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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1970 AD Powell Harrison Talihina OK
1970 CPO Watson Jimmy Sevierville TN
1972 CMDR Edwards H. Banks Pensacola FL
1973 LCDR Roberts Malcolm Alfred ME
1973 LT Green T. A. Winston-salem NC
1973 LT Ross Jimmy
1973 MCPO Jennings Harry Pensacola FL
1974 AT Brown Kirk Bradenton FL
1974 LT Rovas Bill North Dartmouth MA
1975 Dollick
1975 Doyle Jim
1975 Gorney
1975 Hopper
1975 Kramer Jerry Houma LA
1975 Sheppard
1975 Strickland
1975 Whitlock Troy
1975 AD Ayers Danny Texarkana AR
1975 AD Eudy
1975 AD Salyer Daniel Kansas City MO
1975 AE Alford Gary Russellville AR
1975 AE Pasicka John Columbus OH
1975 AT Ellison Bob Savannah GA
1975 AT Godfrey GA
1975 AT Smith Frank Palo IA
1975 CPO Bullock
1975 LT Bell
1975 LT Hardesty
1975 LT Tillison Howard Ridgecrest CA
1975 SCPO Finger Billy Gastonia NC
1975 YN Coates
1976 Bare Rick MA
1976 AD Vogel Ray Sycamore IL
1976 AT Dunsford Jerry
1976 LT Deweese Joe Paducah KY
1977 Ferguson
1977 Machucka
1977 Roache
1977 Roper Ricky Renton WA
1977 AD Frosell Neil
1977 AE Roy Michael Selma AL
1977 AT Bean Randy
1978 AD Balderston Craig Chicopee MA
1978 AM Naranjo Maria Tempe AZ
1978 SCPO Smith Joseph J. Mount Sterling KY
1979 AD Novak John Bristol CT
1979 AD Novak John Bristol CT
1979 AE Mcpherson John Bossier City LA
1979 AK Gulisao Bettina Orlando FL
1979 AM Hebert Robin Gretna LA
1979 AT Granger Stephen Philadelphia PA
1979 AT Greene John Goffstown NH
1980 Lilly Kennith
1980 AD Burbank Bill Robinson IL
1980 AD Eberhart Jackie Leesburg GA
1980 AD Eberhart Jack Leesburg GA
1980 AD Eberhart Jack Leesburg GA
1980 AD Eberhart Jack Leesburg GA
1980 AD Eberhart Jackie Leesburg GA
1980 AD Giardina Sal New York NY
1980 AD Marron Tom Huntington NY
1980 AD Weiner Gary Hull MA
1980 CPO Myers Wes Des Moines IA
1980 LCDR Bissell Bob
1980 LT Meyer Doug Indianapolis IN
1980 SCPO Stiteley Jack Corpus Christi TX
1981 AK Pace James (randy) Newbern TN
1981 AM Lambert Greg Aurora CO
1982 AM Mann John Boston MA
1983 AM Digby Bob Tiffin OH
1983 AM Smith Ken Gainesville GA
1983 SCPO Libby Richard H. Mentor OH
1984 Givins
1984 AD Heiser Dan Noblesville IN
1984 AD Potter Marguerite Pensacola FL
1984 AE Gentry John (mike) Pensacola FL
1984 AE Givens William Crestview FL
1985 AD Gerace Rick Buffalo NY
1985 AM Wickell Huck Chickasaw A
1985 AM Williamson Eric Renton WA
1986 Aldershoff
1986 Baublitz
1986 Davis Matt
1986 Minich
1986 AD Baublitz Tom Syracuse NY
1986 AD Santiago Joseph Queens NY
1986 AE Minich Chris Phoenix AZ
1986 AT Aldershoff Bob
1986 DP Hood Gerald Panama City FL
1987 AE Degear Brent \\ Greenville SC
1987 AM Kasdorf Rob Milwaukee WI
1987 AM Waguespack Chad Convent LA
1988 AT Barnes Pedro Ponce PR
1988 PR Hockey Greg Drayton Plains MI
1989 AE Klages David Islip NY
1989 AM Shannon Edward Grand Blanc MI
1989 SCPO Cater Rich Kaleva MI
1990 AK Latcholey John ? LA
1990 AZ Wilson Jim Albertville AL
1991 AE Tambe Sam Oakfield NY
1991 AM Hollis David Crystal Springs MS
1991 AM Pierson Roy Pascagoula MS
1991 AT At2 Zeldes Marc ? IL
1991 AT Zeldes Marc ? IL
1992 AD Gaspard Joahua Springdale AR
1992 AZ Carroll Matthew Vincennes IN
1992 AZ Siegel Scott Pittsburgh PA
1992 SCPO Spoon Gary Fredonia KS
1994 AM Williams Tom Lynn Haven FL





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