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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 AM Ellison Bob Kingsport TN
1960 AD Hamilton Walter Yuma FL
1961 AD Carroll Robert Florence AL
1961 AD Simmons William Jefferson GA
1962 AD Ratcliffe George [jud] Wilder VT
1963 AD Corey Steve Penn Yan NY
1963 AD Karangis Peter Brooklyn NY
1963 AD Malboeuf Jim St, Albans VT
1963 AD Malboeuf James St, Albans VT
1963 AE Burlander Bob Blauvelt NY
1963 AE Frederking Donald Centralia IL
1963 AM Briney Joe Louisville KY
1963 AM Minniti Tony ( Anthony ) Norwalk CT
1963 AQ Leno Lawrence Canton OH
1963 AQ Woods Wayne Ocala FL
1963 AT Coy Lester Cinncinati OH
1963 AT Sult Bill Charlton Heights OH
1963 AZ Frailing Charles Iron River MI
1963 AZ Norris Davis Collinsville AL
1963 PR Kelehar William Miami FL
1963 PR Maynard John Bethesda MD
1963 PR Maynard John Bethesda MD
1963 PR Maynard John Bethesda MD
1964 AD Karangis Peter Brooklyn NY
1964 AE Block Jim Guntersville AL
1964 AE Block Jim Guntersville AL
1964 AE Poole Chuck Dolestown PA
1964 AT Douglas Boice Binghamton NY
1964 PH O\ Brien Patrick Evansville IN
1964 PT Shimkus Al Saint Clair PA
1965 AD Ortiz Miguel (mike) Dallas TX
1965 AE Bernhard Paul Shumway IL
1965 AO Cissel David Winter Springs FL
1965 AQ Baumann James Huntsville MO
1965 AQ Bayne Mike Kansas City MO
1965 AQ Webb David Baytown TX
1965 PT Hoel Dennis Rushford MN
1965 YN Long Joe Fresno CA
1966 Bayne Mike Kc MO
1966 AD Crabtree Freddy Sweetwater TN
1966 AD Schafer Bob Roselle NJ
1966 AE Riggs Richard Lakewood CO
1966 AM Gambuzza Frank Farmingdale NY
1966 AM Harm Jim Dayton OH
1966 AM Tiller Victor Shelbyville TN
1966 AM Walker Marshall Steubenville OH
1966 AQ Baumann Jim Moberly MO
1966 AQ Baumann Jim Moberly MO
1966 AQ Gooselaw Art Minneapolis MN
1966 AQ Mccarthy Thomas Montclair NJ
1966 AQ Rohrabacher Barry NJ
1966 AQ Welch Buddy Montgomery AL
1966 AT Harris Ken Miami FL
1966 AT Hong Erik Syracuse NY
1966 AT Hunt Dale Holdrege NE
1966 CMDR Bakke Hj Gaylord MN
1966 PH Boniec Alain Paris France FL
1966 PH Langley James E. (jay) Ormond Beach FL
1966 PN Anderson Al Coeur D\' Alene ID
1966 PN Anderson Al Cour\'d\'lene ID
1966 SN Descorsey Paul --
1966 SN Schloemer Charles West Bend WI
1967 AD Marques Jack Orlando FL
1967 AD Schrader Douglas Sarasota FL
1967 AD Shroyer Ronald Connellsville PA
1967 AM Carr Paul Macon GA
1967 AM Cater Richard Kaleva MI
1967 AM Ciffone John Arlington Heights IL
1967 AM Ferraro Michael Ashaway RI
1967 AM Spencer Al IN
1967 PH Brunson Dan Colorado Springs CO
1967 PH Ewers Robert Lander WY
1967 PT Frantz Allen Hummelstown PA
1968 AM Maher Doug Doerun GA
1968 AQ Maycumber Rollin Hollywood FL
1968 AS Rice Glen Greenville SC
1968 AT Hammons George Bryan TX
1968 AT Kieft Michael Charlton NY
1968 AT Krupecki Frank Morgan Hill CA
1968 AZ Pokerwinski John Ithaca NY
1968 LCDR Stamm E. A. Who Cares
1968 PH Bertness Edwin
1968 PH Sweeney Jerry Mulhall OK
1968 PR Brandl Joe Garfield NJ
1969 AE Lowe Dennis Akron OH
1969 AM Ehlert Don Pattison TX
1969 AM Mise Mike Akron OH
1969 AQ Mann Marvin Norwood OH
1969 AQ Reeve Peter Brookings SD
1969 AT Keefer Gordon Linwood MD
1969 CWO Bradberry Bill Wytheville VA
1969 PH Lang George Columbus MS
1969 PN Jordan Joseph Potts Camp MS
1969 PR Songer John Southern Illinois IL
1969 PR Thurber
1970 Pennington Bill Baltimore MD
1970 AE Wilbanks Michael Bishop GA
1970 AM Drake Joseph Vanceboro NC
1970 AM Knowlton Mark Columbus OH
1970 AQ Baldwin Jerry Fort Madison IA
1970 AQ Chew Steve Savanah GA
1970 AQ Hawkins Hawk ME
1970 AQ Hill David Carthage MO
1970 AQ Judge Edward Loveland OH
1970 AT Cook Ed Alexander City AL
1970 AT Cossey Ron Memphis TN
1970 AT Dicosimo Al Little Ferry NJ
1970 AT Lagonegro Jim Long Island NY
1970 AT Shales Mickey Philadelphia PA
1970 AT Steil Bud Algona IA
1971 AK Smith John Newberry SC
1971 AM Bates Ricard Carrollton GA
1971 AM Bates Richard Carrolton GA
1971 AM Boehnlein Kenneth Louisville KY
1971 AM Richter James Sebastian FL
1971 AM Staggs Charlie Mitchellville TN
1971 AT Cutshaw Mike Carrollton KY
1971 AT Grebosz Warren Long Island NY
1971 AZ Livingston Larry Monticello AR
1971 PH Cary Joel St. Petersburg FL
1971 PN Guthrie Jack Stanberry MO
1971 SN Todd Stan Greenwood SC
1972 AM Wood Jerry Lakewood OH
1972 AQ Pick Stan Hyndman PA
1972 AS Nichols Mike Cedartown GA
1972 AZ Andrews Garlfar Augusta GA
1972 AZ Coriano Francisco Cataño PR
1972 AZ Gillion Tom Cloverport KY
1973 AD Ferrell James San Diego CA
1973 AT Thomas Fred Beaver Falls PA
1973 PH Caffaro Victor San Antonio TX
1973 PH Hines Larry
1973 PH Mortine Dennis Bladensburg OH
1974 AD Pruitt Kevin Bloomington IN
1974 AD Smith Bryan J. Galesburg IL
1974 AD Wood Gilbert Hamilton OH
1974 AT Biel David Richardson TX
1974 CMDR Blum John Sunnyvale CA
1974 CMDR Blum John Sunnyvale CA
1974 CWO Bradberry Bill Wytheville VA
1974 LTJG Daigle Keith Baton Rouge LA
1974 LTJG Daigle Keith Baton Rouge LA
1974 PH Carlson Steve Sudbury MA
1975 Sitts Richard Watervliet NY
1975 AD Martir Vicente Bacolod City Philippines FL
1975 AM Dotson James Milton FL
1975 AT Alleman Joseph Jackson MI
1975 AT Shough Gregg Columbus OH
1975 PH Hughes John Newburyport MA
1975 YN Keller Jim Fredonia NY
1975 YN Sitts Richard Watervliet NY
1976 PN Pruitt Curt Bloomington IN
1996 AD Pinner Artie Longisland NY





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