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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 Mattlock Chris CA
1949 AM Cooper Charles Macon GA
1953 AO Miller Norman P Ocala FL
1956 AD Pfeil Matthias Ford City PA
1956 AO Brovan Lyle Centre AL
1956 AT Melugin Lee Dustin OK
1956 AT Norris Don
1956 AT Norris Don
1959 AM Wolfe Frank Wolfe Rock Hill SC
1959 AO Emerson Marvin Houston TX
1960 AD Andreoli Charles Ridgecrest CA
1960 AK Hamby Hambone
1960 AO Goldsberry Richard Brunswick ME
1960 AO Goldsberry R E ME
1960 AQ Schmidt David Minnesota FL
1960 AT Haworth James Jacksonville FL
1960 SK Watkins Rhett Columbia SC
1961 AD Tokar William Ozone Park NY
1961 YN Grimes Bob Hot Springs AR
1962 AT Trepka James Cleveland OH
1962 AZ Phillips Howdy Melrose FL
1963 AO White Freddie Angelica NY
1963 YN Resh Jim Richmond IN
1964 AE Couch Gary Cincinnati OH
1964 AT Shubert Jack Adams MA
1965 AK Kleve Linus Calmar IA
1965 AM Luburich Dennis Dallas TX
1966 AM Hanlon David Chicago IL
1966 AM Quinlan Barry Boston MA
1966 AM Wyatt Ronnie Nevada TX
1966 AO Sepe Richard New York NY
1966 AT Barber Frederick (rick) Fort Myers Beach FL
1967 AM Jerry Harligen TX
1967 AM Mcculley William (bill) West Memphis AR
1967 AN Stewart Joel Lutz FL
1967 AT Keiser Don
1967 AT Miller Larry Brockport PA
1968 AE Young Charles Vici OK
1969 EM Flinton Mark Weston CT
1969 YN Coleman George Stratford CT
1970 AD Besiner Ray
1970 AE Eaton James Chalmette LA
1970 AE Eaton James Chalmette LA
1970 AM Craig Pelican Falls MN
1970 AM Beard Ronnie(buffy) Franklin TN
1970 AM Buck Dennis Donora PA
1970 AM James Gerald Fitzgerald GA
1970 AM Jonelis Roger Addison IL
1970 AM Leon Leonard Pittsburgh PA
1970 AM Thomas Jerry Tampa FL
1970 AQ Barrineau Kenneth Linden AL
1970 AT Kilgore Ken Tulsa OK
1970 AZ Dix Tony Griffin GA
1971 AD Cloud Bobby Kermit TX
1971 AD Cochran Curtis(seadog) Memphis TN
1971 AD Paul Robert Warren OH
1971 AE Waddell Paul Wheatcroft KY
1971 AM Gaillard Leroy Charleston SC
1971 AM Merson Jan Brooklyn NY
1971 AM Wilson Robert Cushing OK
1971 AT Metzger Bruce South Bend IN
1972 AD Barber Lyn Taft CA
1972 AD Valence Mark Westwego LA
1972 AE Allen Mike Oklahoma City OK
1972 AE Cline Robert Havelock NC
1972 AE Snow David Vincenes IN
1972 AM Taylor Ian Renton WA
1972 AQ Nowlin Claude Nederland TX
1972 AZ Perkins Brad Campbellsville KY
1972 YN Brown Dale Campbellsville KY
1972 YN Brown Dale Campbellsville KY
1973 AE Colson Albert Mobile AL
1973 AK Johnson Sidney Tifton GA
1973 AM Perkins Brad Campbellsville KY
1973 AN Anderson Tommy Boston MA
1973 AO Mercier Robert Miamisburg PA
1973 AQ Yoder Lynn Columbia PA
1975 AD Emerson Eric Midland MI
1975 AD Leizens Ed (fasteddie) Queens NY
1975 AM Bartley Dennis Mt. Vernon OH
1975 AN Gray Dennis Indianapolis IN
1976 AD Smith Richard Morristown TN
1976 AE Ascolillo Bobby Boston MA
1976 AE Sommers Henry Saugeties NY
1976 AE Sommers Henry Saugetties NY
1976 AM Carlen Barry Grand Rapids MI
1976 AO Revallo Kevin Marlboro MA
1976 LTJG Cook William Moorefield WV
