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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 AM Trolia Thomas Decatur IL
1958 AN Trolia Thomas Decatur IL
1960 AO Bell Robert Cannelton IN
1960 AT Drummond Buddy Sipsey AL
1960 AT Drummond Buddy Sipsey AL
1960 PN Dennis Mike Fort Wayne IN
1963 AN Redenz Terry Milwaukee WI
1963 AX Cole Jeffrey St; Paul MN
1963 AX Gilbert Dean Minersville PA
1963 AX Krakowski Richard Louisville KY
1964 AD Pacheco Joseph Bristol RI
1964 AT Robichaud Joseph Reading MA
1964 AZ Russell Jim Louisville OH
1965 AZ Russell Jim Louisville OH
1969 AE Ormston Michael Bonita Springs FL
1970 Anderson Robert \ Chicago IL
1970 AE Dimasso John Woodville OH
1970 AE Harrison Roy \ TX
1970 AT Schawacker Rick (doc) St. Louis MO
1970 AW Bowers Joseph Winchester VA
1970 CPTN Dunne Bob Boston FL
1970 LCDR Murphy Patrick Boston MA
1971 Sims Kenny CA
1971 AS Nix William TX
1972 AE Merring Mark Newburgh NY
1972 AZ Mihoch Marvin Ashland PA
1973 AD Brandell Kim Anoka MN
1973 AE Merring Mark Walden NY
1973 AO Kellison Kurt Arlington TX
1974 AE Kinhoffer Rainer NJ
1974 AM Pinson Jeffery Ypsilanti MI
1974 AM Wojcik Stan West Palm Beach FL
1974 AT Meggitt Fred Sandusky OH
1974 AT Wilshire Tim KY
1975 AE Prevette Ron Rockwell NC
1975 AT Wilshire Tim Covington KY
1975 AW Jackels David St. Louis MO
1976 AW Quam Brian Wyndmere ND
1977 AT Alvarez John Saginaw TX
1977 AX Blevins Donald Louisville KY
1978 AW Cooner James Athens AL
1980 AT Reyna Thomas Taco Phoenix AZ
1980 AW Maceachern John Stoneham MA
1982 AZ Marris Roland Syracuse NY
1983 AM Noel Silas Frankfort KY
1983 AO Jochens Marc Oak Lawn IL
1984 AK Moore Jerry Crestview FL
1987 AW Eckert Brent Kenai AK
1987 AW Eckert Brent Kenai AK
1988 AW Brannigan James Ocala FL
1989 AW Rosier Samuel Jacksonville FL
1989 MS Garza Jim San Antonio TX
1991 AD Jardell Steven Baton Rouge LA
1995 AK Scoggins Barrett Fredericksburg VA
1995 AO Jackson Kevin Rittman OH
2002 AE Cook Brandon West Palm Beach FL
2004 CPO Pierson Roy Pascagoula MS
2006 AW Kinsman Rob Jacksonville NC





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