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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 AM Winters William Winfield KS
1957 AN Hanham Jack Los Angeles CA
1957 AT Meier Marvin Fairdale ND
1958 AQ Handy Ronald Perry NY
1960 LT Sproat Richard Boise ID
1961 LT Magee F. Hugh Fairfield CT
1962 AE Klingensmith Chris Chester PA
1962 HM Watkins John Milwaukee WI
1963 LTJG Krall Robert Hercules CA
1963 PN Quinn Jerry Tumwater WA
1964 AK Stevens Tommy Pensacola FL
1965 AB Ouellette Ron Detroit MI
1965 AK Gutierrez Luis Lutz FL
1965 AM Wilson Tom Pleasenton Californi CA
1966 LCDR Smith Donald Abilene TX
1967 AE Quiel Larry San Bernardino CA
1967 AE Turner George New Castle IN
1967 AM Foley Pat Ridott IL
1967 AO Shanko John Pittsburgh PA
1967 LTJG Wiley William Bend OR
1968 AD Schroeter Don Baltimore MD
1968 AQ Keller Grant Venice CA
1968 AT Louden Russell Castro Valley CA
1968 PN Richards Ez Los Angeles CA
1969 AD Combs Chuck Stockton CA
1969 AM Jehle Robert Detroit MI
1969 AM Marschand Rex Galveston IN
1969 AO Barton Bruce Hamden CT
1969 AO Bowling Steven Niobrara NE
1969 AO Wilson Bobbie Fort Worth TX
1969 AQ Cudo Joseph Minneapolis MN
1970 AE Knepshield Ed North Apollo PA
1970 AE Knepshield Ed North Apollo PA
1970 AM Patterson Lonnie Milpitas CA
1970 AO Mathis Ken Yakima WA
1971 AM Bohannon Ken Thornton CO
1972 AT Frost Ken Darby PA
1972 AT Young Robert Galax VA
1973 PN Holtz Alan Rockville Centre NY
1974 AN Holly Alvin Winter Garden FL
1975 AD Yuan Michael Han Bronx NY
1984 AO Babb Eric Anderson IN
1984 AS Pullens Tony Atlanta GA
1985 AD Fama Rodney Edison NJ
1985 AE Crigger Dan Wytheville VA
1985 AE Dorazio Frank Portland ME
1985 PC Redel Steven NJ
1985 SCPO Wotring Mike Palestine WV
1986 AE Gloshen Darrell Goddard KS
1986 AM Moody Robert Jesup GA
1987 AO Rutledge Michael Richwoods MO
1987 AT Gear Kevin Wiley Ford WV
1987 MCPO Dolence Donald Cleveland OH
1988 AE Cushman Timothy (tim) Ravenna OH
1988 AO Bell James IL
1988 AO Getz Richard Canton OH
1988 AO Meek Todd TX
1988 AO Quinn Joseph CA
2006 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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