1977 AM Berry Ronald IN
1977 AM Delvecchio David Commack NY
1977 AQ Cobb Steve Honolulu HI
1978 AD Thomas Ben Tunkhannock PA
1978 AM Cheverier Nelson Windsor CT
1978 AM Palumbi James Pittsburgh PA
1978 AM Palumbi Jim Pittsburgh PA
1978 AS Wuertz Chris St. Louis MO
1978 CPO Jenkins Bruce Bellefontaine OH
1979 AK Saunders Joe Co NJ
1979 AN Gallucio Greg Wilmington DE
1979 AT Bell Gary Scottdale PA
1980 AE Gottke Ronald Philo OH
1980 AE Phipps J.d. Kenyon MN
1980 AM Collins Stoney Moore OK
1980 AM Collins Stoney Moore OK
1980 AM Collins Stoney Moore OK
1980 AM Cotto Willie Brooklyn NY
1980 AM Hollis Alexander Queens NY
1980 AM Santiago Norberto South Huntington NY
1980 AO Metcalf David Charleston SC
1980 AO Yeater Dennis Milwaukee WI
1981 AD Light Jon Mt. Dora FL
1981 AE Parillo Anthony Clinton CT
1981 AM Glass Keith Kiln MS
1981 PN Conklin Robert Wiilkes Barre PA
1981 PN Thornton Larry --
1982 AQ Whitmore Kevin Nelsonville OH
1982 PR Lauler Kevin New York NY
1983 AD Wilhoit Michael Thomasville NC
1983 AE Pierce Daniel Kansas City MO
1983 AK Bloomfield Mark Worcester MA
1983 AT Harvey Steve Moundsville WV
1983 MS Gamble Jeff Kalamazoo MI
1983 PN Johnson Dayne Baltimore MD
1983 YN Crest Clinton Baltimore MD
1984 MCPO Paul Robert Warren OH
1984 MCPO Paul Robert Warren OH
1984 MCPO Paul Robert Warren OH
1985 AD Davis Craig Saint Albans WV
1985 AD Garner Bernard B.g. Mariemont OH
1985 AE
1985 AE Lyons Daniel Collidge AZ
1985 AM Lockwood Michael Kankakee IL
1985 AQ Kennerly Robert Dunedin FL
1986 AK Monroe Richard Winsted CT
1986 AM Acker Terry (blaster) Sterrett AL
1986 AM Chester Dana Belle Vernon PA
1986 AO Potter Ervin Greene IA
1986 AT Infinger Randy St George SC
1986 SCPO Collins Stoney Moore OK
1986 SCPO Collins Stoney Moore OK
1987 AQ Prunty Brian Tiskilwa IL
1987 AT Nichols Perez Chicago IL
1988 AM Finke Ladd Calumet MN
1988 AO Constable Mark Fort Dodge IA
1988 PR Lyons Daniel Cynthiana KY
1989 AQ Stuart Craig Bigville WV
1990 AM Hendrix Robert Portland IN
1990 AM Hendrix Robert Portland IN
1990 AN Small Kevin Brooklyn NY
1990 AO Hartline Derek Homer GA
1990 AO Sealund Scott Dover DE
1990 SCPO Fleming James Brownsville TN
1991 AD Gonzalez Arthur Passaic NJ
1991 AD Mason Peter Austin TX
1991 AM Akeyson Monty Salem OR
1991 AM Nelson Jeff St Thomas ND
1991 AT Roberts Everette Natchez MS
1992 AD Bryant Jimmy Louisville KY
1992 AM Albarracin Jesus Willis MI
1992 AQ Strickland Jon Strickland ND
1992 AT Bailes Christopher N. Ridgeville OK
1992 AT Kline Jason Newfield NY
1993 AD Carmichael Chad Evart MI
1993 AD Jenkins Rob Boise ID
1993 AM Callaway David Mableton GA
1993 AM O Brien Ryan Belfield ND
1993 AQ Price Wayne Portland OR
1994 AE Drown David North Concord VT
1994 AM Fisher Jason Sylva NC
1994 AO Marshall Charles Eufaula OK
1995 AD Boutot Jeffrey Salem NH
1995 AD Tite Cori Sylmar CA
1995 AE Smith Conan Highland CA
1995 AO Mclaughlin Wendell Whiting ME
2005 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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