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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1961 AM Rose John Pittsburgh PA
1965 CPO Steffen Gene Palisade CO
1966 AM Galindo Mario San Antonio TX
1967 AQ Ross William (bill) Maitland FL
1968 AE Vandepels Rich Holland MI
1968 AQ Scott Ronald Houston TX
1968 BM Landry Bob Hull MA
1969 HM Moore Donald Evansville IN
1969 SN Lovejoy Jerry West Upton MA
1970 AD Knisel Robert Ottawa Lake MI
1970 AD Myers Wes Des Moines IA
1970 AE Hattendorf Billy Fort Worth TX
1970 AM Kovacs Stephen Easton PA
1971 AD Alvarez Richard New York NY
1971 AO Donahue Robert Port Charlotte FL
1972 AB Smith Emmett New Orleans, Louisiana LA
1972 AD Conway Steven Carpentersville IL
1972 AE Quail Guy Ny City NY
1972 AM Barkhurst Kenneth Pittsburgh PA
1972 AM Barkhurst Kenneth Pittsburgh PA
1972 AM Barkhurst Kenneth Pittsburgh PA
1973 AD Schmidt Carl Louisville KY
1973 LT Young Bill Roxbury CT
1974 AT Goodall Elbert Louisville KY
1974 CPO Healey Joe Scranton PA
1975 AT Hamski Tom North Olmsted OH
1976 AD Glass Randy Longview TX
1977 AO Sanabria Luis Odessa FL
1978 AS Jeffrey Laymon Fort Wayne IN
1979 AE Beseler John Lacrosse WI
1979 AE Curry Mark Rising Sun IN
1979 AM Enders David Waldorf MD
1979 AZ Hanson Jesse Detroit MI
1979 AZ King Donald Detroit MI
1980 AN Mould Gloria Troy NY
1980 AO Rivera Carlos San Juan PR
1981 Black Tom MS
1981 Rummel Larry Orlando FL
1981 AE Kilpatrick Joe GA
1982 AT Casagrand Richard St. Louis MO
1985 AN Fetter Sharon Puyallup WA
1985 AT Dejesus George Bronx NY
1988 AE Carey Lowell Chambersburg PA
1988 AO Garza Rudy San Antonio TX
1989 AD Perrone Bud Ravenna OH
1989 CPTN Bean Jerry Gaston OR
1990 LTJG Chris Ashford San Jose CA
1991 AD Rensvold Jeff Seattle WA
1991 PC Ulrich Scott Bay St Louis MS
1992 AM Jackson Ian Bronx NY





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