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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1956 AE Annis Joseph Manchester NH
1956 SO Reinhardt Garrett St.louis MO
1960 AD Barlow J.t. Macon GA
1960 AD Barlow J.t. Macon GA
1960 AD Nunes Harry Rochester VT
1960 AE Elwell Charlie Philadelphia PA
1960 AS Donovan Doug Niagra Falls NY
1961 LTJG Seay Donald Atlanta GA
1963 Tompkins Sam --
1963 AM Mills Larry Amsterdam OH
1963 AM Snell Lynn Lakeland FL
1964 AE Chrostowsky George Stafford Springs CT
1964 AT Shafer Russell Easton PA
1964 AT Shafer Russell Easton PA
1964 AT Shafer Russell Easton PA
1964 AW Drucker Jay Loves Park IL
1964 AX De Moss Larry Ankeny IA
1965 AM Peterson John Baltimore MD
1966 CPO Williamson Paul Inverness FL
1967 AE Rose Dennis Baltimore MD
1967 AT Decoteaux Bob Haverhill MA
1967 AX Dawson Ronald Batavia NY
1969 AB Drowdy Fred(skip) Sarasota FL
1969 AW Huston John Carthage IL
1970 AB Izzano Mike Hagaman NY
1970 AE Johnson J.j. Pebody MA
1970 AM Apodaca Julian Albuquerque NM
1970 AM Skyles Ron St Louis MO
1970 AN Colwell Daniel Hicksville NY
1971 AB Richardson James Chicago IL
1972 AE Schultz Wayne Baltimore MD
1972 AM Sullivan Amh2 Cornelius Cranston RI
1972 GM Gonzales Richard Phoenix AZ
1976 AM Burrell Bradley Murphy NC
1976 AW Midgett Joe Minneapolis MN
1978 AZ Taylor Frank Vernon FL
1979 AE Mcgurer Frank Fort Lauderdale FL
1980 AD Martin Don Ozark AL
1981 AD Dean Dwayne Summerville SC
1981 AW Busalacchi Daniel Milwaukee WI
1982 AM Bonacci Charles Jacksonville FL
1982 AM Mullins Arthur ( Zippy ) Nashville TN
1982 AN Walsh Michael Heartwellville VT
1984 AE Donahoe Jim Charlotte NC
1984 MCPO Budihas Dennis Hokendauqua PA
1985 AM Corcoran Jim Chicago IL
1985 AW Horvath Steven Jackson Heights NY
1987 AD Harvey James St. Albans VT
1987 AO Heuer Donald Charleston SC
1987 AT Hughes Bill Jacksonville NY
1988 AD Channell Walter Jackson TN
1988 AM Francis Raymond Springhill FL
1991 AE Nolan David Baltimore MD
1991 AM Middleton Bernard James Coaldale PA
1994 AE Musick Christopher Rowlett TX
1994 AM Swartz Randy Harrisburg PA
1997 AM Day Sam Ellensburg WA
1998 AZ Harkins Eric Canton OH





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