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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 AQ Stover Edward Lake Park MN
1956 AD Doty Paul Warner Springs CA
1956 AD Hood Jerry Gridley CA
1956 CPO Fuentes Fred Sedona AZ
1956 LTJG Oliver Charles Atlanta GA
1957 AM Brown Philip Valparaiso IN
1958 AD Oltman David Columbus IN
1958 AE Love Joe Tulia TX
1958 AM Komski (ski) Raymond Luzerne PA
1958 AT Joiner Calvin Fayettvill AR
1958 PN Fields Herman Norman Park GA
1960 AE Barbree Ronnie Chattanooga TN
1962 AD Lelen Richard Springfield PA
1964 AD Floyd George Fort Payne AL
1964 AE Jones Oscar Tuscaloosa AL
1964 LT Delesie Jim Flint MI
1964 PN Glasper Levi Pittsburg CA
1965 AD Martin Robert (bob) Sanford FL
1965 AE Cohen Max Spencer MA
1965 AE Wilson Randy Livermore CA
1965 AM Slusarczyk Robert Mason City IA
1965 AM Tompkins Wayne South Portland ME
1965 AO Onken Charles Vincennes, Ind. IN
1965 AT Hoyer Douglas Coupeville WA
1965 AT Swanger Floyd Charlotte NC
1965 PR Riecken Ron Evansville IN
1966 AD Allen Richard Litchfield MN
1967 ? Bill ? ? CA
1967 Lawrence Harold Santa Maria CA
1967 AB Davis Charles Phila PA
1967 AD Calabrese Dante 0akville CT
1967 AD Komar Jeff Sedro-woolley WA
1967 AD Komar Jeff Sedro-woolley WA
1967 AZ Hall Jim Gulf Breeze FL
1968 AD Shipley David Tucson AZ
1968 AM Anderson Dave North Webster IN
1968 AM Gravelle Nick Houlton ME
1968 AQ Appleton William Simi Valley CA
1968 AQ Martin James San Diego CA
1968 CPO Sullivan Francis Wetumpka AL
1968 PN Clifft Lynn Visalia CA
1969 AD Barrett James Mount Pleasant TX
1969 AD Miller Jim Philadelphia PA
1969 AM Prior Robert Sarona WI
1969 AO Butler Phillip Mascoutah IL
1969 AO Carter William Centerville OH
1969 AO Wraspir Al Silver Lake MN
1969 AQ Martin James (froggie) San Diego CA
1969 AT Crompton K.gordon Swaybridge PA
1969 AT Hamilton Bob Pissinabucket NC
1969 AT Lovegren Mike Portland OR
1970 AD Pye --
1970 AK Hill Russ Ferndale MI
1970 AM Shaw Bruce Los Angelas CA
1970 AQ Battiest Mike Idabel OK
1970 AT Jackson Terry Clinton MO
1971 AD Esp Clifford Santa Barbara CA
1971 AE Mallin Arthur Jacksonville FL
1971 AM Lacy Wayne San Fernando Valley CA
1971 AM Reina Roy San Antonio TX
1971 AQ Battiest Mike Idabel OK
1971 AQ Richards Raymond Melbourne FL
1971 AZ Gwynn Rick Minneapolis MN
1972 AE Sawyer Jim Or James Andrews TX
1972 AT Miller Walter Dale Raleigh NC
1973 AD Repato Paulo Philippines CA
1973 AM Schreiber Larry Waverly NY
1973 AM Westover Frank Phoenix AZ
1973 AN Lakomiak Les Irvington NJ
1974 AN Ferrulli Mike Downey CA
1974 PC Fontaine Albert Tampa FL
1974 YN Thompson Bruce Tustin CA
1975 AM Chism Johnnie Forrest City AR
1975 AM Mora Saturnino Philippines CA
1976 AO Branigh Ernie Tacoma WA
1976 AT Coleman Raymond Sumter SC
1976 AT Dill Boyd Spencer OK
1976 AT Norman Tommy Lafayette IN
1976 LT Leach John Redding CA
1977 AM Kesler Gary Ohio City OH
1977 AM Lanier Jon Wichita Falls TX
1977 AO Snow John Montgomery AL
1977 AT Dimke Kenneth Morris IL
1978 Gibson Earnesy Detroit MI
1978 AD Bankston Noel Flint MI
1978 AM Blank Edward Cleveland OH
1978 AM Dukes Richard Miami FL
1978 AM King Barry Rockford IL
1978 AM Latin Tony Rockford IL
1978 AM Strickling Wendell So. San Francisco CA
1978 AQ Rummel Mike Belsano PA
1978 AZ Hensch Thomas Park Ridge NJ
1979 AD Lang Leo Hesperia MI
1979 AE Jacoby Bill Plymouth MI
1979 AM Pasker Herman Phila PA
1979 AM Watson Bruce Livonia MI
1979 AT Orena Frank West Springfield MA
1980 AD Achilles Reggie Bellmawr NJ
1980 AD Corbin Lary Wetumpka AL
1980 AD Corbin Lary Wetumpka AL
1980 AK Prynn Robert Buffalo NY
1980 AM Brown Michael Decatur GA
1980 AO Eades Richard Lovell WY
1980 AO Meigs Stanley Summertown TN
1980 AQ Brigman Charles Little Rock AR
1980 AT Anderson Ken Harvard IL
1980 PR Holland Jeff Jacksonville FL
1981 AE Jackson Kent Wichita KS
1981 AM Cavazos Robert San Antonio TX
1981 AO Castle Leslie Skidmore TX
1981 AO Oconnor Tom Mt. Pleasant IA
1981 AQ Pierson Tad Hutchinson KS
1981 AT Riese Rich Chewelah WA
1981 AZ Baum Robert Oneonta NY
1981 AZ Olmos Garry Nogales AZ
1981 PR Mccord Michael Atlanta GA
1981 YN Payne William Commerce GA
1982 AD Kale Brian
1982 AD Manley Mike Downey CA
1982 AD Parrish Charlie
1982 AO Flueckiger Eric Livingston TX
1982 AO Lincoln Jon Maui, HI
1982 AO Woodward Daniel San Diego CA
1982 AQ Boettiger Brent Redding CA
1982 AQ Misgen Matt Denver CO
1982 NC Hollister Fred Wictatal KS
1982 PN Hammond Mahlon Inglewood CA
1983 AM Bailes John \ North Ridgeville OH
1983 AM Esparza Jose Mission TX
1983 AO Benton Scott Nashville MI
1983 AQ Musgrave Richard IL
1983 YN Miller Michael Brunswick MD
1985 AM Koehler Jim Fort Atkinson WI
1985 MS Stock John Clinton IA
1987 AO Deason Roy Birmingham AL





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