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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1969 AD Setzer Walter Monterey CA
1969 AM Reich Jim Valley Stream NY
1970 AD Bigelow Donald Sharon WI
1970 AK Montano Joe A. Clovis NM
1971 AE Chaney John Brookville IN
1971 AM Bertran Marty Orlando FL
1971 AW Richards John Beaverton OR
1971 AX Batchelor James Washington LA
1971 AX Batchelor James Washington LA
1971 RM Sherfey Tony Kentland IN
1972 AE Caudy Kurt Clayton WI
1972 AM Birch John Elizabethtown IL
1972 AT Anderson Jimmy Dallas TX
1972 AT Haines Richard Fort Dodge IA
1972 AW Stone Dennis Troy MT
1973 AM Reyes Robert Castroville CA
1973 AW Williamson Guy Denton TX
1973 PR Stone Greg Eau Claire WI
1974 AD Reed Mike Goshen IN
1974 AE Johnson Chris Indy IN
1974 AM Kerr Rick Salt Lake City UT
1974 AT Hadden Charles Colorado Springs, Co CO
1974 AX Yeaman Steven Puyallup WA
1974 AZ Hensch Thomas Park Ridge NJ
1974 AZ Hensch Thomas Park Ridge NJ
1975 AE Bagdonis Tony Mechanicsburg PA
1975 AE Loveless Jeffrey Antioch IL
1975 AE Wells Michael Tempe AZ
1975 AX Holloway Dan Knoxville TN
1975 PR Ferrulli Mike Downey CA
1976 CMDR Mathews Drexel Spokane WA
1978 AM Moore Michael Oxnard CA
1978 AT Gregersen Kathleen (greg) Indio CA
1978 SCPO Gardiner Mike Oregon OR
1978 YN Gardiner Mike Portland Oregon OR
1979 AD Todd Bill Fort Worth TX
1979 AT Langford Gary Atlanta GA
1979 QM Jensen Martin Mchenry IL
1980 AD Bailey Chris Santa Barbara CA
1980 AM Besse Steve Southbridge MA
1980 AW Trostel Tim Arlington TX
1981 AD Pearce Rodney San Mateo CA
1981 AE Eggers John Bradenton FL
1981 AZ Mccormick Craig San Diego CA
1982 AT Benson Roy Amarillo TX
1982 AT Boucher Brian Hartville OH
1983 AD Cunha Peter Fremont CA
1983 AD Mulvaney Dan Plano TX
1983 AD Noyes Dan Eau Claire WI
1983 AD Tierney Paul Orchard Park NY
1984 AE Collins Matt Townsend MA
1984 AE Lindsay Robert Boise ID
1984 AW Deryck Doug Cuyahoga Falls OH
1984 EM Sinclair Barry Carlsbad CA
1985 AT Franklin Dan Everett WA
1986 AD Larr Reeco --
1986 AE Albright Tony Key West FL
1986 AW Wadley John Baytown TX
1987 AT Burch Raymond Pahrump NV
1988 AE Prusinski Steve I Hate Aws CA
1988 AE Tso Reggie Kayenta AZ
1989 PR Hernandez Deb Orange CA
1989 PR Hernandez Deb Orange CA
1989 PR Newmaster Andy Pittsburgh PA
1990 PR Hoffman Basil Rainier OR





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