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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1951 AE Zeitelhack Donald Seattle WA
1951 PR Gannon Arthur Montclair NJ
1953 AD Sawyer John J Amityville NY
1965 AS Bobby Woo, Brooklyn NY
1966 AD Myers Wes Des Moines IA
1966 AE Voss Rodney Worland WY
1966 AE Woo Lawrence Brooklyn NY
1966 AM Fishel Jim Winston-salem NC
1966 AM Sopko Edward Coaldale PA
1966 CWO Porter Hank Hollywood MD
1967 AD Craw John. S. L. Fairmount IN
1969 AD Patnode Charles Orwell VT
1969 AT Elble Rodney Woodland ME
1970 AT Ferris Ron Concord MA
1971 AE Yingling Michael Orlando FL
1972 AD Armstrong Gary Cincinnati OH
1972 AD Killough Joe Pungoteague VA
1972 AD Lollis Rj Port Arthur TX
1972 AM Fly Ronald Akron OH
1973 AT Harrell John Edenton NC
1975 AZ Smith Theodore Ny City NY
1975 CMDR Hearne Gary Wilmington DE
1976 AM Delaney Samuel Dayton OH
1977 AT Thomas Ronald Phoenixville PA
1977 EM Mcgee Kim Dayton OH
1978 AE Sawyer Keith Chicago IL
1978 AT Camp Kenneth Bryant AR
1979 AT Graham Bill Dawn MO
1981 AN Bryan Patrick Indianapolis IN
1981 AT Street Thomas Warren OH
1983 AS Crim Dinah Peninsula OH
1983 AT Jackson Thomas Bronx NY
1983 AT White Steven St. Louis MO
1984 ET Marsh Karen Landenberg PA
1984 MCPO Campbell Duncan La Jolla CA
1985 AT Riley James Pittsburgh PA
1988 AT Smoot Les Quinton VA
1989 CPO Miller David California MD
1991 AM Hazelwood Jenifer Cincinnati OH
1993 AM Wegner Arthur Bath NY
1995 AK Gordon William Pottsville PA
1995 AT Wilson Jeffery Livermore CA
1998 AM Sweeten Keith Sacramento CA
1999 YN Bottorf Allen --
2000 AM Dewitt Dan Warren OH
2000 AT Michalek Donald Canaan NY
2001 BM Pruden Bob Dover DE





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