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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1957 AE Federchuck Richard Rensselaer NY
1959 AD Mellott Bill Apple Creek OH
1961 AE Johnson Richard Brookings SD
1961 AE Johnson Richard SD
1961 AE Reddell Danny Yuma AZ
1961 AO Wakefield Wendell Wichita KS
1962 AD Oltman David Columbus IN
1964 AB Womack Kenneth Bossier City LA
1964 AM Fisher Walt Denver CO
1964 CMDR Wyand Donald Coronado CA
1965 AD Bailey Chuck Union MO
1965 AD Segura Ramon San Acacio CO
1965 AD Sessor James Brewster OH
1965 AD Wharmby Robert Greece ,n.y. NY
1965 AM Bradley Brad William Sam Fresno CA
1965 LT Burns Dale Springfield IL
1966 AE Rader Jim Mccomb OH
1967 AE Wescott Larry Tacoma WA
1968 Cucchairra Michael Kansas City MO
1968 AD Gilmore Clay Vestavia AL
1968 AD Mattern Andy Ukiah CA
1968 AE Thompson John Van Nuys CA
1968 AM Galicki Stan East Islip NY
1968 AO Harris Donald Dawson GA
1969 Donti Rory Detroit MI
1969 AD Grasse Lee New York NY
1969 AM Donati Rory Detroit MI
1969 AM Galicki Stan East Is Lip NY
1969 AO Cucchairra Michael Kansas City KS
1969 AO Draughon Lynwood Clinton NC
1969 AO Smith Dave San Diego CA
1969 AO Welch Gary ? TX
1969 AO Welch Gary TX
1969 AQ Latterell Bruce Sheldon IA
1969 AT Lachapelle Ernest Tacoma WA
1969 AT Maahs William Long Beach CA
1969 AT Maahs William Long Beach CA
1969 AT Mayes Robert Scottsdale AZ
1969 AT Trevino James San Antonio TX
1969 AZ Alexander Leonard Orange NJ
1970 AE Perkins Willard San Jose CA
1970 AM James Daniel Denver CO
1970 AM Kesler Gary Ohio City OH
1970 AO Knight Richard Beaumont TX
1970 AO Michaels Art Bristol TN
1970 AO Vanmatre Sid Portland IN
1970 AS Pratt Roger Grants Pass OR
1970 AT Trevino James TX
1971 AD Bentley Ken Granada Hills CA
1971 AE Letourneau Bill Prosser WA
1971 AE Stoeckel Peter Binghamton NY
1971 AM Bock Charles Richmond IL
1971 AM Hare William San Jose CA
1971 AM Hare William San Jose CA
1971 AM Williams John/fred Hyattsvill MD
1971 AM Williams Fred MD
1971 AO Cardenas Francisco Harlingen TX
1971 AO Culbertson Bart Rockford IL
1972 AD Archer Arthur Drexel Hill PA
1972 AD Barslou Patrick St Paul MN
1972 AE Christofferson Alan [chris ] Walden CO
1972 AE Christofferson Chris Walden CO
1972 AE Hernandez Juan New Bruanfels TX
1972 AM Clarno Michael Lakeport CA
1972 AM Schlageter Stanley New Albany IN
1972 AM Ubina Mark Whittier CA
1972 AM Wanek Mark Salem OR
1972 AO Edwards William San Antonio TX
1972 AT Kist Leonard (ed) Lake Geneva WI
1972 AT Noland Kevin Indianapolis IN
1973 AM Forsman Steve Atascadero CA
1973 AO Buttrum Teddy Florence AL
1973 AO Darger William SD
1973 AO Jullien William Charlottesville VA
1973 PN Grohn Gary WI
1973 YN Dieu Don Dallas TX
1974 AO Parrish Randall Pasadena TX
1975 AE Woodman Jeff Hayward CA
1976 AE Kisor Dave Monterey CA
1976 AM Blain Robin Porterville CA
1977 AM Etling Mike St. Louis MO
1978 AM Stevens Rex Tacoma WA
1978 AQ Hoyer Barry Wichita Falls TX
1979 AM Bain Darin Spokane WA
1979 AM Scanlon Delmar Reedsburg WI
1979 AT Clark Steve Marquette IA
1979 AT Wilson Dean Hill City SD
1980 AO Coburn Bud Ashland KY
1980 SCPO Williamson Jimmie Nacogdoches TX
1981 AD Steve Hindman Grand Junction CO
1981 AE Cruz Oscar Hebbronville TX
1981 AM Cline Victor Phoenix AZ
1981 AM Deeds Jay Kendrick ID
1981 AT Evans Glenn Gallipolis OH
1983 EN Terry Brown Grants Pass OR
1985 AD Finger Raymond Cherry Hill NJ
1985 AM Hollis Stacy Eagle CO
1986 AZ Rider Larry Phoenix AZ
1992 YN Maxwell Billy Shreveport LA
2006 AB Koslin Ralph Houston TX





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