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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1946 AD Curtis William Rockaway Beach NY
1950 ENS Gaar Norman Kansas City MO
1955 Sanburg Iron Mountain WI
1955 AM Sexton John Dayton OH
1955 AM Sexton John Dayton OH
1955 AM Sexton John Dayton OH
1956 AD Miller Larry Elkhart / Van Nuys, Ca. IN
1956 AD Miller Larry Elkhart / Van Nuys, Ca. IN
1956 AM Kovolic Princeton NJ
1956 LT Patrick Howard Bellevue WA
1956 LT Peterson Pete
1956 LTJG Helfer Marvin Los Angeles CA
1956 LTJG Macintire Danny
1957 PN Von Pertz Robert Lynwood CA
1958 AE Smith Robert E. Port Angeles WA
1960 AE Klemmer Richard Silverton OR
1960 AQ Gardner David Oaktown IN
1961 AD Smith Walt Fremont OH
1961 ENS Chagin Robert Pasadena TX
1962 AM Crawford Dale Bremerton WA
1962 AQ Jones Kenneth Klamath Falls OR
1964 AM Tyree H. Dale Spokane WA
1965 AE Keel Lawrence (larry) San Francisco CA
1965 AK Beshears Ralph Canton GA
1965 AT Reisen William Hoboken NJ
1965 AT Reisen William Hoboken NJ
1965 AT Thompson Ron Midland OH
1966 AT Zaiger Tom Arnold MO
1966 PN Mendoza Ben Woodlake CA
1967 Moffett Neil NY
1967 AD Spreckelmeyer Earl Berger MO
1968 AO Brill Gary S Wardensville WV
1969 AM Sorrell Paul Camdenton MO
1970 -- Mayoka Eric Lindenhurst NY
1970 AE Balakir Robert Gary IN
1970 AQ Palmer Larry Rossvillw GA
1970 PC Broyles Robert Gilbert AZ
1971 AD Johnsen Denney Jacksonville FL
1971 AM O Rourke William Ozark AL
1971 AT Furedy Bill Phoenix AZ
1971 AT Kiick Dennis Rahway NJ
1971 AT Williams Gregory Traverse City MI
1972 AD Hardin Charles Birmingham AL
1972 AM Angle Charles Cheyenne WY
1973 AM Bennett James Birmingham AL
1973 AO Vaughan Allen Danville VA
1973 AQ Walck James Allentown PA
1973 AS Hastie Ralph Jacksonville IL
1974 AT Pasalich Joseph (joe) \ South Bend IN
1975 AD Montoya Donald Taos NM
1975 AM Schulze Don \\ Keyport NJ
1975 AO Warren Mark Dayton OH
1975 AQ Angel Reynold Lanai HI
1975 LT Dworak John Escondido CA
1976 AM Wall Micheal Alhambra CA
1976 AN Thompson Richard Ukiah CA
1976 PN Kearns Tim Milwaukee WI
1976 PN Megias Carlos Elizabeth NJ
1977 AD Blake Richmond Atlanta GA
1977 AD Stacey William Mt Juliet TN
1977 AM Jefferson Michael Columbus GA
1977 AM Rivas Sergio Pico Rivera CA
1977 PN Kearns Tim Milwaukee WI
1978 AB Ankrom William Yoder CO
1978 YN Guerra Jesus Adrian MI
1978 YN Guerra Jesus Adrian MI
1979 AM Martinez Vince Bernalillo NM
1979 AO Davis David Cordova AL
1979 AQ Campbell Donald Muskegon MI
1979 AQ Campbell Donald Muskegon MI
1979 AQ Campbell Donald Muskegon MI
1979 AZ May Jeffrey Streetsboro OH
1979 CPO Bertelson Larry Woodville WI
1979 CPO Bertelson Larry Woodville WI
1980 AM Abney Ben Las Vegas NV
1981 -- Parker John S.Weymouth MA
1981 AD Ayala Heberto Las Vegas NV
1981 AT Ash Fred Jacksonville IL
1981 AT Ash Fred Jacksonville IL
1981 AT Haskins Kenneth Spokane WA
1981 MCPO Springer Richard San Diego CA
1982 AE Carlos James Port Jefferson NY
1982 AE Finley Chuck Panama City FL
1982 AE Lovelace Donald Dayton OH
1982 AE Noonan Pat Corona CA
1982 AM Jackson Stephen Seekonk MA
1982 AM Wangenstein Eddie Placenta Ca CA
1982 AQ Porter Daniel Newport Beach CA
1982 LT Mulcahy John Michael Lakewood WA
1982 LT Winkowski David San Diego CA
1984 Gordon Willam CA
1984 AD Mcclearn Jeff Lombard IL
1984 AO Kalisz James Fenton ,mi MI
1984 PR Anderson Russell Omaha NE
1985 AM Cain Tom Sacramento CA
1985 AT Haskins Ken Spokane WA
1985 AT Russell Erik Martinez CA
1985 AZ Basden James Kinston NC
1985 PR Anderson Russell Omaha NE
1987 AO James Scott NC
1987 AO Merkel Craig Whitehall PA
1987 AO Vaughan Donald Bismarck AR
1988 AD Conley Chris San Antonio TX
1988 AE Clayboss David Norristown PA
1988 AO Rivas Daniel Redlands CA
1989 YN Rice Kermit Lancaster VA
1990 AD Colvin Michael Layton UT
1990 AM Sistrunk William Plainview TX
1990 AO Anthony Lance Waco TX
1990 AO Hedrick Wayne Fayetteville NC
1990 AO Montemayor Efrain Harlingen TX
1990 CPO Ward Jeff Vida OR
1990 LT Scates Max Lexington TN
1990 LT Scates Max Lexington TN
1991 AO Kiester James Monroe MI
1991 CPO Bertelson Larry Woodville WI
1991 PH French Grimm Houston TX
1992 AM Deritter Brian New Iberia LA
1992 AM Douglas Jeromy Rancho Cordova CA
1992 AN Martinez Justin Las Cruces NM
1992 AO Johnson Gerald Ingram TX
1992 AO Johnson Gerald Ingram TX
1993 AN Harlow Ray Mesa AZ
1993 LCDR Eslinger Fred San Diego CA
2005 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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