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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 AM Harrison Jim Newton NC
1949 AQ Newman Ronald Aurora IL
1949 AT Schoolfield James Pikeville TN
1950 AD Lawlor Tom Washington D C PA
1956 AO Mcclendon Jerry Lagrange GA
1958 AO Edwards Chief
1958 AO Hart Larry
1958 AO Martin Hughie
1958 AO Rutherford David Richmond VA
1958 AQ Rickard Wayne Redding TN
1960 AT Cole Jimmy Hillsboro IL
1960 AT Cole Jimmy Hillsboro IL
1961 AM Fugit Jim Clarksville IN
1961 AO Adcock Ed Union City TN
1962 AM Engel John Fort Ashby NY
1962 HM Brinser John Palmyra PA
1963 AT Pleasant Jerry Jacksonville FL
1963 YN Delate William Trenton NJ
1964 AO Hanna Doug St Ansgar IA
1964 AO Rough Frank Toledo OH
1964 PN Krell Phil Albuquerque NM
1965 AE Jorgensen Samuel (sammy) Jesup GA
1965 AM Anderson Colin New York NY
1965 AM Salamone Chuck Norristown PA
1965 AO Hersey Rawling Hyannis MA
1965 PR Sanjuan Henry Hollywood FL
1965 PR Sanjuan Henry Hollywood FL
1966 AD Puckett Billy Lexington KY
1966 AO Schlossberg Skip Chicago IL
1967 AE Morse Robert Lewiston ME
1967 AE Morse Robert Lewiston ME
1967 AM Leonard Dale Lagrange GA
1967 AQ Ward Bill Anchorage AK
1967 AQ Wetzel James Terrell TX
1967 AT Lavender Lee Birmingham AL
1968 AD Deeney John Philadelphia PA
1968 AO Hall Steve Louisville MS
1968 AQ Harclerode Bob Everett PA
1968 AQ Hobbs John Twin Lakes WI
1968 AQ Sullivan Pat Gaffney SC
1968 AT Van Eiken Gerald Cleveland OH
1968 YN Carcuro Michael Schenectady NY
1969 AM Dean Richard Genoa City WI
1969 AM Dean Richard Genoa City WI
1969 AQ Olson Richard Concordia KS
1970 AD O Shea Patrick Bloomington IN
1970 AD O\ Shea Patrick Bloomington IN
1970 AE French Harry Welch WV
1970 AM Sampson Tony Hanover MA
1970 AT Saunders Stephen Hot Springs AR
1970 AT Vennell William Sanford ME
1970 CPO Faircloth Charles Fayetteville NC
1970 PN Mccormack Mike Queens NY
1970 YN Collins Eddie Homestead FL
1971 AD Pope Chester Salisbury MD
1971 AD Stark Edward(mike) Rushville IN
1971 AE Seiler John Miami FL
1971 AM Spencer Ike Racine OH
1971 AQ Dagenhart Kenneth Greensboro NC
1971 AQ Kurtz Steve NY
1971 AQ Vick Dan Reidsville NC
1971 YN James Rubin Claymont DE
1972 AZ Barber Ted Williamsport MD
1972 HM Ayers William Columbus OH
1972 SCPO Sarles Jacques Weirton WV
1972 YN Sottile Bob Martinsburg PA
1972 YN Vick David Reidsville NC
1973 AK Hussey James Steger IL
1973 PR Anderson Russell Omaha NE
1975 AM Farley Keith Houston TX
1975 AM Young David Sparks NV
1975 AN Renner Jerome Duluth MN
1976 AE Cassella Vic Cromwell CT
1976 LT Mckeever William Hicksville NY
1977 IS Oneill Arthur Philadelphia PA
1978 AD Morin Bruce Enfield CT
1978 AD Swensgard Scott Gilbert AZ
1978 AD Swensgard Scott Phoenix AZ
1978 AD Swensgard Scott Phoenix AZ
1978 AM Paquette Richard Chicopee MA
1978 AM Robinson Tom Rosavelt Park Long Island NY
1979 AD Miller Bryon Fairmont WV
1979 AM Stierle William Philadelphia PA
1979 AO Cox Thomas Abilene TX
1980 AD Rollins Terry Granite City IL
1980 AK Lown Eric Lynn Haven FL
1980 AZ Lackey Mark Stony Point NC
1981 AQ Pristash Timothy Canyon TX
1981 AT Siedlecky Willam (sid) Windsor NY
1981 PN Savadge Joe Mount Carmel Pa PA
1982 PN Howard Hardy Cleveland OH
1984 AD Daniels Marc Lincoln NE
1984 AM Craig Steven Richmond VA
1984 AT Nelson Eric Fairfield CT
1985 AD Lalumiere Roger North Windham CT
1985 AM Cooper Brian Wheeling WV
1985 AM Cooper Brian Wheeling WV
1985 IS Krosnick Rick Chicago IL
1985 PR Mergard Mark Elyria OH
1985 YN Ward Melvin Mcarthur OH
1986 AK Downes Scot Dothan AL
1986 AM Martin Jonathan Arvada CO
1986 AM Van Essendelft Scott Sayville NY
1988 AD White David Baltimore MD
1989 AO Trail Mark Detroit MI
1989 AO Wroten John Baltimore MD
1990 AT Worthey Jeff Paris TX
1991 AO Dewberry Michael New Albany IN
1992 AO Mallaber Jeff Gowanda NY
1992 IS Hickman Scott Gibbstown NJ
2004 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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