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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1952 AT Brunn Norman Lancaster OH
1957 AE Bowers Paul West Salem IL
1957 AE Hawkins Keith Plant City FL
1957 SO Aeeington Bobby Unk
1957 SO Arrington Bobby Unk
1957 SO Bailey Paul Ca
1958 AT Baccus Bill Temecula CA
1958 AT Lasue Steve Mankato MN
1959 AD Koonce Richard Mulberry Grove IL
1959 AT Baccus Bill Los Angeles CA
1960 AM Larsen Lynn Pocatello ID
1960 AO Watson Tannis Lakewood CA
1960 AT Decoteaux Bob Haverhill MA
1960 AX Soukup Allen Lincoln NE
1960 CMDR Minetti Bernard Brooklyn NY
1960 CPO Powell Stewart El Paso TX
1960 LT Edson Roger Farnam NE
1960 LT Edson Roger Farnam NE
1960 LT Edson Roger Farnam NE
1963 AD Bush William Marshall MI
1963 AD Foley John Queens NY
1963 AE Rice Dennis Dodge City KS
1963 AT Nobis Dave Moorhead MN
1963 AX Carey John West Hollywood FL
1964 AE Donnelson Jim Springfield MO
1965 AD Wogan Vinton Alexandria MN
1965 AK Rutherford Clifton Fort Worth TX
1965 AM Imhof Patrick Lebanon PA
1965 AX Davis Ed Guilford ME
1965 AX Ernst Charles Buffalo NY
1965 LT Billings Leeland Chula Vista CA
1965 LT Pearson Nils Ogema WI
1965 LTJG Koontz Steve Ramey PA
1966 AD Gibbons Richard Texarkana AR
1966 AT Andersen Martin Cordova AK
1966 AT Slankard Danny St. Louis MO
1966 AW Eddins Ralph Wadesboro NC
1966 AX Andersen Martin Cordova AK
1966 LT Billings Lee
1966 PN Ratliff Mitch Ashland KY
1966 SCPO Carter Rufus Goshen AL
1967 AK Green Jack Bronx Ny NY
1967 AW Walker Dave Pacifica CA
1967 LT Billings Lee Manistique MI
1967 LT Summers Charles (charlie) Amarillo TX
1968 AE Dodson Kenneth Lafayette LA
1968 AE Dunn Thomas (sandy) Kings Mountain NC
1968 AO Turner Dale Guymon OK
1968 AW Belden David Wasilla AK
1968 AW Buell William Tucson AZ
1968 AZ Parisi George Hicksville NY
1968 CMDR Mclaughlin Charles Ridley Park PA
1968 YN Davis Gary Mesquite TX
1968 YN Kelley Edward Gooding ID
1969 AT Wolf John River Falls WI
1969 LTJG Pohl Matthew Overland MO
1969 YN Kelley Edward Gooding ID
1970 AM Gross Jack Pawtucket RI
1970 AX Shelton William Port Orchard WA
1971 AW Nanos John St. Louis MO
1971 AW Nanos John St Louis MO
1971 CPTN Buchanan Edward Long Beach CA
1971 CPTN Redman Robert Wadesville IN
1972 AM Anderson Harry Holley NY
1972 AM Anderson Harry Holley NY
1972 AM Anderson Harry Holley NY
1972 AM Anderson Harry Holley NY
1972 AW Kracker Al Grand Rapids MI
1973 AW Keener Paul Pismo Beach CA
1973 AW Sonnenburg Dale Milwaukee WI
1973 YN Devine John St. James NY
1974 AK Marzen Dennis Dougherty IA
1974 AK Marzen Dennis Dougherty IA
1974 AK Marzen Dennis Dougherty IA
1975 AW Klass Adolph Sparrowbush NY
1976 -- Crey Kevin Los Angeles CA
1976 AM Guidry Michael Beaumont TX
1976 AM Wright James San Bernardino CA
1977 AW Anderson Keith Omaha NE
1977 AW Anderson Keith Omaha NE
1977 AW Woodman Steve Jacksonville FL
1979 AD Dean Dwayne Kirkville NY
1979 AD Mills David Indianapolis IN
1980 AD Flores Delfino Harlingen TX
1980 AK Esquibel Gary Albuquerque NM
1980 AO Wallace Eddie
1980 AT Gooden Larry Kansas City MO
1980 AW Mccarthy Edmund Bronx NY
1980 AX Oconnell Mike Atlanta GA
1980 PN York Bump Kansas City MO
1982 AD Nagel Joseph Denver CO
1983 AO Burleson Terry Austin TX
1983 AW Thielecke Gary Milwaukee WI
1983 AZ Forehand Tom Edenton NC
1983 YN Cain Bob Belle Vernon PA
1984 AM Smits Mark Appleton WI
1984 AW Kalusa John Chicago IL
1984 CWO Szymanski William Alpena MI
1986 AD Taylor Kent Grover Hill OH
1986 AK Rannow Ray Savanna IL
1987 DK Sandhoff Terry Milton FL
1987 MCPO Cutler Pete Boston MA
1988 AK Garcia Hector Laredo TX
1989 AW Newcomb Patrick Meredith NH
1989 CWO Szymanski William Alpena MI
1990 AO Brown George San Rafael CA
1990 AZ Rice Greg Chicago IL
1991 AD Sanders Steve Houston TX
1991 MCPO Shellman George Hancock NY
1991 YN Mattox Larry Columbus OH
1991 YN Mattox Larry Columbus OH
1993 AS Miller Carl Corydon In. IN
1998 LT Grady Gregory Hot Springs AR
2002 AD Martinez Carlos Silver Spring MD
2002 AT Sorise Nicholas Flint MI
2004 AO Dewey Tyler Seattle WA





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