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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1955 AD Laster Jerry Parsons TN
1955 AO La Morte Anthony Newark NJ
1957 AK Albert Harvey Boston MA
1958 AD Nifong Duane Elkhart IN
1958 AO Wood John Union SC
1959 AD Godsil William Bluffs IL
1959 AM Clark Benny (B J) Pembroke GA
1959 AM Flinn Brooks H Lima OH
1959 AM Morris David Fairmont WV
1960 AD Costa Edward North Providence RI
1961 CPO Gurney Donald R Great Barrington MA
1961 PN West Charles Cleveland MS
1962 AE Cullen Jim Durhamville NY
1962 AE Cullen Jim Durhamville NY
1962 AE Kane James Pitsfield MA
1962 AM Ashley Joseph Madison WI
1963 AM Fischer Jerome Wagner SD
1964 AM Thompson Robert Middleboro MA
1964 AT Clark George Aurora IL
1964 AT Mullins Thomas Hammond IN
1967 AD Christenson John Toms River NJ
1967 AK Horn Elmer \\ Kissimmee FL
1967 AK Horn Elmer \\ Kissimmee FL
1967 AM Kay James Beaumont TX
1967 LT Mitchell Tom Brevard NC
1968 AD Hardemon Steve Richmond VA
1968 AM Sumner Jonathan Hurricane WV
1968 AM Vasquez Michael Hillrose CO
1968 AN Wade Ken Kannapolis NC
1968 AO Hammonds Don Bearden AR
1968 AO Mayer Peter St. Louis MO
1969 AD Riley Michael Columbus OH
1969 AZ Ebert Earl (duke) Keyser WV
1969 AZ Lucas Ray Indianapolis IN
1986 SCPO Smithson John (jack) Niagara Falls NY
1987 AE Glenn Robert Montgomery AL
1987 AE Hite Daniel Muskegon MI
1987 AM Feaster Bryan Heath OH
1987 AQ Moinicken Jesse Monroe MI
1987 AQ Price Wayne Portland OR
1987 AQ Richardson Mark Ashland MO
1987 SCPO Mcrae Bob Austin TX
1988 AZ Schindler Kevin Cedar Rapids IA
1989 AM Bjugstad Dustin West Fargo ND
1989 AM Bjugstad Dustin West Fargo ND
1989 AM Brozak Phillip Stewart OH
1989 AO Leighty Bryce Baton Rouge LA
1989 MCPO Jones Berry Dickson TN
1990 AM Asberry Bruce West Plains MO
1990 AM Gellner Richard Paint Creek WV
1990 AO Cooter Robert Knoxville TN
1990 AT Walker David Vancouver WA
1990 HM Frazier John Wilkesboro NC
1990 LCDR Tyson Craig Atwater CA
1990 PC Stern John Baltimore MD
1991 Cole Ross Richmond VA
1991 -- Clemens John Earlham IA
1991 AT Aulet Cj "Ollie" Baton Rouge LA
1991 AT Wilson J.r. Champaign IL
1991 MS Patrick Chism Broken Arrow OK
1991 MS Patrick Chism Broken Arrow OK
1991 PC Cole Ross Richmond VA
1992 AE Zeller Jon Littleton CO
1992 AM Blankenship Michael Del City OK
1992 AO Sargent Kevin Lebanon OH
1992 AO Smith Kelly NC
1993 AD Crain Tim Fairview TX
2007 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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