Robin Long Beach CA
1969 PN Gorton Milo Vancouver WA
1970 AD Covington Joseph Caldwell TX
1970 AQ Bertelson Larry Woodville WI
1970 AQ Bertelson Larry Woodville WI
1970 AT Walston Jo Dean Fleming Island FL
1970 LCDR Connor John Proctor VT
1971 AQ Kilanski Paul Winchester NH
1971 AS Gurke Jerry Williston ND
1972 AE Sasser Gregory Tabor City NC
1972 AQ Sawyer Don Canoga Park CA
1973 AM Smith Roland San Pablo CA
1973 AQ Angel Reynold West Covina CA
1973 AQ Estey Doug Hanford CA
1974 AD Lincoln Paul Cape Cod MA
1974 AM Thompson Mike Covington KY
1974 SCPO Daniels Steve Kansas City MO
1975 AE Dorn Mike Bastrop LA
1975 PN Minor Craig Lisbon CT
1976 AD Staples Randy Tacoma WA
1976 AE Francen Rocky El Segundo CA
1976 AM Booth Scott Glendale AZ
1976 AO Dunavant James Memphis TN
1977 AM Blechel Steve Whittier CA
1977 AM Blechel Steven Whittier CA
1977 AM Newkerk Isaac Winter Haven FL
1977 AM Smith Ralph Winfield TX
1978 AM Dahlem Erich Levittown NY
1978 AO Dunker John South Fulton TN
1978 AZ Peterson Paul Trenton NC
1978 AZ Peterson Paul Trenton NC
1978 SCPO Roberts George Nowata OK
1979 AO Beadle Jessie Lexington AL
1979 AO Parker Joseph San Antonio TX
1979 AZ Bohley Raymond Nassau NY
1980 AM Smith George Coloma MI
1981 AO Wilson Craig Americus GA
1982 AE Wilson Gordon Delphi IN
1982 AE Wilson Gordon Delphi IN
1982 AM Eubank Chris Desoto IL
1982 AM Smith Scott Yarmouth IA
1982 AO Williams Tom Omaha NE
1982 PN Sowinski Christopher Albany NY
1983 AD Miller Lyle Medford OR
1983 AM Ostrowsky Clifford Mayfield Village OH
1983 AO Routin Paul Louisville KY
1983 PR Watkins Rod Sterling IL
1984 AM Stevens James Arp TX
1984 LT Hammond Rodric Pensacola FL
1985 AM Stevens Rex Tacoma WA
1985 AO Austin Roger Red Wing MN
1986 AM Breckenridge Russell Anchrage AK
1990 AE Abelon Bart San Diego CA
1995 AO Cortner John Bell Buckle TN
1997 MS Obando Gerry \ Manila, Philippines CA
2003 CPO Agundez Molly Roslyn WA
2006 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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