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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1972 AE Blankenship Chuck La Grange GA
1972 AK Pegram Bryan Anchorage AK
1972 LCPL Pegram Bryan Reliant Energy TX
1973 AM Anderson Mike Sheridan WY
1973 AM Gerig Ron Fargo, ND
1973 AW Murphy Raymond Dunn NC
1973 AW Williamson Guy Denton TX
1973 LT Peck Andy Renton WA
1973 LT Smith Jack Haddonfield NJ
1973 LT Wahl Lex Pittsburgh PA
1974 AD Farrell Daniel San Diego CA
1974 AD Gorski Glen Wausau WI
1974 AE Blankenship Chuck La Grange GA
1974 AE Niles Steve South Pass City WY
1974 AE Toler Larry Roby TX
1974 AW Hayden Keith San Diego CA
1974 AZ Bonner Michael Imperial Beach CA
1974 LT Zimet Mike Pittsford NY
1975 AE Black David Santa Clara CA
1975 AW Burch Daniel Keywest FL
1975 AW Carroll Tj Dover NJ
1975 AW Hayden Keith Trenton NJ
1975 AW Hayden Keith Trenton NJ
1975 AW Hulsbeck Mark Orlando FL
1975 AX Yeaman Steve Tacoma WA
1975 CPO Edwards Tommy Grants Pass OR
1976 AK Sneed Virginia Tom OK
1976 CMDR Mathews Drexel Spokane WA
1976 CMDR Mathews Drexel Spokane WA
1977 AE Turnbow Nate San Diego CA
1977 AT Miller Carl Topeka KS
1977 AW Bixby Robert Springfield OR
1977 LN Heydon Lisa Woodstock IL
1977 LT Merwin John Lawton OK
1978 AD Doyals Walter San Diego CA
1978 AE Shouler Gene Lompoc CA
1978 AM Moore Michael Oxnard CA
1978 AM Quarles Larry Parker Dam CA
1978 AW Means Kevin Spokane WA
1978 AZ Hier Terry Indianapolis IN
1978 AZ Hier Terry Indianapolis IN
1978 AZ Hier Terry Portland OR
1979 AM Hernandez John St Louis MO
1980 AE Sievers David Key West FL
1980 AE Walsh Michael Lincoln NE
1980 AM Roberts Daniel Detroit MI
1980 AM Rolfes Joseph Waterloo IA
1980 AW Keys Waldo Moscow ID
1980 AX Oconnell Dennis Nyc NY
1980 LCDR Holewa John Minneapolis MN
1980 SCPO Bulnes Francisco
1981 AT Johnson Ken Windsor CO
1981 AX Basaca Marco Los Angeles CA
1982 AT Ussery Walter Bowie MD
1982 MCPO Crutchfield Thomas Charlottesville VA
1983 AD Burke Brian Kalamazoo MI
1983 AX Busko Kevin Sauk Rapids MN
1984 AD Sanders Jeff Stockbridge GA
1984 AE Gardner Buck Baltimore MD
1984 AE Schneider Bob Kensington MD
1984 AM Montgomery John Burlington WA
1984 AW Dechamp George Albany NY
1984 AW Knight Harry King George, Va MD
1984 AW Mercer John Bossier City LA
1984 YN Leffler Candy Salina KS
1985 AD Reilly Kenneth Bethel CT
1985 AE Warner Mike Kalamazoo MI
1985 AM Howell Ed Columbus OH
1985 AW Conaway Todd Wayne PA
1985 AX Bridges Rob Lompoc CA
1985 AZ Forehand Tom Edenton NC
1985 CPO Behneke Donald Ukiah CA
1986 AD Walley Gerald Waycross GA
1986 AM Redner Greg Grand Rapids MI
1986 AM Schatzer Philip Olympia WA
1986 AZ Zehnder Mark New Albany IN
1986 CPO Littlejohn Karl Gaffney SC
1987 AM Kriner David Pottsville PA
1988 AB Stewart Fredrick Omaha NE
1988 AD Schumacker Roy CA
1988 AE Huber Daniel Davenport (maquoketa) IA
1988 AM Penix Scott San Diego CA
1988 AT Curl David Dubuque IA
1988 AT Scott James Long Beach CA
1988 AW Carter Daniel San Antonio TX
1988 AW Crocker Randy Atlanta GA
1988 AZ Marder Jeff Los Angeles CA
1989 AD Foucher Didier Sacramento CA
1989 AD Gawlinski Rick Montrose CO
1989 AM Benedit Johnny Atlanta GA
1989 BM Spurgin David Honolulu HI
1990 AE Bellamy Jerald Fort Pierce FL
1990 AE Squier Scott Sterling Heights MI
1992 AW Seguin Erik Ft Lauderdale FL
2000 BM Spurgin David Honolulu HI
2011 LT Turner Shaun Antioch CA





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