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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1956 AN Carino John Brooklyn NY
1957 AO Hughes Reg Taylor, MI
1958 LTJG Fleming Br Uce California MD
1959 YN Kelleher Richard Buffalo NY
1960 AD Moody James Claremont NH
1960 LT Thiele Dick Melrose Park IL
1961 AT Argo Bobby Oak Ridge TN
1961 AX Brown Russell Laconia NH
1962 AT Douglas Charles Inglis FL
1962 CPO Bruns William (Wille) Brooklyn N
1963 AB Morris Bobby Cantonment FL
1963 AM Williams Billy Pueblo CO
1964 AD Swisher Mel Middleport OH
1964 AD Swisher Mel Middleport OH
1964 AM Lou
1964 AX Gray Richard Northborough MA
1964 AX Patty James
1964 PR Bouvier Zephyr Readville MA
1965 -- Kruse James F Woodville OH
1966 AM Peterson John Baltimore MD
1966 AX Cruz Elja System Island NY
1966 AX Peterson George Corpus Christi TX
1966 AX Stocum Ronald Cleveland OH
1967 AB Haner Floyd Elmira New York NY
1967 LTJG Johnson Denny Westminster MA
1978 AW Kirkner Jay Horsham PA
1978 AW Russell James Albemarle NC
1978 AW Tillman Jim AR
1978 AX Robertson David Tallahassee FL
1979 AT Murphy James Panama City FL
1979 CPO Maher Douglas Peabody MA
1980 PR Vieth Kurtis Lakeland FL
1981 AD Pruitt Kevin Bloomington IN
1981 AK Darden Steve St. Louis MO
1982 AD Pesterfield Charles Detroit MI
1982 AE Avery Mike Lincoln NE
1982 AM Webb Scott Honolulu HI
1982 AW Fain Joe Lafayette LA
1982 AX Craig David Pittsburgh PA
1982 SCPO Williams Jerry Wichita Falls TX
1983 AW Dyer Greg Marion IN
1984 AT Hollinger Steve Columbus IN
1984 AW Boddy Ronald Ocala FL
1984 AX Pia Philip Pittsfield MA
1985 LT Jones Evan Albuquerque NM
1986 AW Bezenah Andy Troy MI
1986 LT Laymon Jeffrey Jacksonville IN
1987 AE Madison Carl Ga GA
1987 AE Madison Carl Columbus GA
1987 AK Conley Mike Goshen Ohio OH
1987 PN Mikell Anthony Miami FL
1987 YN Libby Richard H. Painesville OH
1988 AD Martin Jerry Gideon MO
1988 AD Martin Jerry Gideon MO
1988 AT Hollinger Steve Columbus IN
1988 AZ Rivera Marco New York FL
1988 YN Bass Rodney Washington, Dc DC
1989 AD Cline Christopher Bandon OR
1989 AW Wiese Paul Perkasie PA
1990 AW Ferguson Tim Birmingham AL
1990 MCPO Kline Stanley Easton PA
1991 AM Barnett Todd Winters CA
1991 AM Barnett Todd Winters CA
1991 ENS Strange Robert Orlando FL





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