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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1960 AD Kritzberger Vah-1 Howard L. Courtdale/langhorne/levittown PA
1961 AM Edward Obrien Portland ME
1963 Weston Richard Weston FL
1963 AD Gorbey Charkes Fairmont WV
1963 AD Leonard Jack R. Miami FL
1963 AD Mchenry Marcus Camarillo CA
1963 AD Weston Richard Fort Myers FL
1963 AD Weston Richard B. Ft. Myers FL
1963 CPO Rankin Marion Aiken SC
1964 AD Leonard Jack R. Miami FL
1964 AO Sievers Ronald Palos Heights IL
1965 AD Morgan Bill Point Pleasant WV
1965 AM Bassett James Freeport ME
1965 AM Mcgee Joseph Detroit MI
1965 AZ Cui Louis Ca CA
1966 AD Ananiew Alex Lebanon PA
1966 AM Coe Thomas Arlington TX
1966 CWO Hamilton Walter Yuma AZ
1966 PH Brown Larry Kansas City MO
1966 PH Cox Steve MT
1966 PH Floyd Michael Buckeye Lake OH
1967 AD Bailey John Westville NJ
1967 AE Crowe Randy Macon GA
1967 AQ O Shea Mike Orlando FL
1967 AQ Rogers Alan San Jose CA
1967 AZ O Connor John Fond Du Lac WI
1967 YN Mccaulley Joel Altoona PA
1968 AQ Abare Brian New Port Richey FL
1968 AQ Abear Brian Orlando FL
1968 AQ Hanna Doug Visalia CA
1968 AQ Jasik Steve Austin TX
1968 AQ Miller Joe Euclair WI
1968 AQ Mills Russ Phenoix AZ
1968 AQ Oshea Mike Orlando FL
1968 AQ Rogers Alan San Jose CA
1968 AZ Geyer Carl Richard New Orleans LA
1968 SCPO Albertson Alford Burlington CO
1969 AM Montalbano James Franklin Park IL
1969 AZ Laporte Andrew Mt. Clemens MI
1969 PR Cooper S C Chicago IL
1970 AD Fricchione Artie New York NY
1970 AD Harig Edward Port Carbon PA
1970 AD Harig Edward Port Carbon PA
1970 AD Kleinmaier Guenter Homewood IL
1970 AD Mowbray Bob Ogden UT
1970 AE Butler Larry Senoia GA
1970 AE Castleberry Clarence Jacksonville FL
1970 AE Potts Philip Brooklyn NY
1970 AM Kantner Paul Grill PA
1970 AM Loehring Terry Belleville IL
1970 AM Villarini Gus Bronx NY
1970 CPTN Stentz Terry Lincoln NE
1970 CPTN Stentz Terry Lincoln NE
1970 MCPO Murphy Ron Newnan GA
1970 PH Sanborn Paul Winchester MA
1971 AM Kantner Paul Reading PA
1971 AM Martin Rickey Gastonia NC
1971 AT Webb Donald Doniphan MO
1972 AE Still Rodney Lagrange GA
1972 AM Brandman John Fredericksburg TX
1972 AM Lawrence Calvin Edenton NC
1972 AM Villarini Gustavo Bronx NY
1972 AQ Johnson Tommy Hugoton KS
1972 AQ Wilferd Michael New Kensington PA
1972 AT Cloud Chris Lawton OK
1972 AT Kabel Jeff Rushville IN
1972 CWO Milan Fred New Orleans LA
1973 AM Cyrgalis Richard Port Saint Lucie FL
1973 AM Ryckman Eric Osceola AR
1973 AQ Dolen Robert Gillette WY
1973 MCPO Ely Curtis Lucedale MS
1974 Brewer Joe Athens GA
1974 AD Cawood Don Tampa FL
1974 AM Brewer Joe Athens GA
1974 AQ Smith Howard Buford NY
1974 AT Brouthers Joseph Poughkeepsie NY
1974 AT Brouthers Joe North River NY
1974 AT Brouthers Joseph Poughkeepsie NY
1974 AZ Taylor Richard Lancaster SC
1975 AD Cash William (bill) Hartwell GA
1975 AE Anderson Steve Fort Lauderdale FL
1975 AE Zubradt Timothy Croton-on-hudson NY
1975 AM Jacobs John Columbus OH
1975 AM Pike Kevin Tulsa OK
1975 AM Powell Donald Greenville MS
1975 AM Pries Douglas Fridley MN
1976 AM Bradley Tony West Palm Beach FL
1976 AM Kratz Ronald Souderton PA
1976 AQ Hampton Michael Guymon OK
1976 IS Wiley Anthony Lynwood CA
1976 YN Tittle Bill Chattanooga TN
1977 AT Burnett Gary Kansas City KS
1977 AT Prothero Rodney Merritt Island FL
1978 AT Mulligan John Bronx NY





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